The 11th Element: The Key to Unlocking Your Master Blueprint for Wealth and Success

The 11th Element: The Key to Unlocking Your Master Blueprint for Wealth and Success

by Robert Scheinfeld, Jeremy Bobb
Praise for The 11th Element

"Bob has cracked the code on how to produce business breakthroughs at breakneck speed by tapping into The 11th Element. I consider The 11th Element to be a ‘must have’ for all executives, managers, network marketers, and entrepreneurs who want to create and increase their wealth and personal freedom."



Praise for The 11th Element

"Bob has cracked the code on how to produce business breakthroughs at breakneck speed by tapping into The 11th Element. I consider The 11th Element to be a ‘must have’ for all executives, managers, network marketers, and entrepreneurs who want to create and increase their wealth and personal freedom."

–From the Foreword by Robert Allen

Author of The One Minute Millionaire and Multiple Streams of Income

"The 11th Element teaches you the valuable skill of asking for assistance from your ‘Inner CEO’ to improve your decision making. Napoleon Hill explored this principle in Think and Grow Rich, and Scheinfeld takes it to a new level."

–Ken Blanchard

Coauthor of The One Minute Manager® and Big Bucks!

"Bob Scheinfeld gives his readers an extremely valuable ally to help them achieve impressive success. It’s an ally that readers have had all along but has escaped their awareness. After you complete The 11th Element, you’ll be aware of it and able to use it to maxim ize your effectiveness. You’ll love the book but hate yourself for not realizing that you had this ally right from the start."

–Jay Conrad Levinson

Author of the Guerrilla Marketing series of books

"Fascinating! Read it twice. Scheinfeld presents a thought-provoking exploration on what it takes to succeed on a massive scale."

–Randy Gage

Author of Prosperity Mind

"A major business breakthrough . . . a masterpiece for anyone wondering why results eluded them before. Remarkable."

–Dr. Joe Vitale

Bestselling author of Spiritual Marketing and The Greatest Money-Making Secret in History!

"Profound, absorbing, and like nothing written before about wealth and success. The 11th Element shows you specific, practical ways to tap into a powerful new source of support to receive a quantum boost in power you can use to fuel the growth of your business and your quality of life."

–Gay Hendricks, PhD

Author of The Corporate Mystic and Conscious Golf: The Three Secrets of Success in Business, Life and Golf

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The 11th Element

The Key to Unlocking Your Master Blueprint For Wealth and Success

By Robert Scheinfeld

John Wiley & Sons

Copyright © 2003

Robert Scheinfeld
All right reserved.

ISBN: 0-471-44413-8

Chapter One

Networking with the
Ultimate "Inside Contact"

The world is larger than our view of it.
-Henry David Thoreau

What is essential is invisible to the eye.
-Antoine De Saint-Exupery

The Internet provides an extremely rich metaphor for the concepts
I want to introduce in this chapter. To lay the proper
foundation, I'll review certain basic Internet concepts with
which you may already be familiar. Like millions of people, you've
probably used the Internet to:

Find information and resources

Share information

Communicate with other people

Buy things

Sell things

The Internet is a tremendous tool. It lets you do new things you
couldn't do before, and helps you do old things more quickly and
efficiently. To get these benefits, however, you must have Internet
access and be able to master certain navigational and surfing skills.

The Internet is nothing more than a network that links millions
of computers and allows us to communicate witheach other
at high speed. By connecting to the Internet and tapping into resources
such as web sites, search engines, discussion groups, forums,
and e-mail, you can:

Offer your products and services to a worldwide audience

Research virtually any subject

Find a job

Fill a job opening

Find and hire freelance professionals to meet virtually every

Communicate at lightning speed with anyone-anywhere on
the planet

Share information and documents

And much, much more

As powerful, amazing, and gigantic as the Internet appears, it
is severely limited in its capabilities. There is actually another network
you can access to get the help you need to succeed. It's much
larger than the Internet, infinitely more powerful, and doesn't require
a computer. The mind-set and system for tapping into the
other network is The 11th Element.

Just as the Internet connects us at the conscious level, this other
network connects us at the unconscious level, beneath our conscious
level of awareness. The concept of an invisible or unconscious network
linking us all together was once considered "new age" or "way
out," but scientists all over the world, including those at Harvard
University, Stanford Research Institute, and various other private
institutions, are now documenting it.

You've tapped into "the invisible network" yourself. Haven't
there been times when you knew something was going to happen
before it happened? There have been times when you knew who
was calling before you picked up the phone, haven't there? Perhaps
you had the experience of knowing what someone else was thinking
or what they were going to say before they said it. You've had
hunches that proved to be accurate, haven't you? Where do you
think the knowledge in those situations came from?

