The 13th Tribe

The 13th Tribe

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by Robert Liparulo

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Immortal vigilantes from the time of Moses have planned the unthinkable. But how can you stop what you can't see? The battle didn't start this year... or even this millennium. It began when Moses was on Mt. Sinai. Tired of waiting on the One True God, the twelve tribes of Israel began worshipping a golden calf through pagan revelry. Many received immediate death


Immortal vigilantes from the time of Moses have planned the unthinkable. But how can you stop what you can't see? The battle didn't start this year... or even this millennium. It began when Moses was on Mt. Sinai. Tired of waiting on the One True God, the twelve tribes of Israel began worshipping a golden calf through pagan revelry. Many received immediate death for their idolatry, but 40 were handed a far worse punishment—endless life on earth with no chance to see the face of God. This group of immortals became the 13th Tribe, and they’ve been trying to earn their way into heaven ever since—by killing sinners. Though their logic is twisted, their brilliance is undeniable. Their wrath is unstoppable. And the technology they possess is beyond anything mere humans could imagine. Jagger Baird knows nothing about the Tribe when he’s hired as head of security for an archaeological dig on Mt. Sinai. The former army ranger is still reeling from an accident that claimed the life of his best friend, his arm, and his faith in God. The Tribe is poised to execute their most ambitious attack ever and the lives of millions hang in the balance. When Jagger’s wife and son are caught in the crossfire, he’ll stop at nothing to save them. But how can one man stand against an entire tribe of immortals?

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"Drawn from scripture and history, these characters are walking mysteries . . . A great read!" 
—Frank Peretti, best-selling author of This Present Darkness

"Liparulo plunges deep into the pages of scripture to find intriguing what-if's and stunning revelations—all woven into a tale that is both skin-tinglingly supernatural and thought-provokingly real. Packed with high-tech gadgetry, action and heart . . . Read this novel! Seriously!" 
—Ted Dekker, New York Times best-selling author of Forbidden and the Circle Series

Publishers Weekly - Audio
As chief of security at an archeological dig on Mt. Sinai, Jagger Baird finds himself pitted against a tribe of immortals, descending upon the world with powerful technology and a determination to punish sinners in the name of God. Questioning his faith, protecting his family, and trying to determine what is right, Baird must make hard decisions and deal with the fallout as he goes toe-to-toe with this 13th Tribe of God. Narrator Daniel Butler’s deep, raspy voice sounds like a long growl throughout this audio edition, and while he shines during climatic and action-packed moments, his one-note performance can wear on listeners. Additionally, the voices he provides the characters are limited. He rarely creates female voices well, and his male characters are often hard to discern from one another. A Thomas Nelson paperback. (Apr.)
Publishers Weekly
Liparulo (Comes a Horseman) opens the Immortal Files series with a bang: an intruder is shot at MicroTech, a supplier to the Pentagon. That intruder is a member of a team of vigilantes, who have amazing technology and even more amazing history: they go back to a time when they worshipped a golden calf while their leader Moses was away. Immortality as the 13th Tribe is the idolaters’ punishment, and in subsequent centuries they try to attain God’s forgiveness—and end their earthly existence—by righteously killing sinners. In present-day Egypt, maimed former Army Ranger Jagger Baird provides security for an archeological dig on Mt. Sinai, and when the Tribe shows up in search of a defector, Baird’s family gets caught in the crossfire. Liparulo has concocted a fast-moving, imaginative narrative that examines moral questions. Not everyone will get or care about the scriptural framework, though it will resonate for the biblically literate, but every reader is in for roller-coaster action, competently done, with a late-breaking major plot curve that leaves the door open for more. (Apr.)
Library Journal
Of the 12 tribes of Israel that turned to worship a golden calf while Moses was on Mt. Sinai, 40 men have been cursed to walk the earth for all time. Desperate to prove themselves worthy of forgiveness, they have traveled across time with one intent: kill sinners and gain entry into heaven. Now Jagger Baird, a former Army Ranger who is now head of security for an archaeological dig on Sinai, must face this band of twisted immortals before it is too late. VERDICT The author of Comes a Horseman ushers in an exciting new series with this action-packed and intricately plotted spiritual thriller that should appeal to fans of Frank Peretti and Oliver North.

