That'll Flat Git It!, Vol. 9

That'll Flat Git It!, Vol. 9


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Bear Family

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  1. Little Lovin'  - Mimi Roman
  2. Listen Kitten
  3. Rock 'N' Roll
  4. Apron Strings
  5. Whoa Boy
  6. Betcha Didn't Know
  7. Black Jack
  8. Be My Bride  - Charlie Phillips
  9. It Hurts the One Who Loves You
  10. Crazy Bulfrog  - Lewis Pruitt
  11. Just Relax  - Baker Knight
  12. Wiggle Worm Wiggle
  13. So Let's Rock  - Bob Wills
  14. Crazy Street  -  Matys Bros.
  15. Folding Money
  16. Your Eyes  - Billy Jack Hale
  17. Tired Man  - Doug Powell
  18. I Think You Oughta Look Again
  19. Behave, Be Quiet or Begone
  20. This Little Girl (Has a Magic Touch)  - Lewis Pruitt
  21. Touch of Loving
  22. You Lovin' Doll
  23. No Money Down
  24. Strange Feeling
  25. Solid Sender
  26. This Is It
  27. Rock Go Round  - Chester Smith
  28. Little Pigeon  - Chuck Sims
  29. No Sweat Baby
  30. Cool Gator Shoes

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Jules Blattner Group   Track Performer
Bobby Helms   Track Performer
Billy the Kid   Track Performer
Jim Eanes   Track Performer
Red Smith   Track Performer
Carl Belew   Track Performer
Harold Bradley   Guitar
Roy Nichols   Guitar
Billy Mize   Track Performer
Doug Powell   Track Performer
Paris Brothers   Track Performer
Charlie Phillips   Track Performer
Ray C. Walker   Background Vocals
Joey Biscoe   Track Performer
Bobby Sykes   Track Performer
Chester Smith   Track Performer
Ray Doggett   Track Performer
Roy Duke   Track Performer
Bryan Hamilton   Saxophone
Baker Knight   Track Performer
Lewis Pruitt   Track Performer
Matys Bros.   Track Performer
John Dalton   Drums
John Barnett   Guitar

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