Thank You with CD (Audio)

Thank You with CD (Audio)

by Stephen Elkins, Ellie Colton, Ray Boltz

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B&H Publishing Group
Publication date:
Dove Award Signature Series
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Product dimensions:
8.30(w) x 10.30(h) x 0.39(d)
Age Range:
4 - 8 Years

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Chapter One

This book is lovingly dedicated
to my wife and best friend, Cindy.
Thank you for the many ways
you have given to the Lord.
I know there is no heart so gracious
and kind as yours on
this side of heaven. I love you.

I dreamed I went
to heaven, and you
were there with me.

Thank You

In my dream I remember holding
Mom's hand tightly as we stood before
the gates of heaven.

    As the gates opened, I saw the most
beautiful place I'd ever seen. Inside....

We walked upon
the streets of gold
beside the crystal sea.

Thank You

The sea sparkled like diamonds, and
God's light shown all around.

    Mom always told me that heaven
was the eternal home for everyone who
believed in Jesus.

We heard the angels
singing and someone
called your name.

Thank You

We both turned to see who it was,
but all we could hear was the sound of
angels singing and harps playing.

    Then we heard them call your name

We turned and saw
a young man, and he
was smiling as he came.
And he said, "Friends,
you may not know
me now."

Thank You

"I was a young boy the last time I saw

    "It's Stephen Charles," Mom
exclaimed, "only he's grown up now."

    Stephen was a rowdy boy who
attended her Sunday school class.

    She didn't think he ever listened to
any of the Bible stories she taught.

  And then he said,
    "But wait, you used to
    teach my Sunday School
when I was only eight."

Thank You

"I know I misbehaved and caused you a
lot of trouble," Stephen said.

    "But I was always listening. I loved
hearing those wonderful Bible stories
you told. You taught me how much
Jesus loves me."

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