The Alleged Transnational Criminal: The Second Biennial International Criminal Law Seminar

The Alleged Transnational Criminal: The Second Biennial International Criminal Law Seminar

by Richard Atkins

ISBN-10: 0792334094

ISBN-13: 9780792334095

Pub. Date: 01/01/1995

Publisher: Brill Academic Publishers, Inc.

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Brill Academic Publishers, Inc.
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Table of Contents

International War Crimes Inquiry and Tribunal; H. Corell.
War Crimes Tribunal in Former Yugoslavia; B. Zagaris.
Suggested notes and tools of the defence before an International Criminal Tribunal; P.-M. Müller.
Problems with an effective use of prisoner transfer treaties; A.M.M. Orie.
Prisoner transfer treaties – crucial times ahead; T. Simon, R.D. Atkins.
The need for US legislation to curb state-sponsored kidnapping; M. Abbell.
State-sponsored kidnapping of fugitives: an alternative to extradition? H. Woltring, J. Greig.
The emergence of and international anti-money laundering regime: implications for counselling businesses; B. Zagaris.
US money laundering and forfeiture laws and their impact on innocent third parties; R. Banoun, R.G. White.
Insider trading: an overview; G.P. Naftalis.
Effective use by the defence of international private investigative agencies,
Part I; J. Wetherell.
Part II; T.F. Lenzer.
How to obtain evidence in the civil law system (continental Europe); P. Gully-Hart.
Obtaining evidence in the US in criminal cases through use of compulsory process; M. Abbell.
Criminal justice in the US: some thoughts, concerns and expectations for the future; N. Hollander.
International tax and related crimes: gathering evidence, comparative ethics, and related matters; B. Zagaris.
'Terrorism' and the political offence exception; M.B. Pike.
The use of international human rights conventions in criminal cases: a practical response; B. Simons.
La lucha contra los delitos ecologicos y la protección juridica del medico ambiente en España; S. Vada.
Erosion of lawyer–client privilege in Spain; G. López-Muñoz y Larraz.

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