The Arrangement, Vol. 22

The Arrangement, Vol. 22

4.9 9
by H.M. Ward

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Volume 22 in the New York Times Bestselling Arrangement Series

Everything has come to this one moment, this one night. The plan is ready to be executed. The sexy, dark billionaire Sean Ferro is at my side and in my bed. As the erotic tension between us deepens, I see the man he could be-the man he's



Volume 22 in the New York Times Bestselling Arrangement Series

Everything has come to this one moment, this one night. The plan is ready to be executed. The sexy, dark billionaire Sean Ferro is at my side and in my bed. As the erotic tension between us deepens, I see the man he could be-the man he's becoming. Sean has me in every possible way and swears to protect me from my enemies.

But there's one thing he can't save, one thing that's fracturing inside of me and falling apart. My heart is dying in my chest as my demons plague me without warning. The darkness is vanishing from Sean's eyes and reappearing in mine. The monster within is feeding, ready to rear its head as I wait in horror, disgusted with the woman I'm becoming.

If I go through with this, if I cause the deaths of these people, there will be nothing left of me. But if I don't fight back, I die. I don't want to fight anymore, but there's a tiny reason urging me on, a secret I've known for a while giving me strength to see this through.

Genre: New Adult Romance, approx 125 pages each

~The Arrangement Vol 1-23 are on sale now.

~23 books total in this series~

The Arrangement (Sean & Avery)
Damaged (Peter & Sidney)
Stripped (Jon & Cassie)
The Proposition (Bryan & Hallie)
Easy (Joselyn Ferro)
Broken Promises (Trystan & Mari)
The Wedding Contract (Nick & Sky)
Secrets & Lies (Kerry)

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Laree Bailey Press
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The Arrangement (The Ferro Family) , #22
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4.90(w) x 7.80(h) x 0.50(d)

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The Arrangement, Vol. 22 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
D-B1 26 days ago
I loved reading the amazing and awesome 22nd sequel to the Arrangement Series. I received an ARC for an honest review. Sean Ferro's Team is working together to bring down Vic Jr. and Ms. Black, and every person on the team has a specific part to play. Sean's love for Avery is boundless and everlasting. While searching for answers, a secret prisoner is found and left so that the plan to end Vic Jr.'s reign can proceed. The phenomenal H.M. Ward ends with a spellbinding cliffhanger in which the reader anxiously waits for the next sequel.
Anonymous 26 days ago
Love it!!! I dont want it to end!!!
Carrie Boggs 25 days ago
**ARC REVIEW ** Wow! So much is happening in this book! More questions are answered along with more twist! I was definitely not disappointed. What will happen to Avery? Will they be able to take down Ms. Black and Vic Jr? Will Sean and Avery get a HEA? So sad that there is only one book left in this series, but all good things must come to and end. I can not wait for book 23! Thank you Holly for another great book!
Mommyof3boys06 5 days ago
Oh the story continues to unfold! It is coming to an end, and as a dedicated Sean and Avery fan, I am getting anxious for the story to finish. There is one character I am disappointed in, but knowing H.M. Ward she either has her reasons or its to work in Sean and Avery's favor. I do wish we saw more of Gabe! As the story comes to an end, I appreciate the careful care H.M. Ward has taken with this story. This is the series that introduced me to this particular author, and she has not disappointed me yet. It's a story that I cou read over and over. Congratulations on her 100th book! Cheers to you, H.W. Ward!!
RosieGo 5 days ago
Will leave you on the edge of your seat! How many books can you read that gives it all? The humor, suspense and some of the most steamy scenes you have read.....THIS BOOK HAS IT ALL!! I was left catching my breath with every passing page. The closer I got to the end, the more I was on the edge of my seat. I guarantee this book will leave you with an array of emotions bouncing off each other. All the players in the game are ready to take down Vic Jr and Miss Black. Will the strategy they are planning be able to finally end all this terror? Henry, Mel, Marty, Sean & Avery are ready and know what's at stake. As their plan starts to take place, Sean & Avery realize exactly what this will mean and make sure they take advantage of their time together. But boy oh boy does Avery have a surprise for Sean. What will this mean when all is said and done. As this series is slowly coming to an end, can Sean & Avery ever find peace? Can it ever be that simple? He's the Ferro everyone loves to hate and dreams about at night. But has he changed his way for the one woman who finally gets him? Avery"s life will never be the same. She knows this. She has done things and seen things that will haunt her forever. But with Sean he helps put some of the light back in her life. When this is done will they be able to take that next step together in the light or will the darkness consume them Botha? Can these two finally get some peace and find happiness with each other? Or will the ending be final for one or both of them? Hang on to your hats.....the ride is going to be bumpy!
Angie_H80 20 days ago
I could not put this book down, this whole series has captivated my attention since I found H.M. Ward, and I believe we were at #3, and now, it's almost over!!! This book was incredible!! So intense and entertaining. The surprises that come out are stunning, the way it's all coming together is mind blowing!! Avery is becoming the unexpected, Sean is so flawed, but yet so wonderful!! He has really proven he loves Avery and would do anything to protect her!! There was a time I doubted his sincerity...Another wonderful part to 1 of my favorites stories!!!
DebiDG 26 days ago
Yikes! So much information is jammed into this volume. I love how there's real dialogue and action taking place. Will Avery and Sean be able to pull off their plan? Can Mel and Henry help save Ferro? What does Black really desire and what secrets does she hold? After many years of keeping me glued to this family, once again, Holly has me guessing. As the story comes to a close, I have so many questions. An ending reminiscent of earlier Arrangement volumes, H. M. Ward has a lot of ground to cover with just one book left. An intriguing read!
Stacyotr 26 days ago
Holy cow things get intense in this installment! Sean is the man I love in this book and his love for Avery is endless. He has a plan to take down Vic Jr. and Black and Avery has a plan of her own. This book has many shocking twists and turns and once again betrayal is eminent. This book is also filled with all the passion and humor you come to expect from HM Ward, not to mention an epic cliffhanger leading up to the final book in the series. I am most definitely going to be on the edge of my seat waiting on the final installment, The Arrangement 23. This book was a five star read for me!!
ENA1 26 days ago
DEEP BREATH..... WOW.. I think I am speechless!!!! I received an ARC (advanced reader copy) for an honest review and OMG the twists and turns of this installment will keep you on the edge of your seat, turning page after page with your heart racing as true loyalties unfold and tiny secrets erupt. What a fabulous read. You will be glued to your book or e-reader. BRAVO H.M. Ward you did it again. I can't wait for the final installment #23 to see how it all wraps up.