The Alchemy of Nine Dimensions: The 2011/2012 Prophecies and Nine Dimensions of Consciousness


From the author of the bestselling The Mayan Code and The Pleiadian Agenda comes a newly revised and expanded edition of The Alchemy of Nine Dimensions, with important new insights into time acceleration, the Mayan calendar, and 2012.

For over two decades Barbara Hand Clow and her partner Gerry Clow have taught thousands of students worldwide how to navigate the nine dimensions to lead fuller, more conscious lives. As we enter the end dates of the Mayan calendar, exploring these...

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The Alchemy of Nine Dimensions: The 2011/2012 Prophecies and Nine Dimensions of Consciousness

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From the author of the bestselling The Mayan Code and The Pleiadian Agenda comes a newly revised and expanded edition of The Alchemy of Nine Dimensions, with important new insights into time acceleration, the Mayan calendar, and 2012.

For over two decades Barbara Hand Clow and her partner Gerry Clow have taught thousands of students worldwide how to navigate the nine dimensions to lead fuller, more conscious lives. As we enter the end dates of the Mayan calendar, exploring these realms of consciousness becomes essential to our evolutionary survival as a species.

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  • ISBN-13: 9781452635675
  • Publisher: Tantor Media, Inc.
  • Publication date: 12/19/2011
  • Format: CD
  • Edition description: Library - Unabridged CD
  • Product dimensions: 6.70 (w) x 6.50 (h) x 1.00 (d)

Meet the Author

Babara Hand Clow is an internationally acclaimed Mayan Calendar researcher and the author of several books, including The Mayan Code and Catastrophobia. Gerry Clow is a polarity and craniosacral therapist and coauthor of The Mayan Code, Stained Glass, and other books.

Joyce Bean is an accomplished audiobook narrator and director. In addition to being an AudioFile Earphones Award winner, she has been nominated multiple times for a prestigious Audie Award, including for Good-bye and Amen by Beth Gutcheon.

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Alchemy of Nine Dimensions



Hampton Roads Publishing Company, Inc.

Copyright © 2010 Barbara Hand Clow
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-57174-626-9


The First Dimension: The Iron Core Crystal in the Center of Earth

Opening Meditation

Find your breath. Take your time reading these words. Consider the ink making the letters on the paper you are touching. Consider the paper; how does it feel? Find your breath, and find your feet. Move your head from side to side, and very gently, up and down. Let your head drop gently, softly, toward your chest. Go only as far as it will let you. Breathe into the little stretches you are making. Notice how your breath helps lubricate the stretches.

Raise your head back up and take another breath, a long one this time, five full seconds in, and five full seconds out. Now slowly raise your shoulders up, on both sides, toward your ears. Take a deep breath as you do this and hold it, just as you hold your shoulders up as high as they can go. And then, poof, let out the air and let your shoulders drop. Shake your head a bit to loosen your neck even more, and try another breath, with shoulders up to your ears, and then, again, let those shoulders drop, like lead weights. Don't be afraid to experiment; sometimes we're really tight in the neck and shoulders and this takes a number of times to work.

Notice where your attention is. You are focusing just on one thing right now—using your breath to help you relax your neck and shoulders. Now, feel gravity. Feel the weight of your body in the chair you are sitting on, or the bed or couch you are lying on. Let yourself feel the weight. Let yourself feel very heavy. Go ahead. This is called relaxing with gravity. Feel gravity like a blanket, a blanket with little magnetic weights in it. A blanket that has just the perfect amount of attraction to hold you to Earth. Enjoy your blanket; this is your very own Gravity Blanket.

Now find your feet. Where are they? If they are on the floor, begin to feel the floor through all parts of your feet: the edges, the toes, your heels. Take a grip on the floor with your toes, just to feel more connection. If you are lying down as you read this, put your attention on the air touching your feet, and see if this helps you find them. Now find your breath, and find your feet at the same time. Breath, feet ... breath, feet.

Can you feel the top of your head as you inhale? Can you feel as if there is a tiny air hole on the top of your head? Go ahead, experiment. Maybe the air comes in through the bones of your head, not just through one hole. Just be aware of what's above you, as you become more aware of your feet and your breath. Crown, breath, feet; feet, breath, crown.... Good.