Rob Strasser, once a top executive with Nike, felt that the company
should invest major resources in the new Nike Air line of
shoes, and he pushed the project forward despite tremendous resistance
from the Nike management team. Nike Air ended up being
one of the most successful product launches Nike ever made.
Where do think Strasser got his "feeling"?

In their book Hard Drive: Bill Gates and the Making of the
Microsoft Empire
, James Wallace and Jim Erickson wrote this about
Microsoft cofounders Bill Gates and Paul Allen: "Allen, even more
than Gates, had a knack for figuring out the direction of the industry
three or four years down the road." Where do you think Paul
Allen got his "knack"? It had to come from somewhere!

J. Paul Getty, the late oil billionaire and once the world's richest
man, and his father both had an uncanny talent for finding oil.
Where do you think they got that "talent"?

As you read in the Foreword, several hunches led Robert Allen
to build a $100 million business and a vast personal fortune.
Where do you think he got his hunches?

Stare at anyone, even through the car window at a stoplight,
and he or she will turn to look directly at you. The person "feels"
you staring and knows exactly which way to turn his or her head to
lock eyes with you. How do you think people know you're looking
at them, which direction to turn their heads, and where to focus
their eyes?

When I was 16 years old, at 3:00 in the morning, I was in a bad
car accident in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where I grew up. At the exact
moment it happened, my mother awoke from a sound sleep, sat
straight up in bed, and knew something "bad" had happened to me.
How could she possibly have known?

When you meet individuals for the first time and have strong
feelings about them (you're attracted to them, you like them, you feel
comfortable with them, you feel you can trust them, or you don't like
them, you don't feel comfortable with them, or you don't feel you
can trust them), what spawns those feelings?

These experiences are examples of how we tap into the invisible
network without consciously intending to do so. Everyone has had
one or more experiences of tapping into the invisible network. Ask
yourself three questions about those experiences:

Where did the information come from?

How did I get it?

Why did I get it?

The real question is not: "Is there really an invisible network
connecting us all?" The evidence supporting the existence of such a
network is overwhelming. The real question is: "How can I use the
invisible network to help me build my business and wealth?" This
book answers that question and shows you how-step by simple step.

The invisible network serves two purposes:

1. An information storehouse

2. A communication switchboard

Information Storehouse

On the Internet, huge collections of information are stored in search
. You can use them to research virtually any subject, want, or
need. The invisible network has search engines, too, but they're
much larger, more complex, and robust in their functionality.

Information about everything and everyone in the world is
sent into the invisible network search engines and stored
there. I call this collected information master biography files.

For example, if someone is working on a cure for cancer in
Japan, developing an invention in Australia, has a special skill and
lives in South Africa, offers a unique product or service in the
United States, or has new strategies she's applying in England, the
details are automatically sent into the master biography files
and can be accessed for your benefit. The information in this invisible
network is continuously updated on a real-time, moment-to-moment
basis as things change worldwide.

This is one of the huge benefits of the invisible network; and
why tapping into it helps you bridge those gaps described earlier
and provides you with access to raw power that goes far beyond
what you're capable of consciously ... on your own.

Communication Switchboard

People continually send messages into the invisible network (you
might think of them as e-mails or newspaper or magazine ads) asking
for help to achieve goals and specifying the kind of help they're
willing to offer others.

Messages flow through the invisible network at the unconscious
level 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. People respond to our messages.
We respond to theirs. And just like in the surface world, we discuss,
negotiate, make decisions, and make agreements at the unconscious
level: "I'll do this for you if you'll do that for me." As a result, something
happens on the surface in our lives and businesses.

If you're excited about the Internet, imagine magnifying the
available resources and possibilities billions of times. Then you'll
have a slight idea of what's possible when you start tapping into the
invisible network. You'll discover more of the "why" behind this in
later chapters.

It is critical for you to understand that the primary driving force
behind the results you produce in your business and wealth-building
efforts is the flow of information and messages through the invisible
network, not what you do in the conscious or surface world you're so
familiar with.

No matter what's going in your business or financial life right
now-sales, profits, income, operations, employees, net worth, investments,
and so on-it's all being shaped in powerful and amazing
ways by information and messages that were sent into the invisible
network in the past.

Similarly, everything that happens in your business and
wealth-building efforts in the future will be shaped in powerful and
amazing ways by information and messages that are being sent into
the network now and in the future.