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Immortal Files Series , #1
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Library Edition
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6.70(w) x 6.50(h) x 1.00(d)

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Thomas Nelson

Copyright © 2012 Robert Liparulo
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-59554-169-7

Chapter One

Eddie Rollins didn't believe in ghosts or phantoms or the boogeyman, but at that moment he felt a chill run down his spine like a drop of cold water. Gun in hand, he inched through the darkness between two bulbs mounted above doors on the backside of MicroTech's large, squat building. Thirty yards ahead, a keypad beside one of the metal-skinned doors had just beeped and lit up. Seeing no one standing before it, despite the brilliance of the halogen lamp directly overhead, he'd drawn his weapon.

Unusual things made him nervous: eight years on the force had taught him that shifting shadows in a dark alley or unlocked doors that should be locked meant trouble. He believed it was this suspicious nature that had kept him alive and earned him the security position at MicroTech when he went out looking for a job to supplement the pittance Baltimore paid its finest. In all the times he'd made this late-night circuit around the building's perimeter, none of the keypads had ever beeped or lit up of its own accord. Then there were the noises: a faint whispering that could have been the wind, but his instincts told him wasn't.

He considered radioing for backup or at least asking Larry, who sat in front of a bank of monitors, to put down his ever-present magazine and tell him if the cameras were picking up something Eddie's eyes weren't. But until he knew more he didn't want to risk looking foolish or, worse, giving away his presence if someone was back here and hadn't already seen him.

He swept his gaze across the large parking lot, half full with only the night shift's cars. The few lights scattered around on high poles were dim and useless. Still, he thought he might spot something interesting—a dome light, a commercial vehicle—but nothing jumped out at him.

He smiled a little: nothing jumped out at him—not the best choice of words in this situation.

At the far back of the parking lot and circling around the sides of the building, a grassy berm rose to a tall chain-link fence topped with loops of concertina wire. Years ago, in an attempt to keep the employees from feeling like prison workers, the company had planted a row of trees midway up the berm. Pretty, but stupid from a security standpoint.

He scanned the trees, mostly defoliated this time of year. Something glinted in one of them, and he squinted at it. He could make out the fence through the branches and was thinking that's what had caught his eye when the keypad beeped again. Six beeps, actually, and the door's bolts disengaged with a metallic thunk. As the door swung open, Eddie crouched and hurried toward it, watching the lighted area draw closer over the sights of his revolver.

The light shimmered, a rippling current of air like heat waves coming off hot asphalt, then it was gone. The door was swinging closed now, and Eddie bolted for it.


It slammed shut.

He was almost to the door, recalling the code that would open it, shifting his gun into his left hand, when he tripped over something and crashed onto the concrete pad at the threshold. He rolled to see what he'd stumbled over and almost screamed—would have screamed, had his lungs not frozen solid.

A pair of eyes stared down at him. Just eyes, shaped by unseen lids, floating in the glow of the light. Where a head and body should have been ... nothing. Beyond the eyes he could see the building's white-painted bricks, a crack running up from the foundation. The eyes blinked and moved toward him.

The same fear that had paralyzed him a moment before now spurred him to action. He scrambled backward, pushing himself away from the approaching eyes. He leaned on one elbow, swung his gun up and fired, instinctively aiming eighteen inches below the eyes, a centermass shot—if whatever this thing was had mass.

The eyes sailed back and disappeared. A gout of blood appeared in the air and gushed down and around the point of impact in a thin sheet, coating a chest and stomach Eddie could not see. He gazed in awe as the eyes reappeared, this time as narrow crescents. They—and the growing sheet of blood—descended slowly, as though the invisible being was sliding down the brick wall.

The door burst open, fluorescent light from an empty hallway exploding over him. But the hallway wasn't empty: more eyes rushed out of it, bobbing up and down, coming toward him. And another object, floating, circling, as though dancing on the waves of light—a long blade: a knife or sword. It glimmered and sparked as it came at him. In the speed of it all, everything slowed down in the way wheels spin so fast they appear not to be moving at all. He swung the gun toward the eyes, the blade, and felt something strike his hand hard. He fired into the night sky.

A pair of eyes, angry slits with dark irises, stopped over him, and he felt a blow against his chin, knocking his head back. He felt the back of his skull collide against the pavement and an explosion of pain, making his vision go white. Then he felt no more.

Chapter Two

Nevaeh knelt and grabbed the security guard's hair, yanking his head sideways as she brought her dagger to his neck. A firm hand gripped her shoulder and pulled her back.

"Nevaeh," Ben said behind her. "He's an innocent."

The blade shook under the strain of her anger. "He got in our way," she said, her gaze focusing on the man's carotid artery, pulsing just below the skin. "He shot Elias."

