$100 Guitar Project

The $100 Guitar Project

by Nick Didkovsky

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Disc 1

  1. Blockhead
  2. Deni-zen Koan
  3. Bale Wagon
  4. $100 Guitar Blues
  5. Hundo
  6. A Fire In God's Path
  7. Watch and Watch
  8. A Fond Lover
  9. Berceuse Bas De Gamme
  10. Fish Eye
  11. Seared Beard
  12. Hunnerdollas 'O' Lovin'
  13. Chainring Compatibility
  14. Boogieman
  15. The Out of Tune Guitar
  16. 100$ Pedalfest
  17. Son of Lion
  18. D & B Eurotunnel
  19. Apophenia: A Atomic Symphony in 10 Movements: You Seek/A Comfortable Sp
  20. 100 One-Dollar Guitars/Siciliano from Violin Sonata No. 1 by J.S. Bach
  21. Leadbelly's Jalopy
  22. Adjustable Rod
  23. Requiem
  24. Red Cent
  25. Harmonic Prayer
  26. Hi Ma
  27. Stethoscope
  28. Duchess Bridge
  29. 5.2 Onnne
  30. Birds
  31. The Earth Still Turns While I Am Still On It
  32. Until It All Went Terribly Awry
  33. Escroh
  34. Little Fire
  35. House of the Rising Sun

Disc 2

  1. "________"
  2. Light Erases the Thought
  3. Fog Rolls
  4. The Wind That Brought the Fire
  5. Do Ut Des
  6. Arab Spring
  7. When $100 Was Precious
  8. The Hundred Buck Stopped Here
  9. Monkey and Determination
  10. A Song Like This
  11. Red
  12. Could Have Been an Ankles Tableau
  13. M-Theory
  14. Music For the Modern Man, Pt. 3
  15. Koralate
  16. I Hate Zero Crossings
  17. Distance, No Distance
  18. I Can Imagine You Dancing To This
  19. Down the Drain
  20. Red Winged Blackbird
  21. I Forget
  22. Wieks
  23. Sonic Wrubble
  24. Life is Too Precious...
  25. Normal Nagual
  26. Ninety-Nine Ninety-Nine
  27. Himi
  28. Table
  29. Malchiro (When Blossoms Fall They Look Like They're Dancing)
  30. Snow Falls on the Rising Tide
  31. Feeble Little Weakling
  32. Hum! Scratch!! Rub!!!
  33. Stairwell Blues
  34. White Byrd

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Nick Didkovsky   Primary Artist
Barry Cleveland   Guitar
Henry Kaiser   Guitar
Elliott Sharp   Guitar
Rhys Chatham   Electric Guitar
Del Rey   Guitar
Teisco del Rey   Guitar,Rhythm Guitar,Guitorgan
Larry Polansky   Guitar
Greg Anderson   Banjo,Guitar
Joe Berger   Guitar,Rhythm Guitar
Joe Bouchard   Soloist
Ken Field   Guitar
Steve Holloway   Drums
Tom Katsimpalis   Guitar
Mike Keneally   Guitar,Synthesizer Bass
Chris Murphy   Guitar
Mark Piersel   Guitar
Bob Spalding   Bass,Guitar,Soloist
David Starobin   Guitar
Thomas Dimuzio   Guitar,Sampling,E-bow
Ron Anderson   Guitar
Jay Dittamo   Drums
John Shiurba   Guitar
Mark Hitt   Guitar
Charlie Torres   Bass
Andy Aledort   Bass,Guitar
Janet Feder   Guitar,Soloist
Bruce Eisenbeil   Guitar
Jon Diaz   Guitar,Prepared Guitar
John Miller   Drums
Hans Tammen   Guitar
Keith Abrams   Drums
Marco Oppedisano   Electric Guitar
Sara Milonovich   Fiddle,Electric Fiddle
Matt Wilson   Bass,Guitar
Mark Solomon   Guitar
Mark Stewart   Guitar
Ava Mendoza   Guitar
Vito Luizzi   Drums
Charles O'Meara   Guitar
Mike Lerner   Guitar
Chris Clark   Keyboards
Toon Callier   Guitar
Shawn Brown   Drums
Roger Clark Miller   Guitar
Johannes Westendorp   Guitar
Bruno Neilssen   Guitar
Blancah   Guitar,Vocals
Jesse Kranzler   Guitar
Dan Coveney   Bass
Caroline Feldmeier   Guitar
Sean Kallas   Cymbals
Raymond T. Kallas   Bass,Guitar
Phil Burke   Guitar
Kobe Van Cauwenberghe   Guitar
Karl A.D. Evangelista   Guitar
Josh Lopes   Guitar,Percussion,Throat Singing

Technical Credits

Elliott Sharp   Engineer
Michael Bierylo   Producer
Teisco del Rey   Arranger
Greg Anderson   Engineer
Nick Didkovsky   Producer,Engineer,Liner Notes,Remixing
Mike Keneally   Producer,Engineer
John Kilgore   Engineer
Scott Petito   Drum Engineering
William Sharp   Electronic Processing
Bob Spalding   Engineer,drum programming
David Starobin   Executive Producer
Becky Starobin   Executive Producer
Shawn Persinger   Engineer
Janet Feder   Engineer
Bruce Eisenbeil   Engineer
Charlie Post   Engineer
Norman Conquest   Engineer
Andy Pinkham   Engineer
Jesse Krakow   Instrumentation
Scott Friedlander   Engineer
Douglas Holly   Graphic Design
Bill Sharp   Engineer
Dan Knobler   Engineer
Blancah   Composer
Emon Hassan   Cover Photo
Chuck O'Meara   Liner Notes
Julio Cann   Engineer

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