The AMA Dictionary of Business and Management

The AMA Dictionary of Business and Management

by George Thomas Kurian

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From a trusted name in business, a major new dictionary to every key term in the field.See more details below


From a trusted name in business, a major new dictionary to every key term in the field.

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"...a handy dictionary of a wealth of business-related terms and concepts." --CIO Insight

"… an essential source for everyone who needs to speak and write the language of business with clarity, impact, and ease." --New Equipment Digest

"...useful resource for users seeking basic, concise business definitions..." --Library Journal

“…the authoritative and complete definitions in The AMA Dictionary of Business and Management demystify business and management terminology, making communication more concise and effective.” --Booklist

“…offers a readable and useful dictionary of more than 6,000 key terms in the fields of business and management. The definitions are clear and concise...” --Choice

“…lays the foundation to scan what we know or don't know in a concise manner and to then move on to more in-depth investigation…” --Vancouver Business Journal

Library Journal
The more than 6,000 terms defined in this new reference work, compiled by Kurian (president, Encyclopedia Society), cover areas of business such as finance, investments, banking, insurance, economics, marketing, and accounting. Short entries about notable individuals are also provided. Entries generally range in length from one sentence to three paragraphs and are clearly presented and easy to understand. Since this dictionary is recently published, users should expect to see buzzwords that might not have appeared in dictionaries printed before the 2008 housing crisis and resulting recession—these include terms such as CDO, subprime, and quantitative easing. Unfortunately, some equally significant terms, such as underwater mortgage, right to work, cloud computing, and TARP, are missing. Although billed as a comprehensive resource for "professionals, instructors and students," this dictionary will be most useful to readers without a background in business who need introductory information, as many definitions merely skim the surface of very complex subject matter. There is a wealth of similar dictionaries on the market; individuals will want to consider both print-based works such as the American Heritage Dictionary of Business Terms and Oxford Dictionary of Business and Management (both of these resources are close substitutes for the AMA title and are less expensive) as well as online glossaries offered by reputable sources such as the Financial Times and the Washington Post. VERDICT While this is a useful resource for users seeking basic, concise business definitions, many higher-quality alternatives exist both in print and online.—Jennifer Michaelson, Cleveland

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Meet the Author

George Thomas Kurian is president of the Encyclopedia Society, an international group of encyclopedists and knowledge builders who have produced more than 61 encyclopedias, dictionaries, atlases, chronologies, and other reference works.

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A1 In life and marine insurance, rating

given to person or property in perfect



AAA Prime rating given to securities by

Standard and Poor’s.


AAP Affirmative Action



Abandonment 1. Final stage in a product

life cycle when the decision is made to discontinue

it. 2. Relinquishing a product to a

third party with or without a settlement or



Abandonment option Choice of terminating

an investment before its scheduled

closing date.


ABB Activity-based budgeting


ABC Activity-based costing


ABC Audit Bureau of



Abilene paradox Th eory that some decisions

ostensibly based on consensus are

counterproductive because they are founded

on misperceptions and poor communications.

Proposed by Jerry Harvey, Professor

Emeritus of Management, George Washington

University, in 1974.


Abnormal return Rate of return for a risk

greater than that required or expected by



Above-the-line 1. Entries in a profi t-andloss

account that are within the ordinary

activities of business. 2. Entries in a balance

sheet dealing with revenue, as opposed to

capital. Compare Below-the-line. 3. Advertising

through television, radio, newspapers,

and Internet.


Abreaction channel Mechanisms for employees

to express dissatisfaction with their

work or their superiors.


Absence culture Corporate culture in which

absenteeism is condoned.


Absenteeism Unauthorized leave from

work, especially repeatedly.


Absolute cost advantage Cost of producing

AMA Dictionary of Business and Management.indb 1 01/02/13 3:14 PM

A 2 Th e AMA Dictionary of Business and Management

particular products as infl uenced by certain

advantages, such as cheap labor or abundant

natural resources.


Absolute cost barrier Built-in obstacle to

entry into a new market, such as the advantage

held by established or large fi rms.


Absolute market share Per capita income.

See Relative share.


Absolute monopoly Severe form of monopoly

in which production and distribution

of a product or service is in the hands

of a single corporation.


Absolute performance standard Th eoretical

standard of performance, such as Zero

defect, against which actual performance

may be judged.

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