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The Almost Girl

The Almost Girl

3.7 7
by Amalie Howard

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Seventeen-year-old Riven comes from a world parallel to Earth, a world that has been ravaged by a devastating android war. As a Legion General, she is the right hand of Prince Cale, the young Prince of Neospes. In her world, she's had everything: rank, responsibility, and respect. But when Prince Cale sends her away to rescue his long-lost brother, Caden, who


Seventeen-year-old Riven comes from a world parallel to Earth, a world that has been ravaged by a devastating android war. As a Legion General, she is the right hand of Prince Cale, the young Prince of Neospes. In her world, she's had everything: rank, responsibility, and respect. But when Prince Cale sends her away to rescue his long-lost brother, Caden, who has been spirited to modern day Earth, Riven finds herself in uncharted territory.

Armed with the mindset of a soldier and racing against time to bring Caden home, Riven must learn how to blend in as a girl in a realm that is the opposite of all she's ever known. Will she be able to find the strength to defy her very nature? Or will she become the monstrous soldier she was designed to be?

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly
This high-octane thriller from Howard (Waterfell) centers on Riven, a 17-year-old Legion General from Neospes, an alternate Earth that was nearly destroyed by warfare centuries earlier. She has come to Earth to find Caden—the handsome, long-exiled twin brother of Prince Cale, who is fighting for his life against a usurper. After months of searching, masquerading as an American teen, Riven enrolls in Caden’s high school just in time to prevent him from being captured by the usurper’s monstrous dead warriors, the Vectors. In the process, Riven discovers that Caden, who doesn’t know who he truly is, has had other defenders, including Riven’s estranged older sister. Soon they’re all on the run with the Vectors in pursuit. The action never stops, and though the language is occasionally over-the-top (“Everything inside of me feels like it’s on fire. My ribs are splintering with alternating bands of hot and cold surging like rotating tides inside me”), SF and dystopia fans will be right at home with this book and its fierce, capable heroine. Ages 14–up. Agent: Liza Fleissig, Liza Royce Agency. (Jan.)
From the Publisher
“A high-octane thriller. SF and dystopia fans will be right at home with this book and its fierce, capable heroine.”
Publishers Weekly

“A riveting union of science fiction thriller, romance, family drama, and conspiracy theory, The Almost Girl had me wishing I could crawl inside the pages and join Riven on her epic journey between parallel worlds. Amalie Howard's writing is sharp and smart.”
- Page Morgan, author of The Beautiful and the Cursed

“Amalie Howard writes a fast paced and thrilling story with a kick butt, authentic heroine and a brilliantly crafted world.”
- Eve Silver, author of Rush

“The Almost Girl is a feminist tour de force. It is filled with powerful, interesting female characters. Riven is one of my favorite fictional characters ever; she is fierce, passionate, funny and smart. This sexy, fast-paced story is impossible to put down. A must read! Fans of Divergent will love it!”
- Kim Purcell, author of Trafficked

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Sky Pony Press
Publication date:
Riven Chronicles Series
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Product dimensions:
5.50(w) x 8.10(h) x 1.40(d)
Age Range:
14 Years

Meet the Author

Amalie Howard is the award-winning IndieNext author of Alpha Goddess, the Aquarathi series, and the Cruentus Curse series. Her debut novel, Bloodspell, was an Amazon bestseller and a Seventeen Summer Read.

She currently resides with her husband and three children in Colorado.