Now picture a column of white light, of laser-beam light, coming from the top of your head to your feet. Go ahead. Take whatever time it takes. Read these words, then close your eyes and picture that column of white light running through your body, from your crown to your feet. Make it bigger, more tangible, with each breath you take. This is your column of white light, so enjoy it. Get to know it. Take your time, all the time in the world.

Now, as you begin to feel and see this column of white light, begin to let this column descend beneath your feet, into the floor and space beneath your feet. Go ahead, keep letting it go deeper and deeper. See it entering Earth beneath you, beneath your feet and where you are sitting or lying down. This is your column of light; focus on it. See where it takes you. Begin to picture a crystal, a large crystal, the size of a city, at the center of Earth. See your light begin to penetrate that crystal. See your column of white light descending beneath you as it begins to shine into this gigantic crystal. Notice what is happening. Take your time.

You are very solid now, and you are in the crystal; you are the crystal. See the white light all around you now, bouncing and reflecting off the sides of this gigantic crystal at the center of Earth. You have come Home. This is your center. See if you find anything special, just for you, in this center. Take your time. Breathe gently as you do this.

Notice the column of light above you, running through your head and back to the surface of Earth. This is your lifeline, your way to the world above. Notice how easily you can move from one place to another: core, surface ... core, surface. Notice how easily you can move with just your breath: core, surface ... core, surface. You are anchored, yet you can move back and forth, back and forth.

Now, as you read these words, pay more attention to your breath once again: five seconds in, five seconds out. Find your shoulders. How do they feel? Can you find their outer edges, their outer points, where your arms meet them?

Good. Now continue to breathe, five in, five out, and move your neck and head from side to side, up and down, gently. How are you feeling? Are you a bit heavy?

Good. You've slowed down to Earth pulses, to the pulses of the iron core crystal. Take your time reentering your space; drink a glass of pure water. Remember your journey. Write down what you found. Go take a walk, slowly; feel your feet on the ground. Take your time. You have the whole rest of your life to live.

According to the Pleiadians, whom I refer to frequently as the Ps, the first of Earth's nine dimensions of consciousness is the iron core crystal in the center of our planet. Satya, the Pleiadian goddess who is the main voice, says that the first dimension (1D) is the only truly solid dimension in this vertical axis. The second dimension (2D), the realm between Earth's core and the surface, seems solid because of its powerful magnetism and gravity. We have been getting much information from science lately about the mysterious realm under Earth's surface. In 1994, an earthquake of 8+ magnitude rumbled 395 miles beneath Bolivia. This quake was a boon to seismologists who had installed seismic sensors on opposite sides of the planet to measure faint vibrations going all the way through its center.

The chemical structures of rocks, magma, and crystals can be analyzed by studying the seismic waves passing through them; this is called seismic tomography. Since the quake was so deep, these scientists detected and measured the waves generated by the quake that traveled through the center of Earth and out to the opposite side. Excitedly, they analyzed the waves and were amazed by their findings: The center of Earth is a huge iron core crystal that is about 1,500 miles wide and is denser than the surrounding outer core, mantle, lithosphere, and crustal zones. This deep-Earth study is one of many scientific confirmations synchronistically released when The Pleiadian Agenda was published.

What the Ps say about the center of Earth is much in agreement with science, and they also say this information is very important for us now. What they say about the structure of the vertical axis is that the iron core crystal is the primal activator of electromagnetic waves vibrating through the 2D telluric realm (see figure 1.3). These waves emerge through the crust, where the material planes of our world (3D) are manifested within electromagnetic fields when these waves emerge through the crust and are triggered by electrical frequency waves in the atmosphere. Much more subtly, the fields of life on the surface vibrate faster and faster, triggered by stellar light frequencies, which are constantly arriving on Earth's surface, even though their radiation is screened by the atmosphere. Earth's crust and atmosphere vibrate with the light of divine intelligence from very high dimensions.

