The American Church Experience: A Concise History

The American Church Experience: A Concise History

by Thomas A. Askew, Richard V. Pierard

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Table of Contents

Pt. 1The Old World heritage
1Christianity as a world faith15
2The English Reformation25
Pt. 2Colonial foundations (1607-1783)
3Church planting on the Atlantic seaboard33
4Rekindling the spiritual vision45
5The church in the midst of revolution55
Pt. 3The nationalization and expansion of the churches (1784-1860)
6New churches for a new society67
7The second awakening77
8Envisioning a Christian social order85
9Diversity in religious life97
Pt. 4Disruption, devotion, and debate (1861-1916)
10Following the faith in a divided nation109
11Evangelical initiatives119
12The old religion reacts to new ideas129
13Churches in the gilded age141
14International engagement and mission151
Pt. 5The churches in a pluralistic society (1917-present)
15War, prosperity, and depression163
16World War II and religious change175
17Unity and service at home and abroad189
18Tradition under fire199
19Urban migration and civil rights209
20From the bicentennial to the new millennium217

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