"NEV-ee-ah." Enunciating it with that deep orator's voice of his, like a father warning a child.

She sighed heavily and jerked her shoulder out of his clasp. She plucked the gun from the man's limp hand and cracked it across his temple to make sure he stayed down, then tossed it away. Her eyes met Ben's. "Happy?" she said.

From behind Ben, Phin's voice came at her: "Come on, come on." His eyes bounced in the doorway, and she knew his invisible body was bouncing, his arms jittering in front of him the way they did when he was excited or agitated, which pretty much defined his constant state of mind.

She glanced at the camera above and to the left of the door. It was slowly panning away from them, toward the darkness. It had captured the fallen man, but clearly no one had noticed; anyone who had would have overridden its automatic movement and held the focus on them. MicroTech made products that required both sterility and security, meaning lots of hermetically sealed barriers and doors, even in the corridors. She doubted the sound of the gunshots had reached anyone's ears.

She rose, brushed past Ben, and crouched where blood appeared to float a foot away from the wall. She touched it and moved her fingers over Elias's body and down his arm. She slid a switch sewn into a tight cuff around his wrist, turning off the power to his suit, and he suddenly popped into existence, clad in a jumpsuit that appeared to be made out of sharkskin, scaly and gray. Something like a mouthless ski mask made of the same material covered his face and head, hands and feet. Constructed of negative index metamaterial, the suit effectively bent light around the wearer's body, rendering him—or her—invisible. The technology had something to do with each tiny scale transferring light to the adjacent scale, but Nevaeh didn't care how it worked, as long as it did. Ben had the brain for such things; she was much more interested in using it to rid the world of people who'd abused the life they'd been given by harming others. The mission at hand would go a long way toward that goal, and she didn't need Phin telling her to hurry.

But this was Elias—

He'd been shot in the chest. She pulled off a glove, careful not to detach the cord that kept it invisible. She probed the wound, and her finger slipped in. Something pulsed weakly against the tip, and she thought it was his heart.

"Nevaeh," Phin said, his voice squeaky.

"All right, all right." She brushed her fingers over Elias's facemask, leaving a streak of blood, and stood, slipping her hand back into the glove. She looked across the parking lot toward the trees, depressed a button in her own mask by her earlobe, and said, "Jordan."

The boy's voice came through an earbud. "What happened? Is that Elias—?"

"He got shot. I need you to hide him and the guard. Hurry."

"Both? I can't—"

"Wait." She leaned over and turned Elias's suit on again. He vanished. No way a camera would pick up the hovering bloodstain. "Okay," she said. "Just the guard. Drag him out between the cars, and don't let the camera catch you. Move it."

She watched the tree across the lot until she saw the silhouette of Jordan's eleven-year-old body descend from a branch and drop. Speaking to Ben's eyes, she said, "Let's go," then stepped toward the doorway. Phin turned away, taking his bouncing peepers with him. Nevaeh and Ben entered the hallway and shut the door behind them.

Chapter Three

With the smell of Elias's blood still in her nostrils and her heart racing from the excitement of taking down the guard, Nevaeh hoped for more action—someone spotting their eyes or a security code that had changed since Ben's informant had given it to him—anything that would force them to take a prisoner and get the intel they needed through good old-fashioned violence.

And she meant good, as in God. After all, everything they did was for him. To get his attention, to please him. Anyone who had a hard time reconciling their methods with God's Word hadn't read the Old Testament. He ordered violence against his enemies, and all they were doing was carrying out those orders. Someone had to do it, and more people should; if they did, maybe the Tribe wouldn't be so necessary and God would call them home. Finally.

So bring it on, she thought. His furious wrath moves our muscles and cuts with our swords.

But there would be no cutting tonight. After the incident with the guard outside, everything else flowed without a hitch, and she supposed that was for the best. Ben had outlined a contingency plan to cover the break-in, but the farther into the building they could be traced, the more likely their true agenda would be discovered. And that would blow their grand plans to make a statement against evil that the world wouldn't soon forget.

Ben had memorized the layout, and every door opened at his digital command. They coasted past glass-walled rooms inside which workers in hazmat suits layered electronic circuitry into silicon wafers, tested them on monstrous computers, and etched or silkscreened model and lot numbers on their surfaces. The three intruders lowered their heads to keep cameras from catching their eyes and turned their faces away from assembly personnel and guards even as they breezed past them, close enough to smell their perfume, aftershave, and sweat.