The best way to imagine 1D is as a point—the beginning point of all Earth's manifestation—where materialization happens as a result of the planetary spin. Related to this is the fact that at the 3D molecular level, materialization begins with movement or spin. The 1D core origination point eventually ends in the ninth dimension—9D—in the black hole in the center of the Milky Way. A black hole is formed when a large star dies and collapses under its own weight and it shrinks down to a dense point called a singularity, which distorts space and time. This great spiral draws all kinds of emanations, planes, and spheres into itself on the vertical axis originating in the center of Earth.

The Ps say two more things about the vertical axis of Earth. First, all nine dimensions are totally accessible to humans in 3D, even though there are many other dimensions. For example, the vertical axis, which connects all nine dimensions, is the tenth dimension, and the Ps speak about twenty-six dimensions in all. We humans do not yet have the mental apparatus to apprehend the universe, although we can feel it as our container. Second, the Keepers of each dimension are unique to each system, such as Earth. There are different Keepers for the dimensions in other worlds, such as Jupiter, Mars, or Regulus. Other locations generate a dimensional form from their centers, and they have chosen Keepers for their dimensions.

If you've always felt really connected with another place, such as Arcturus or Aldebaran, these stars may be Keepers of other realms that you resonate with. If you feel a great connection with one of the Keepers of Earth, such as Sirius, the Pleiades, Orion, or the Galactic Center, then you may be residing in some form in that other realm while you live here. I freely admit that I feel some part of me exists in the Pleiades while I also live here on Earth. This "other" life enhances my earthly data bank, just as travel to another country educates me and makes me feel free to come and go in my mind.

As we prepare to enter 1D, let us begin with the realization that all of us share something very special: We incarnated here on Earth to experience life activated by the iron core crystal, known by many as Gaia. What gives Gaia life? Spin creates movement, which causes particles to become waves; then matter is created, and eventually we have life within the cells of our bodies. Yet where does spin come from? Actually, this is all simple from a cosmic perspective.

The Ps say that the iron molecules in the core crystal pulse because the planet is spinning in orbit while vibrating to all the planets, moons, and asteroids in our solar system, as well as to the Sun itself. All these bodies vibrate by the forward motion of the Galaxy as well as its spin, and the Galaxy vibrates to quasars, supernovas, stars, and galaxies. The Galaxy swishes through space like a plasma wave, or perhaps like a jellyfish or a beating heart. Plasma is slightly less material than gases, liquids, and solids, and plasma holds together by gravity. The orbiting stars vibrate and pulse by orbital spin and forward motion, as the Galaxy churns around with its spiral arms that fan out from its hungry black hole. The Galactic Center is the 1D center of the Milky Way, just as the iron core crystal is the 1D center of Earth. Everything vibrates, which determines the qualities of matter, light, and consciousness. The core is the origination point of Earth's materialization and its transmutation to light in the Galactic Center. We humans are wired in our brains and nervous systems to vibrate with the whole frequency range of the vertical axis.

The Center of Earth According to Science

According to science, Earth's core resonates at 40 hertz (Hz), or forty pulses or vibrations per second, which sends electromagnetic waves into 2D, 3D, and beyond. Earth's crust vibrates at 7.5 Hz. By comparison, if we examine the electromagnetic (EM) spectrum chart (see figure 1.2), you can see that we exist as seemingly solid in the frequency range of the visible light spectrum, where solid things manifest at about 1015 Hz in 3D. In fact, relative to the size of atoms, the distance between one atom and another in your body is equivalent to the distance of a few miles; we are empty inside and made of vibrating waves. Frequencies beyond 3D—such as X-rays and gamma rays—vibrate much faster; and the frequency ranges of higher dimensions eventually become invisible. The incredible truth is that we vibrate with the pulse of Earth, which aligns us with all other beings—including light—in the ladder or chain of existence. This is the vertical axis of consciousness.

Also, according to Satya, because we have iron in our blood, we are wired to vibrate with Gaia in our blood. The blood coursing in our veins pulses with the iron core crystal because it has crystalline iron components. This is what makes it possible to be in our bodies and vibrate in other ranges simultaneously. Since the iron core crystal is gravity and we organize by much weaker gravity in 3D, then it is possible to imagine why science describes great distances between each molecule in our bodies. We are empty inside, and something holds all that space together.

