The American People / Edition 6

The American People / Edition 6

by Gary B. Nash

ISBN-10: 0205588875

ISBN-13: 9780205588879

Pub. Date: 11/28/2007

Publisher: Prentice Hall

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Table of Contents


Part V. (Cont.)

16. The Union Reconstructed.  

The Bittersweet Aftermath of War.  

National Reconstruction Politics.

Recovering the Past: Novels.

The Lives of Freedpeople.

Reconstruction in the States.  

Conclusion: A Mixed Legacy.  

IV. An Industrializing People, 1865-1900.

17. The Realities of Rural America.  

Modernizing Agriculture.  

The West.  

Resolving the Indian Question.  

The New South.  

Recovering the Past: Magazines.  

Farm Protest.  

Conclusion: Farming in the Industrial Age.  

18. The Rise of Smokestack America.  

The Texture of Industrial Progress.  

Urban Expansion in the Industrial Age.  

The Industrial City, 1880—1900.  

The Life of the Middle Class.  

Industrial Work and the Laboring Class.  

Capital Versus Labor.  

Conclusion: The Complexity of Industrial Capitalism.  

19. Politics and Reform.  

Politics in the Gilded Age.  

Middle-Class Reform.  

The Pivotal 1890s.  

Conclusion: Looking Forward.  

20. Becoming a World Power.  

Steps Toward Empire.  

Expansionism in the 1890s.

War in Cuba and the Philippines.  

Theodore Roosevelt’s Energetic Diplomacy.  

Recovering the Past: Political Cartoons.  

Conclusion: The Responsibilities of Power.  

V. A Modernizing People, 1900-1945.  

21. The Progressives Confront Industrial Capitalism.  

The Social Justice Movement.

Recovering the Past: Documentary Photographs.  

The Worker in the Progressive Era.  

Reform in the Cities and States.  

Theodore Roosevelt and the Square Deal.  

Woodrow Wilson and the New Freedom.  

Conclusion: The Limits of Progressivism.  

22. The Great War.  

The Early War Years.  

The United States Enters the War.  

Recovering the Past: Government Propaganda.  

The Military Experience.  

Domestic Impact of the War.  

Planning for Peace.  

Conclusion: The Divided Legacy of the Great War.  

23. Affluence and Anxiety.  

Postwar Problems.  

A Prospering Economy.

Hopes Raised, Promises Deferred.  

The Business of Politics.  

Conclusion: A New Era of Prosperity and Problems.  

24. The Great Depression and the New Deal.  

The Great Depression.  

Roosevelt and the First New Deal.  

One Hundred Days.  

The Second New Deal.  

The Last Years of the New Deal.  

The Other Side of the 1930s.

Recovering the Past: The Movies.  

Conclusion: The Ambivalence of the Great Depression.  

25. World War II.  

The Twisting Road to War.  

The Home Front.  

The Social Impact of the War.  

A War of Diplomats and Generals.  

Conclusion: Peace, Prosperity, and International Responsibilities.  

VI. A Resilient People, 1945—2004.  

26. Postwar America at Home, 1945-1960.  

Economic Boom.  

Demographic and Technological Shifts.   

Consensus and Conformity.  

Origins of the Welfare State.  

The Other America.  

Conclusion: Qualms Amid Affluence.  

27. Chills and Fever During the Cold War.  

Origins of the Cold War.  

Containing the Soviet Union.  

Containment in Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America.  

Atomic Weapons and the Cold War.  

The Cold War at Home.  

Recovering the Past: Public Opinion Polls.  

Conclusion: The Cold War in Perspective.  

28. Reform and Rebellion in the Turbulent Sixties, 1960-1969.  

John F. Kennedy: The Camelot Years.  

Lyndon B. Johnson and the Great Society.  

Recovering the Past: Television.  

Continuing Confrontations with Communists.  

War in Vietnam and Turmoil at Home.  

Conclusion: Political and Social Upheaval.  

29. Disorder and Discontent, 1969-1980.  

The Decline of Liberalism.  

The Ongoing Effort in Vietnam.  

Constitutional Conflict and Its Consequences.  

The Continuing Quest for Social Reform.  

Recovering the Past: Popular Music.  

Conclusion: Sorting Out the Pieces.  

30. The Revival of Conservatism, 1980-1992.  

The Conservative Transformation.  

An End to Social Reform.  

Economic and Demographic Change.  

Foreign Policy and the End of the Cold War.  

Conclusion: Conservatism in Context.  

31. The Post-Cold War World, 1992-2004.  

The Changing Face of the American People.

Recovering the Past: Autobiography.

Economic and Social Change.

Democratic Revival.

The Second Bush Presidency.

Foreign Policy in the Post-Cold War Era.

Conclusion: The Recent Past in Perspective.



World Map.  

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