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Children's Literature - Carlee Hallman
Thanksgiving is a national holiday and a time to give thanks for the harvest. When the pilgrims landed in December of 1620, they had no homes and little food. Many died. In the spring, Native Americans called the Wampanoag taught the pilgrims what crops to grow in this new land. At the harvest, the pilgrims and the Wampanoag shared a feast. This was the first Thanksgiving. Now turkey, sweet potatoes, corn, and pumpkin pie are part of the traditional dinner. "Come, Ye Thankful People, Come," and "Over the River and Through the Woods," are songs related to this holiday. Parades and football games have come to be part of the American celebration. A Thanksgiving Day is also celebrated in Canada. Every page has drawings or clear colored photographs. At the bottom of even numbered pages special facts are inserted such as: "Some people say a special prayer before eating their turkey dinners. They give thanks for their many blessings." This is one of the "Celebrations in My World" series. A glossary of words in bold print in the text and an index are included. Children will enjoy this slick paperback with its simple text and big pictures and will gain an understanding of the holiday. Reviewer: Carlee Hallman
School Library Journal
Gr 2–4—These resources provide the history of and explanations for these special days through a variety of photos and simplified text. Halloween is introduced as coming from the ancient Celtic holiday Samhain and the customs of the Catholic All Saint's Day. The book describes how people decorate, dress up, and trick-or-treat throughout the world. Most of the photos show children in their costumes. King introduces the civil rights leader's life and his contributions and explains why his birthday is celebrated. Color and black-and-white photographs highlight the man's life, and the book discusses the various events associated with the day, including marches, special church services, and volunteering. Peppas explains that Thanksgiving is a harvest festival that commemorates when the Pilgrims thanked God for their harvest by feasting with the Wampanoag in 1621. The book outlines modern-day traditions such as gathering with family, the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, and enjoying food and football. A "Did You Know?" blurb on each spread provides a new fact—for example, one in Thanksgiving describes food drives. Most captions are a repeat of what is previously stated. These are pick-up titles if you need replacements.—Sandra Welzenbach, Villarreal Elementary School, San Antonio, TX

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Celebrations in My World, #13
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