The higher dimensions, held together by weaker and weaker gravity, are diaphanous. If we ask what started the primal spin, we are asking why we exist in the first place. More important than how it all started, what holds us together? Our glue or physical integrity comes from gravity, the force that emanates from the first dimension. We experience gravity as binding, as allurement, as a formation force, but what adds mystery is the fact that the cells in our bodies are also 1D chains of manifestation. Our cells are intelligent because they vibrate to stars in the universe. As far as how this got started, the Ps yawn. They are much more interested in having humans learn to feel the pulses in their blood, which resonate with the center of Earth.

If you contemplate the spinning orbits of stars emitting light waves that eventually become sound that creates geometry that directs materialization, you will not care how or when it started or ends. You have existence now, and everything else is a distraction. Ask a cellist where the notes come from, and the cellist will simply keep on playing. The core crystal connects you to everything in the universe, its agenda is gravity, and it pulses in your blood.

Many scientists go on and on about how they cannot explain gravity, which is to say they cannot define it as a felt experience. They know that Earth's center is a huge iron crystal, and that iron is more dense than most other metals. They know that things become weightless—gravity lessens—when one rises above the crust of Earth and into space. The Ps say that the way scientists talk about gravity is a great example of how their heads are in the laboratory and not in the world. In September 2002, scientists finally measured the speed of gravity, which does travel at the speed of light, as Einstein theorized. The speed of gravity was the last unmeasured constant in physics. Physicists have developed a new observing instrument, the Laser Interferometry Gravitational Observatory, to detect gravitational waves in space, which means many surprises about gravity are soon to come.

To summarize and clarify the Pleiadian point of view regarding gravity: The 1D core is gravity, and as it moves to the surface and above, it weakens; all 1D centers in the universe are gravity. The 2D outer core is molten, and deep 2D currents flow under Earth's surface. As the gravity waves emerge from 2D, they respond to electricity in the atmosphere and create the surface electromagnetic fields. Gravity holds all the dimensions together on the vertical axis rising into the black hole in the center of the Milky Way. Gravity is less dense as the dimensions ascend because the dimensions move out from the vertical axis in great circular planes, which makes it difficult to measure on the vertical axis. Gravity is the central intelligence or center that gives form to the planar matrices of all nine dimensions (see figure 5.2). The weaker gravity is, the more complex the dimensionality. In the higher dimensions or hyperspace, gravity travels much faster than the speed of light as measured at 186,000 miles per second. The actual measurement of gravity waves in space will probably confirm this model in the near future.

The Science of the First Dimension

All the dimensions of Earth's chain of being are sourced in 1D, Gaia. Of course, Western science does not conceive of this vertical axis structure from the center of Earth to the Galactic Center. However, the qualities of the iron core crystal that were discovered by tomographic analysis after the 1994 Bolivian earthquake suggest exactly this possibility. For example, the texture of the huge crystal probably explains many of the mysteries of the Earth's magnetic field. Seismic waves traveling through the center go faster from north to south than when they travel east to west; that is, they transmit at different speeds in different directions (see figure 1.3). These varying directional velocities are called anisotropies, and measuring them yields fascinating clues about the composition of the great unseen crystal. Since the pressures in the center are three million times greater than on the surface, and the iron is solid in spite of the temperature being in excess of 7,000ºF, only the final crystalline form of iron—hexagonal—is possible as the structure of this gigantic crystal (see figure 1.1). One scientist suggested the core is like a huge diamond in the center of Earth. Most important, the hexagonal prism form fits the recent seismic evidence.