You understand how e-mail works. You know that if you send
out 20 e-mails with a question, you'll get answers back that you can
see and read. You also know that you can't expect answers to questions
you never ask. The invisible network works the same way. You
must ask for the help you want and need.

It doesn't always look like it on the surface, but at the unconscious
level, everyone wants to help others fulfill their life purposes
and complete their missions. Just like on the Internet, other people
will help you if you ask them properly. You just have to know how to
find the right people and how to ask them for help so you get the
positive response you desire. (At the unconscious level there is a
definite art to this.)

If you want to build your business, increase your sales, maximize
your profits, grow your income, create wealth, and improve
your quality of life, there are facts and details you absolutely must
know about:

How the invisible network actually works at the unconscious

How to send the information and messages you want into the

How to receive information and messages through the network

How to filter and respond to other people's unconscious messages
(just like you do with e-mail)

How the flow of information and messages through the network
gets translated into tangible results in your life

What to do after you send information and messages into the
network to maximize the benefits you receive

By the time you finish this book, you'll know how to manage
and execute each one of these action items.

Although you might not realize it, you can't send an e-mail, receive
an e-mail, surf the Web, use search engines, or download files
without an Internet Service Provider (ISP) doing a lot of work behind
the scenes to help you. It works the same way with access to
the invisible network.

It is important to understand this critical fact when working
with the invisible network.

Let me repeat: To access the Internet, you need help from someone
else who has the equipment, knowledge, and expertise to link
you up. It might be AOL or another ISP. Someone else must give you
access to the Internet. You cannot do it by yourself (unless you have
all the equipment and connections of an ISP).

Few people talk about it in a business context, but you have
within you an inner intelligence I call your Inner CEO. Your Inner
CEO is another part of you, a very personal part of your mind,
consciousness, your self, your being, whatever you want to call

The relationship between you and your Inner CEO is similar to
the relationship between a corporate CEO and his executive team.
That is, everyone is valued and contributes, but the CEO is in
charge and has the ultimate decision-making authority.

Among its other responsibilities, your Inner CEO controls access
to the invisible network (like an ISP), and manages the flow of
information and messages in and out of the invisible network on
your behalf. Your Inner CEO is the keeper of the gate through
which all messages and information must pass before going into the
invisible network or becoming available to you (see Figure 1.1).

As you'll see by reading the dozens of examples in this book, by
doing research, and sending and responding to messages through
the invisible network, your Inner CEO can help you generate income
streams, create opportunities, find people, build your business,
maximize your profits, increase your income, solve problems,
create wealth, and improve your quality of life in ways you can't
even imagine right now.

Because of a broader perspective and access to the invisible network,
your Inner CEO has access to knowledge and resources far
beyond those in your conscious awareness. You're never alone on
your quest for business success and wealth, even though it often
feels that way. Your Inner CEO and the invisible network form a
support system you can tap into to share your burden. You receive
help every step of the way.

Your Inner CEO works behind the scenes 24 hours a day, 7 days
a week, to help you achieve your goals. Unfortunately, it's likely that
nobody ever told you:

That you have an Inner CEO who connects you to the invisible
network (like an ISP connects you to the Internet), and participates
in managing your business and wealth-building efforts
from behind the scenes

The precise role your Inner CEO plays in your day-to-day life,
your business, and your wealth-building efforts

What your Inner CEO does (and doesn't do) for you, and how
he helps you achieve your goals

How to contact your Inner CEO, communicate directly with
him, get answers, ask for help with your projects, and tap into
the invisible network

Networking in the outer world is a powerful strategy. Networking
in the inner world-through working with your Inner CEO to
tap into the invisible network-is a turbocharged strategy, and your
Inner CEO is the ultimate inside contact.

Earlier in this, chapter I described the time I was in a bad car
accident and my mother woke up out of a sound sleep knowing
something bad had happened to me. I also discussed the times when
you know who's calling before you pick up the phone, you know
what someone is going to say before they say it, or you know that
someone is staring at you.

In each of the examples, there's someone sending a message and
someone receiving a message through the network. You can call the
receiving process intuition, instinct, sixth sense, or whatever you
want, but this ability to receive messages through the invisible network
is the ultimate power.

To optimize the results you produce on your journey to creating
business success and wealth, you must learn how to send and receive
information and messages through the invisible network. No
matter what results you want, and no matter what you do at the
conscious level to produce them, you must supplement your efforts
by working with your Inner CEO and sending and receiving messages
through the invisible network.


Excerpted from The 11th Element
by Robert Scheinfeld
Copyright © 2003 by Robert Scheinfeld.
Excerpted by permission.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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