Annual Spring 2004

The Annual Spring 2004


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Ministry Of Sound Uk


Disc 1

  1. Boogie Pimps @@Sunny
  2. Hear My Name
  3. Rocking Music
  4. Give It Away
  5. Plug It In
  6. Da Hype
  7. It's All Vain
  8. Get Up Stand Up [Instrumental
  9. Put 'Em High
  10. Somebody to Love
  11. Gipsy
  12. Touch Me
  13. All Night @@Tezla
  14. Bob O'Lean
  15. Heart
  16. To the Club
  17. 3 A.M.
  18. Only for Tonight @@Cheryl Blane
  19. Fast Car
  20. Gordin @@Hughes & Spier

Disc 2

  1. Rock Your Body, Rock
  2. Satellite
  3. As the Rush Comes
  4. Holding Onto Nothing
  5. Deliverance @@DT8
  6. Restless
  7. See the Light
  8. Look at Us
  9. Intoxicate
  10. Back to Basics
  11. So Much
  12. If I Were You
  13. Object of My Desire
  14. One in a Million
  15. Wings Across the Universe
  16. Twister
  17. Kiss in Shadows
  18. Sweetest Dreams
  19. Shelter Me
  20. The Uncertainty Principle

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Mica Paris   Vocals
Hunter S. Thompson   Track Performer
Amos Pizzey   Track Performer
Michael Robinson   Vocals
Roland Clark   Vocals
Jeremy Healy   Track Performer
Merle Forbes   Vocals
Justine Suissa   Vocals
Tiff Lacey   Vocals
Suzanna Dee   Vocals
Dana Rayne   Vocals
Mark J. Klak   Group Member
Mirko Jacob   Group Member
Cyril Bodin   Vocals
Gregory Louis   Guitar
Spalding Rockwell   Vocals
Simona Barbieri   Vocals
Jay Sebag   Vocals
Angela Dennis   Vocals
Elizabeth Cunningham-Heinatz   Vocals
Mandy Edge   Vocals
Katie Halliday   Vocals
Sven Lieser   Guitar
Lara McAllen   Vocals
JB Gaudray   Guitar
William Morehead   Vocals
Moses   Vocals
Graham NcNabb   Vocals
Talya   Vocals

Technical Credits

Bobby Hebb   Composer
Patrick Adams   Composer
Peter Hammond   Vocal Producer
Paul Maddox   Producer,Remixing
Martin Neary   Composer
Bobby Orlando   Composer
Amos Pizzey   Arranger,Producer
Matt Schwartz   Composer,Programming,Producer
StoneBridge   Arranger,Composer
Armand Van Helden   Composer,Producer
Jeremy Healy   Arranger,Producer
Adam Marano   Vocal Producer
Jono Grant   Composer,Contributor
Vito Lucente   Composer
M. Scheffler   Producer,Remixing
Tom Wax   Engineer
Ian Masterson   Producer
Agnelli & Nelson   Producer
Dino Lenny   Remixing
David Lewin   Composer
Matt Darey   Composer,Producer
Ferry Corsten   Composer,Producer,Remixing
Above & Beyond   Producer
Larue   Composer
J.J.   Producer,Remixing
S.T. Jones   Composer
Agostino Carollo   Arranger,Composer,Producer
Neil Douglas   Engineer
Robbie Nelson   Composer
Chris Agnelli   Composer
Ian Bland   Composer
Jake Williams   Producer,Remixing
Kalmani   Composer
Martin Solveig   Composer,Producer
Tony McGuinness   Composer,Contributor
Phil Larsen   Composer
Paavo Siljamäki   Contributor
Darren Tate   Composer,Producer
Dipesh Parmar   Production Mixing Assistant
Bruce Elliot Smith   Vocal Producer
Justine Suissa   Composer
Ron van den Beuken   Composer
Nick Ferrando   Producer
Guy Mearns   Producer,Remixing
M. Brauckmann   Producer,Remixing
Tiff Lacey   Composer
A. Burt   Producer,Remixing
Carlo Resoort   Composer,Producer
Laurent Konrad   Producer,Remixing
Pez Tellett   Composer
Frank Knebel   Producer
Cyril Bodin   Composer
Gregory Louis   Arranger,Composer,Programming
Spalding Rockwell   Composer
Mark Cooper Smith   Producer
Stefano Sorrentino   Producer
Stuart Connor   Composer,Producer
Mandy Edge   Composer,Producer
Rob Grice   Composer,Producer
Andre Pascal   Composer,Producer
Round and Round   Producer
Justin Spiers   Producer
Scott Attrill   Composer,Producer,Engineer
Audiolush   Remixing
Michael Belline   Producer
Bobby Blanco   Producer
Miki Moto   Producer
Northern Heightz   Producer
Vince Nysse   Arranger,Composer,Producer,Engineer
Quadrasonic   Producer,Remixing
André Tegeler   Producer
Tezla   Producer
R. VanDen Deuken   Producer
A. Weldman   Producer
Berg   Writer
Bobak   Producer,Remixing
Dance Therapy   Producer
Ianson   Writer
George Nakas   Composer
Sam Sharp   Composer
Joel Edwards   Composer
Marc Hughes   Composer
Jim Sullivan   Composer,Producer,Engineer
Michael Woods   Producer,Remixing

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