Within minutes they'd found the company's most secure storage room and the vault inside. Ben punched in a code, passed an infrared security chip over a reader, and pressed a fingerprint on a square of transparent film against a biometric scanner. The vault door opened, revealing shelves of aluminum Halliburton cases, labeled with numbers. With his back to Nevaeh he was completely invisible, so when he pulled a case off its shelf, it appeared to spring up and dance in the air on its own. An identical case materialized, drawn from a metamaterial pack on Ben's back. It floated onto the shelf, and the original vanished into the pack.

The case contained twenty microchips that would give them access to sophisticated military weapons, enough to level a city. These chips were backups of ones already in the Pentagon's hands. Chances were they would be inventoried but never used, and the dummy duplicates Ben had left in their stead meant their theft would go unnoticed—at least until it was too late. Their tech wizard, Sebastian, had created them from specs provided by their informant, a man privy to top secret government contracts and who sympathized with their cause.

The vault door closed, and Nevaeh and Phin followed Ben back to their point of entrance. Before exiting, Phin produced a can of spray paint and graffitied the hallway wall: STOP HELPING BUTCHERS! And on the opposite wall: THIS TIME, THIS FAR. NEXT TIME, ALL THE WAY.

MicroTech had been the target of protests over their Pentagon contracts. The idea was to pin the attack on the break-in on radical peaceniks, content—this time—to demonstrate their ability to breach the company's security. The guard's claims of invisible beings would be chalked up to his head trauma, and the cameras would show that no one had penetrated any deeper than this hallway.

Ben punched in a code, and they stepped into the night.

Chapter Four

Back on his perch in the tree, Jordan watched through binoculars as the rear door opened and closed. A few moments later Elias appeared, slouched against the brick wall beside the door; someone had turned off his suit, probably to check on his condition.

Lord, make him all right, he prayed. Elias was a bit scruffy, and sometimes his penchant for one-word answers came across as grouchy, but like Jordan he was partial to Western movies and comic books— Wolverine and G.I. Joe were their favorites. And over the years, Jordan had learned about God more from Elias than from any of the others, even Ben with his books and scrolls and big brain. Creed—who had remained home with Hannah, Toby, and Sebastian—once said that Elias's instruction was like God's "still small voice" coming to Elijah on the mountain, and Ben's was God's voice "like the roar of rushing waters and a loud peal of thunder" that the apostle John had heard in his dream.

Through the binocs he saw Elias rise, and Jordan's heart thumped with joy. Then he realized two of the others had lifted him, carrying him between them with Elias's arms draped over their invisible shoulders. He appeared to be skimming over the pavement, his toes dragging behind, arms outstretched and head drooped like a crucified zombie. And that was just creepy.

Jordan spoke into his mic, "Could you guys turn off your ghost suits now? You're freaking me out."

Nevaeh popped into view on Elias's left side, then Ben on his right. As they started up the berm, Jordan dropped down and looked around. "Where's Phin?" Then he jumped and yipped in surprise. Phin's suit beeped and he appeared behind Jordan, his gloved hand on his shoulder.

Jordan swatted at it and stepped away. "Don't do that!"

Phin just laughed.



Nevaeh wanted only to get back to their rented van, then to their private jet and out of this city. Elias's weight wasn't a bother—she'd lugged much heavier things—but that guard would be waking soon. Everything had gone too smoothly to get caught now.

She and Ben carried Elias past Jordan and Phin and pushed through the hole in the chain link they had let Jordan cut, which he had thought was "totally sick": after spraying it with liquid nitrogen, the metal had broken under his fingers like ice. They traversed a park on the other side and piled into the van, laying Elias on the floor in the back. Ben and Jordan crouched next to him, Ben peeling the mask off Elias's gray-bearded face.

Nevaeh got into the passenger seat and yanked off her mask, releasing long black hair that flowed over her shoulders. She shook it out of her face and looked at Phin behind the wheel. He'd already removed his mask and was rubbing at the metamaterial paint with which they'd coated their eyelids.

"This stuff is terrible," he said. "Every time I blink, I have to force my eyes open again."

"But you're so pretty," she said. "You'd have made a beautiful glam-rocker." He scowled at her, and she could see the crazy in his eyes. She tried to remember if Phin had always been a bit bats. No, just hyper. The loony part had crept in slowly—like what, over a couple centuries? Seemed like it.

"So," she said, "what are you waiting for? Let's go."

