The Adventures of Zumba and Rumba: Book One - The Separation

The Adventures of Zumba and Rumba: Book One - The Separation

by G. Alan Brooks, Grandchildren

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Meet the Author

The three authors worked together for years to create this amazing story of two brave and clever African children. In this first book of a series, Zumba and Rumba experience many exciting adventures after slave-trading warriors separate them from their parents during a raid.

G. Alan Brooks "Poppy" is the grandfather of two grandchildren who are the same age as Zumba and Rumba. Poppy lives in Miami, Florida with his wife, and the grandchildren live in the Northeastern United States with their parents. Poppy has two other grandchildren who are now helping with book two: The Searching.

The authors all love stories and books. The time spent together between the grandfather and the grandchildren collaborating on the book was super special. There were many hours of fun spinning tales, brainstorming and exploring multiple ideas through different resources. The authors did extensive research on African folklore, African wildlife, and African stories; reading books and learning about numerous aspects of the African Continent.

This book has been growing as an idea for many years. In the last two years, it gained more shape and direction as his grandchildren became almost the same age as Zumba and Rumba. The grandchildren helped the characters think and act their age, while Poppy typed the manuscript and helped with ideas for the different adventures

The authors hope this book provides an inspiration and opportunity for families to have a special time together, reading and sharing stories.

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