Thank You, Aunt Tallulah!

Thank You, Aunt Tallulah!

by Carmela LaVigna Coyle, Bruce MacPherson

A girl and her eclectic aunt share their lives through thank you notes  See more details below


A girl and her eclectic aunt share their lives through thank you notes

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Children's Literature
Audacious and outrageous, Aunt Tallulah's penchant for knitting during the long darkness that is winter at the South Pole (May, June, and July) provides much of the humor in this delightful book. Aunt's thoughtful "goody packages" are for Betttina who is spending the summer at camp Ogga a Woogga. Aunt Tallulah sends a letter with each package, and after its arrival, Bettina writes a lovely thank you note (such a nice influence for the reader/listener). This exchange of notes and letters is the vehicle of the book, although careful observation will reveal that a movie was made of the whole story. The illustrations leap off the pages with bold colors and almost bigger than life characters. Aunt Tallulah and Uncle Reginald embody eccentric "scientists" (several accurate South Pole facts are revealed in Aunt T's notes) and have a multilayered life style revealed only through the zany illustrations. I love it that they store their frozen pizzas so conveniently just outside a kitchen window—after all it is -47 degrees! Children will love Aunt T's oversized knitted clothing: the scarf is so long we can see it being wrapped around the entire summer camp. Bettina loves the "back pack" that she is sent and is surprised to be told that it is really a "hat!" All along the way, Bettina describes her experiences, and Aunt T and Uncle Reginald send news of their lives—leaving out the details that we can see in the clever illustrations. Keep an eye out for all of the fun hidden in the pictures (penguin fans will not be disappointed nor will fans of bears, monkeys, and numerous other creatures). Do not miss the "out takes" on the last page. You will want to turn to the beginning and enjoy thiswildly funny book all over again! 2006, Rising Moon, Ages 4 to 8.
—Sheilah Egan

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