He started the van, but before he could put it into gear, Ben stopped him. "A second, please." In the glow of the dome light he nodded at the others, bowed his head, and they began to pray. Correction: the three conscious males prayed; Nevaeh couldn't get into it, not this time. Ben intoned the same request for God to accept their work she had heard how many times? She'd lost count long ago. His voice was deep and measured, every word perfectly formed.


Excerpted from THE 13TH TRIBE by ROBERT LIPARULO Copyright © 2012 by Robert Liparulo. Excerpted by permission of Thomas Nelson. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Meet the Author

Best-selling novelist Robert Liparulo is a former journalist, with over a thousand articles and multiple writing awards to his name. His first two critically acclaimed thrillers—Comes a Horseman and Germ—were optioned by Hollywood producers. Bestselling author Michael Palmer calls Deadfall, released in November, 2007, “a brilliantly crafted thriller.” Liparulo’s young adult series, Dreamhouse Kings, debuted in May 2008, with House of Dark Shadows and Watcher in the Woods. He is currently working with director Andrew Davis (The Fugitive, The Guardian) on the novel and screenplay of a political thriller. New York Times best-selling author Steve Berry calls Liparulo’s writing “Inventive, suspenseful, and highly entertaining . . . Robert Liparulo is a storyteller, pure and simple.” Liparulo lives in Colorado with his family.