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The Almost Girl 3.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
onlyminordetails More than 1 year ago
My Thoughts: It's been awhile since I've been interested in a new dystopian YA novel. I don't even know what it was that attracted me to this one. Maybe it was in the synopsis, or the loveliness of the cover. Either way, it was a nice change of pace for me, and it reminded me of when I first started to love YA. Riven was my kind of girl: very strong, not just in action but also on the inside. While there was romance, which I'll get to in a second, there was a lot more when it comes to the world and the characters that kept the story together. The depth of the world was difficult for me to follow, but written well. It had me wanting to punch people, but that always happens in dystopias, right? But, let's talk about Caden. Sweet Caden. It's funny, I always have to have some sort of romantic element to keep me tied into books like this. Otherwise I get bored. I like feeling the romantic tension between the characters, and that was definitely there between Riven and Caden. Oh man... the kiss. THE KISS. Wow. The Almost Girl was a pretty good read. Riven is someone you want to be, and Caden is someone you want to love. Amalie Howard has written a very intriguing dystopian tale. It's nice to get back to my YA roots and I'm glad I picked this one up. My Rating: Pretty Good
TimothyRook More than 1 year ago
One part Hunger Games, one part Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and one part Timecop. If you think that’s a strange combination you haven’t read Almost Girl by Amalie Howard. While the book definitely has these themes in common, for the most part this book is something you’ve probably never read anything like before. I did find the ending a bit predictable. But the rest of the book was excellent and I would definitely read a sequel if there is one. The other excellent thing about this book is that it doesn’t end on a cliffhanger. The climax is the REAL climax and the plot has a satisfactory conclusion. There are no last minute twists, with a “Haha, you thought it was over! But you are wrong!” I was especially impressed how the author managed to populate the cast with such strong female characters. Especially the two sisters in the book. I loved both of their characters. While I did really enjoy the girl power aspect of the book; I thought couldn’t believe how one sided it was. If the character was female, she was good. If not, they are probably evil or at least untrustworthy. This wasn’t the so in EVERY case in the book, but enough that it was noticeable even when not really looking for it. But all in all, I would recommend Almost Girl; a great book for anyone who likes Science Fiction or Fantasy
BlkosinerBookBlog More than 1 year ago
    I connected with Riven, she wanted to do the right thing, and she had a protectiveness within her that I really admired. Though, the terminology and references almost turned me off. I got answers, but too slow, I didn't quite understand exactly what Riven was, and there was the mystery Cale. I loved reading her action scenes, learning about just how strong she is physically and mentally, but then watching her learn to depend on others when she finds herself weak or injured, and that sometimes strangers can be kind and worm their way into your heart.     But I liked her chemistry and interactions with Caden, and I def wanted to know what made her special. The world building was good, just slower than what I wanted. It seemed really well thought out and I liked the other planet and tech that they used.      The family aspect of this one took me by surprise in a good way. There is sibling rivalry and then a deeper relationship formed. There is also appearances and betrayal plot twists that were well written and captivating.     The action scenes were heart pounding. And Riven can certainly hold her own with a sword, and hand to hand. Living vicariously through characters like this is always great because I am pretty weak and not at all kick ass like this.     All of that said, I did skim through numerous parts of the book because it was slow. Yet I still wanted to know what happened, so I stuck with it.      I chose Almost Girl because I liked the cover and the synposis on netgalley. I would def recommend for friends who like science fiction with a strong female lead and a romance.  Bottom Line: Good science fiction with a strong main character but has slow parts. 
SiobhanDavisAuthor More than 1 year ago
The Almost Girl is a well-written sci-fi romance with interesting worldbuilding and a complex MC. I was gripped from the very start, and with the exception of a small section when the story moved to Neospes, it was fast paced and kept my attention. The plot was action-packed and full of twists and turns. Though the revelation in relation to her identity wasn't a major shock, it was still a good twist. Cade is, ah, swoon ..... a perfect book boyfriend! Smart, funny, sexy, protective and he deals with all the crap coming at him in a very calm, mature manner. I wished we had more scenes with Cale. What we saw of him didn't endear me to him at all. I loved all the sci-fi and technological aspects of this book and I thought the world building was detailed without bogging the reader down in unnecessary descriptive. I have read books with multiple realities/universes