Excerpted from Alchemy of Nine Dimensions by BARBARA HAND CLOW, GERRY CLOW. Copyright © 2010 Barbara Hand Clow. Excerpted by permission of Hampton Roads Publishing Company, Inc..
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

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Table of Contents

List of Illustrations xiii

Acknowledgments xvii

Prefaced to the Second Edition xix

Barbara's Introduction: The Story of the Pleiadian Transmissions xxi

Pleiadian Agenda Activations: 1995 to 2012

How We Lost Our Multidimensionality

The Emergence of Crop Circles

The Vertical Axis of Consciousness

Comments on the 2010 Revision

Gerry's Introduction: The Healer's Quest xxxv

Part 1 The Nine Dimensions

1 The First Dimension: The Iron Core Crystal in the Center of Earth 3

Opening Meditation

The Center of Earth According to Science

The Science of the First Dimension

Entering the Iron Core Crystal

2 The Second Dimension: The Telluric World 19

Opening Meditation

The History of Humanity Being Trained to Fear the Earth

Reconnecting with the Second Dimension

The Science of the Second Dimension

3 The Third Dimension: Linear Space and Time 32

Opening Meditation

The Seven Sacred Directions and Making an Altar

Maintaining Physical Integrity in 3D: The Science of the Third Dimension

Living on Lunar Time

The Six Polarities on the Wheel of Twelve

4 The Fourth Dimension: The World of Myths and Archetypes 44

Opening Meditation

The Astral World and Divine Levels in the Fourth Dimension

The Fourth-Dimensional Canopy of Light

The Science of the Fourth Dimension

Life in the Oreo Cookie

Dualities and Polarities

The Nephilim and the Burning Bush

The Power Lens of the Fourth Dimension

5 The Fifth Dimension: Samadhi and the Pleiadians 68

Opening Meditation

Star Lore and Orgasms

The Science of the Fifth Dimension

Labyrinths as the Way to Walk in Higher Dimensions

The End of Time and Platonia

6 The Sixth Dimension: Sacred Geometry and Platonia 83

Opening Meditation

How Our Bodies Exist in the Sixth Dimension


Personal Altars and Your Ka

The Science of the Sixth Dimension

Shamans, DNA, and Biophotons

Sacred Geography and the Wheel of Twelve

Astrology and the Sixth Dimension

7 The Seventh Dimension: The Galactic Highways of Light 99

Opening Meditation

The Science of the Seventh Dimension


Superstring Theory and a Variable Speed of Light

Stone Age Soundtracks and Megalithic Music-Makers

Carnac as a Great Seismograph

8 The Eighth Dimension: The Divine Mind 121

Opening Meditation

The Business of America Is Business

The Science of the Eighth Dimension

Collapsing the New World Order Pyramids


The Moon Reflects Our Feelings

The Sun Directs Our Intentions

9 The Ninth Dimension: The Black Hole in the Center of the Milky Way 138

Opening Meditation

The Mayan Calendar and Interdimensional Merging

The Science of the Ninth Dimension

The Milky Way Black Hole

The Mayan Calendar Time Wave: 16.4 Billion Years Ago through ad 2011

Teaching Time Acceleration and the Nine Dimensions

Using Time Acceleration During the Completion of the Mayan Calendar

Earth's Quarantine in the Universe Ends in ad 2011

Time Waves and Gamma-Ray Bombardments

Part 2 Experiencing the Nine Dimensions

10 Crop Circles and the Nine Dimensions 165

Harmonic Convergence: August 16-17, 1987

How Crop Circles Are Made

The Dome of Light and the Druid

More about Harmonic Convergence

11 Communicating with the Cirdemakers 186

Barbury Castle (1991)

The Pleiadians and the Circlemakers

The Nine-Dimensional Model and the Circlemakers

Koch Fractals and the Power of the Divine Mind

12 Living the Nine Dimensions (by Gerry Clow) 204

Stabilizing Yourself

Nine-Dimensional Meditation (20-30 minutes)

Experiencing the Dimensions through Your Four Bodies

More Nine-Dimensional Meditations

Exploring Your Home Dimension

Noticing "Neighboring" Dimensions and the Odd/Even Dimensions

Relating the Dimensions to the Chakras

Noticing the Dimensions Opening in Your Relationships

Noticing the Dimensions Opening in Your Workplace

Practical Applications of Nine-Dimensional Consciousness

Glossary 221

Endnotes 241

Bibliography 262

Index 268

About the Authors 275

Recommendations for Further Study 277

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