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The 13th Tribe 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 75 reviews.
Chadd_Baltzley More than 1 year ago
Robert Liparulo has out done himself this time. The 13th Tribe is a work of art, a masterpiece. It is a heart pounding read, full of twist and turns, along with that shocking light bulb moment on the very last page. The 13th Tribe is everything the reader would want it to be. Liparulo is a master of characterization. His characters are written so well, their development smooth and natural, and they truly move the story along with as much speed as the plot does. Pick up the 13th Tribe and enjoy the ride. You will not be disappointed
LaDonnaCole More than 1 year ago
The 13th Tribe, by Robert Liparulo is one of the most original story ideas of our time from an author who knows how to deliver the perfect mix of fast-paced excitement, nail-biting suspense, and well-developed characters. The depth of the characters had me cheering on the antagonists in places and grieving with the protagonist. Even in places where the outcome was inevitable, I was astonished by the twists and turns it took to get there. The settings were varied and rich, from ancient idolators to modern techno weapons, from the dusty corners of Egypt to the underground catacombs of Paris, the imagination of Robert Liparulo delivers, once again, a fascinating and adventurous tale.
smallkucing More than 1 year ago
When I read through the first few chapters, I was going to give this book 1 or 2 stars only. It was because the first few chapters were very confusing to me. Too many characters were introduced. For example Jagger who works as Security which has a prosthetic arms. In the beginning, I had the impression that he was something like Robocop but something just does not ring true/logic. How many would hire people with prosthetic to be the Head of Security? This and add on with various member of the Tribe and introduction of their higher technology- invisible cloak and what not made me lot track of the story. I was not sure how to view the story - futuristic? Sci-fic? Moreover, their unique names of the Tribe members like Creed, Phin, Elias and the most confusing was Arella who happens to be neaveh; who happens to be the word "heaven" spelled backwards; made my head spin. In the beginning, it was not specified how many are they in the Tribe and their ages. Thus, I was quite surprised when there was kids in the Tribe too. Ageless. Another thing was the mysterious plan "Agag" by the Tribe. The plan seems rather complicated to me and at parts quite technical which I have difficulties in following. I was getting tired reading this but half way through the book, the story starts to grow interesting as the pace picks up. Am glad I was able to go through the book. I love the unexpected twist in the end of the story. I liked this book well enough but I think this is one of those books that I would read once only. I received this book from the publisher, Thomas Nelson Publishing, in exchange for an honest review .
StephaniePazicni More than 1 year ago
This is my kind of book, from immortal vigilantes to a father trying to protect his family; from catacombs and a monastery; to cutting edge high-tech. This is also the first Robert Liparulo book I've ever read. I lucked into an Advance Reader's Copy. I was so engrossed in this story, I hurried to buy a copy of the book when it came out, just in case any new details were added in final edits! As a matter of fact I bought a couple copies to give away - and that is my highest praise. I found myself caring about Jagger, Beth and Tyler and unable to fathom how they'd survive another page, let alone escape The 13th Tribe. As merciless as The 13th Tribe seemed to be, I found myself caring about them too, and could relate to their motives, surely after so many centuries on earth the temptation and opportunity to take justice into your own hands would be too much... This is one of those stories where you don't want to say too much and spoil the story for the next reader. It has many twists and turns and it would make a good movie... A really good movie. I'm looking forward to the next book of the series already. I am a Liparulo fan now.
Evan98 More than 1 year ago
I am going to say this right now: Robert Liparulo’s latest thriller is an amazing novel. The daring premise about a tribe of immortals that have roamed the earth for 3500 years drew me in quite quickly. My mind suddenly went to how Robert would take the idea and create a full-length novel. I can definitely say that he did not disappoint. He takes opportunities that I did not even think about, dropping hints, and making the book full of great twists that results in a novel that I plowed through as quickly as I could. Jagger Baird, the main character of this novel and hopefully for the entire series is an enjoyable character who has secrets of his own that even surprise him. Robert has written a character that lets the reader identify and sympathize with without much effort. My favorite characters in The 13th Tribe were the members of the Tribe. Their logic is twisted, and you can’t help but feel sorry for them as they try to gain God’s forgiveness. However, you also can’t help but want to separate their heads from the shoulders. Go on ahead and pick up a copy of this book. I dare you. Just be prepared to be drawn in quickly and have your mind blown by twists and turns that make your head spin. Note: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review from the publisher. All thoughts and opinions are mine.
Janna6 More than 1 year ago
I am always looking forward to seeing what Robert Liparulo will come up with next, I have read almost every book he has written and his Dreamhouse Kings series is absolutely amazing. This book does not disappoint me at all! A Biblical fiction type scenario that is brought into the present and is then racked with espionage, danger, assassins and mystery. Oh, and I can't even begin to hint at the twists and turns in it - no way - you have to experience them yourself! If you like speculative fiction (a little fantasy, a little sci-fi and a lot of interesting) then you must read this book. For me it is a keeper - I was discussing it with my husband and told him I now want to go back and read the account of the golden calf in the Old Testament. That is a good book, one that drives you into the Word.
Heart2Heart More than 1 year ago