before and this one was still original and creative and unique in its own way. The insta-love was a bit unbelievable at first, like it came out of nowhere, but I was able to overlook it as it developed perfectly and their chemistry was good. I will add, though, that there are certain things one needs to overlook in this book in order to fully enjoy it - one example that sticks out is the manner in which children are raised in Neospes and it's mentioned that she was engaging in sword fights at age 2. How would that even be physically possible? There were a few other little niggly things like that which are the reason this is a 4-star rather than 5-star review (and I dithered over the rating for a couple of days.) Anyway, I loved the book too much to let little issues like that dent my enjoyment. I'm really excited to see where the story develops from here and I look forward to reading the next book in due course. Thanks to Inkslinger PR for providing a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.
ReesesSH More than 1 year ago
The Almost Girl is seriously one of the best books I have read in a long time. The story had me from page one until the final page and had me screaming “WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?!” I am officially in love with this story. Riven was a General of an epic and terrifying force of soldiers called Vectors. Dead soldiers being brought back to life with technology. Now Riven is on the run from her father and his Vectors trying to find the one person who can save her best-friends Cale’s life. His brother. Cale’s mother escaped into modern day Earth with Caden, Cale’s brother and she’s been sent to find him and bring him back. Except it gets a whole lot more complicated than she ever expected when she finds Caden after 3 years of searching. I won’t say more than that because I don’t want to give anything away, but there is romance, people die, it’s a race against time and a fight to the death every day. I loved every freaking minute of it. Riven is just awesome. She’s a totally kick butt character who doesn’t take crap from anyone. She’s been taught to be the best soldier she can be and not to love. Her father is a sick disgusting man taken over by geed and her mother and sister are dead. She’s had a very hard life and was taught not to love. Then she meets Caden and things change more for her. She’s supposed to be an emotionless soldier but after being in her head for more than five minutes you know she’s not. I enjoyed reading about her transformation from afraid to love to willing to do anything to protect it. Caden is super awesome. I enjoy his character so much. Book boyfriend material right here. He sees through Riven’s hard exterior right away and becomes her friend despite her being kind of prickly in the beginning. I enjoyed reading his teasing of Riven and just taking everything in stride. The Almost Girl reminds me a lot of two of my favorite series: Project Paper Doll by Stacey Kade and A Throne of Glass by Sara J. Maas. If you haven’t read either of these I am so sorry for you and you need to pick these up. Riven does the whole “thousand ways to kill you thing” I enjoy a lot more than a normal person should. Such a phenomenal book and I am counting down the days until I can read book two. If you haven’t read anything by Amalie Howard, that’s okay I hadn’t either until this book. Be prepared to be wowed!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
KatsNook More than 1 year ago
The Almost Girl caught my attention with its beautiful cover, strong heroine and it’s unique story. I do enjoy science fiction so a story about parallel universes intrigued me.  I did like this story but I didn’t love it. Riven is a tough seventeen-year-old sent to Earth for an important mission. I really liked Riven because she was a strong female character that I think is especially important in young adult novels.  Coming from a parallel universe Riven has to struggle with adjusting to modern Earth and our carefree lifestyle.  But since Riven is tough and on a mission she deals with the changes as best as she can.  And instead of being inconspicuous she draws attention to herself.  I liked Riven but I was surprised with the bad choices she made during the story.  She was a General in Neospes but she made some careless mistakes that could have had deadly results. Caden is the long-lost brother of Prince Cale and is Riven’s target.  Caden is a typical, sarcastic high school athlete and I didn’t develop a connection with him. I wish there was more of a character development of Caden. He seemed to just go along for the ride, even though he was supposed to be a crucial character to the story.  Riven and Caden have an instant attraction (or lust) for each other, without even focusing on why.  Maybe this will be explained more in the next book, but for now I thought the romance of the story just wasn’t exciting. The story started slow, but there was a lot of action and twists to the story.  Some of the story became predictable but I was still entertained.  And one thing I did like about the authors writing is that I felt I was getting to know her as a person. I can tell Ms. Howard is an obvious science fiction fan (with her mention of one of my favorite movies, Dune) and also has a sense of humor (having references to Shrek).  This is something I enjoyed. Overall this was an okay read and I am not sure if I would read the next book.