Once you start this one, you won't be able to put it down! When Moses went to the top of Mt. Sinai to receive the 10 commandments from God, he left the Israelites behind with Aaron. After some time the people began to complain that it was taking too long and perhaps Moses wasn't coming back after all. They convinced Aaron to make them a golden idol to worship and Aaron complied. The men, women and children began to worship the golden calf that Aaron had created and when Moses returned, the Bible states he was furious and broke the tablets in anger. When confronted with their worship of a golden calf, Moses told them to repent and those that refused were killed. This is the basis for latest novel,The 13th Tribe by Robert Liparulo. We all know about the 12 tribes of Israelites, but in this fictional novel based on the biblical story, there is a 13th tribe of men, women and children, 40 of them, that were cursed by God to wander the earth as immortals for their sin and never see the face of God. These would be the people who not only worshiped the golden calf but tasted the blood of the sacrifice. Now they have become a vigilante tribe that takes matters of sin and justice into their own hands as they have survived for generations. Believing at some point that what they are doing is approved by God, they will stop at nothing in the hopes that God may find favor in what they are doing. Unfortunately for them, they fail to see that they are wrong and that God is the one responsible for handing out punishment, not them. Now in the 21st century they are planning the ultimate in vengeance willing to take the lives of sinners and innocents to accomplish their purpose. Caught in between them is Jagger Baird who is heading up security at an archaeological dig on Mt. Sinai and finds himself immediately involved with the 13th tribe who now believes that he must be eliminated as well. What they fail to understand is that Jagger is a former army ranger and when they involve his wife and son, he will stop at nothing to save them and the millions of lives that now hang in the balance. I received The 13th Tribe by Robert Liparulo compliments of Christian Fiction Blog Alliance for my honest review and have to say, I couldn't put this one down. To me, this merits an outstanding book when I will sacrifice sleep to see how it ends. I love how Robert blends biblical history along with a modern twist to a group of immortal people who believe they are God's avengers to the injustices of the world. I couldn't wait to see how this one would turn out! It's action-packed, edge of your seat, thrill ride from beginning to end and rates a 5 out of 5 stars! For those of you that love story lines like Indiana Jones, this will be a must have for you! Now I am going to be picking up other thrillers from Robert to add to my Christian library!
Hudaj More than 1 year ago
(I was lucky enough to be able to get my hands on an advanced readers copy of The 13th Tribe; thus, the early review.) Robert Liparulo has truly outdone himself in this latest offering. I've read all of his books, and his craft is improving with each novel that he pens. I'll be honest; after reading one of his first novels, I was hesitant to read a second one. I had the opportunity to read a second novel for free, however, and am glad that I did so; Liparulo has quickly become one of my favorite authors. The 13th Tribe is quite possibly his most ambitious novel to date, taking readers across the globe in this high-tech thriller. Many books claim to have unpredictable plot twists, but very few actually live up to that claim. The 13th Tribe is one of those few. Yes, one or two plot twists are foreseeable for the astute reader, but I can almost guarantee you that you will never guess the events of the final pages. With believable characters, a solid and fast-paced plot, and underlying threads of Christian history and the true meaning of redemption, this is not a novel to pass up.
CoryKruse More than 1 year ago
So often we, as humans, get caught up in the endless cycle of always trying to be good enough¿always trying to earn both God's and others¿ favor by being perfect. It¿s a vicious cycle, an arid desert. A barren wasteland empty and void of any true life. But Robert Liparulo¿s The 13th Tribe¿and God¿s message to us through it¿is like an unexpected oasis in the all-consuming heat. A source of hope, salvation. Grace. And once you venture in¿once you throw caution to the wind and dive head-long into its icy depths¿the experience is both immensely shocking and utterly numbing. But, slowly, and surely, your body begins to adjust. You realize the pool isn't so bad after all. It's refreshing. Amazing. In fact, you realize, this is where you've belonged all along, and you simply can't fathom your life before jumping in. That's the kind of experience this story elicits. The kind of shock the world needs. This is, truly, home. The 13th Tribe is, by far, Robert Liparulo¿s best work to date. The story is both visceral and heart-wrenching, a tale chalk-full of both staggering plot twists that will leave your mouth gaping and some of the most genuine and convincing characters I have ever read. They¿coupled with the subtle, but staggering, spiritual truth Liparulo weaves seamlessly into his tale¿are the reason the story is so powerful, so moving. The reason it is, truly, a masterpiece. The 13th Tribe engages on every feasible level¿intellectually, emotionally, spiritually. A reader cannot take this journey without being utterly changed. I certainly couldn't. And that is something I am eternally grateful for.
Krobpa More than 1 year ago
Here it is: Robert Liparulo has just set up the next great supernatural Christian fiction series! Unlike many other series, it's not one dimensional based on a singular super character. Robert does that and so much more. Each of the main characters can stand on their own at the center of this great story. Together they form a compelling group of people each on their own journey to self-discovery and redemption. Combining with the strong characters is a rich set of storylines. On one side is a family seeking restoration and healing after a tragic accident. On the other is a supernatural family seeking restoration and death after a tragic decision. Liparulo manages to incorporate enough technology to be credible and not too wonky. He uses enough spiritual truth to make the reader's spirit sing, but not have to reach for a concordance. He has enough action that makes it hard to put down. And the ending is so twisty and surprising you won't see it coming until you are run over by it! I recommend reserving your copy today and making room for the rest of the series to come.
smittenword More than 1 year ago
At the foot of Mount Sinai the children of Israel made a big mistake. It's true Moses had been gone 40 days after he headed up the mountain of God, but an all out rebellion culminating in the unbridled worship of a golden calf was unforgiveable. God's justice was swift, and according to the newest novel by author Robert Liparulo, it resulted in the creation of a "13th Tribe," a band of immortals banished from the presence of God for their sin at Sinai. Living throughout the millenniums, they form a vigilante posse determined to win God's favor back by bumping off evil villains throughout the ages. Present day Mount Sinai is where mere mortal Jagger Baird, former Army Ranger and executive bodyguard, now finds himself. A glorified security guard for an archeological dig, he's moved his family to this "God forsaken" land to try to heal, both physically and emotionally from a traumatic event which cost him his best friend, his best friend's family, and his arm. Angry with God and struggling with the concept of divine justice, Jagger longs for peace - but when the Tribe invades the sanctity of St. Catherine's monastery at the base of Sinai in an unholy fire fight, Jagger's plan to get his life together literally goes up in smoke. With his wife and young son in danger at the hands of the Tribe, Jagger goes on a quest to save them, and to save the world from a terroristic plot designed by the 13th tribe to prove to the Almighty that they have earned his forgiveness. Liparulo, as always, knows how to pack a punch, and in The 13th Tribe there's no lag time in this tale of vigilante justice, supernatural-style. The Tribe, decked out in the latest stealth tech., doesn't hold back on its pursuit to rid humanity of moral undesirables; and Jagger is a tough yet spiritually wounded hero struggling with the question of where is God when tragedy strikes. The 13th Tribe is a definite page turner with a worldwide scope. From the deserts of Egypt, to the catacombs of France, to the shores of North America, Liparulo delivers another fever-pitched suspense novel that doesn't disappoint. But the most impressive aspect of his newest novel is its spiritual depth. It challenges concepts of justice, mercy, redemption, and forgiveness. In the midst of explosions, knife fights, and doomsday plots, Liparulo makes you stop and examine yourself. With its high-octane intensity and thought provoking spiritual overtones, The 13th Tribe, the first in The Immortal Files, in my opinion, is the best Robert Liparulo novel to date.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Amazing tale based on history and with a unique setting and many unexpected twists.  The characters were exceptional and the action was non-stop.  You won't be disappointed with this one.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
VicG More than 1 year ago
Robert Liparulo in his new book, "The 13th Tribe" Book One in The Immortal Files series published by Thomas Nelson introduces us to Jagger Baird. From the back cover: Immortal vigilantes from the time of Moses have planned the unthinkable. But how can you stop what you cannot see? The battle didn't start this year...or even this millennium. It began when Moses was on Mt. Sinai. Tired of waiting on the One True God, the twelve tribes of Israel began worshipping a golden calf through pagan revelry. Many received immediate death for their idolatry, but 40 were handed a far worse punishment--endless life on earth with no chance to see the face of God. This group of immortals became the 13th Tribe, and they've been trying to earn their way into heaven ever since--by killing sinners. Though their logic is twisted, their brilliance is undeniable. Their wrath is unstoppable. And the technology they possess is beyond anything mere humans could imagine. Jagger Baird knows nothing about the Tribe when he's hired as head of security for an archaeological dig on Mt. Sinai. The former Army Ranger is still reeling from an accident that claimed the life of his best friend, his arm, and his faith in God. The Tribe is poised to execute their most ambitious attack ever and the lives of millions hang in the balance. When Jagger's wife and son are caught in the crossfire, he'll stop at nothing to save them. But how can one man stand against an entire tribe of immortals? Jacob, also called Israel, grandson of Abraham, had twelve sons who founded the twelve tribes of Israel. Mr. Liparulo has conceived a 13th tribe of men, women and children, 40 of them, that were cursed by God to wander the earth as immortals and never see the face of God. These would be the people who not only worshiped the golden calf but tasted the blood of the sacrifice. Somehow this punishment has driven them insane and they believe that if they punish sinners God will find favor with them and reverse His punishment, which, of course, is not going to happen. It has been thousands of years and now, Jagger Baird, comes into contact with them in his role of head of security at an archaeological dig on Mt. Sinai. These immortals target him and millions of others while taking Baird's wife and son hostage. Now the battle is on: one man against immortals! "The 13th Tribe" is a thriller, which simply means that everyone is in grave danger from, practically, the beginning. Mr. Liparulo has given us a really clever story, some of the best villains ever created and a complex, one-armed hero. "The 13th Tribe" is full of twists and turns that will keep you flipping pages to find out more. I do not recommend starting this book late at night as you will have to sacrifice sleep in order to finish it. This is an exciting book, extremely well paced and suspenseful. What a terrific beginning to this series and I am looking forward to the next book. Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book for free from Thomas Nelson. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255: "Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising."
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It has a good plot and the characters are well written, but it is fairly slow paced. There are some sci-fi elements but they don't play a big part in the story, seems more like an afterthought while revising it. And the "suprise" at the end - not really suprising if you understand the story as it progresses. Overall a good read but one you will be able to put down and pick up again later.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I had read the dreamhouse king books but didnt know wht to expect from his adult writing. Prepare to be blown away! Liparulo is an amzing author! And just wait until the final page you will never expect the twists and turns he throws at you!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
love2readCW More than 1 year ago
one of the best books i've ever read - really enjoyed it!  
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I cannot believe this book has 4 stars. For what? First of all it doesn't get interesting until page 250, major mistake a good book needs to catch the readers attention by page 100 if not less. Second, after page 250 the boring plot nevers really captures my attention because it was predictable and it felt like it was still scalating to the climax which never came. Finally, the ending was insipid just like the book itself. The only reason I continue reading was because of the high rating this book received but that was clearly a lie.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago