Arranger's Touch

The Arranger's Touch


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Proper Box Uk


Disc 1

  1. Grandpa's Spells
  2. San
  3. Put It There
  4. Some of These Days
  5. White Jazz
  6. Chant of the Weed
  7. Toby
  8. King Porter Stomp
  9. Symphony in Riffs
  10. White Heat
  11. Stomping at Savoy
  12. Angry
  13. Sleepy Time Gal
  14. Organ Grinder's Swing
  15. Reminiscing in Tempo Pts.1-4
  16. Swing That Music
  17. Swingtime in the Rockies
  18. In the Groove
  19. I Can't Get Started
  20. Peckin'
  21. South Rampart Street Parade

Disc 2

  1. Meet the Band
  2. My Reverie
  3. Moonlight Serenade
  4. Little Brown Jug
  5. Tuxedo Junction
  6. Cherokee
  7. Blue Rhythm Fantasy
  8. Deep Forest
  9. Kitty on Toast
  10. I Never Knew
  11. Pickin' the Cabbage
  12. Joltin' Joe Di Maggio
  13. Cocoanut Grove
  14. Stardust
  15. Smooth Sailing
  16. Bounce Me, Brother, With a Solid Four
  17. Blue Flame
  18. Take the "A" Train
  19. Special
  20. Snowfall
  21. Yard Dog Mazurka
  22. The Earl
  23. A String of Pearls
  24. The Night We Called It a Day
  25. The Elk's Parade

Disc 3

  1. In the Bag
  2. Massachusettes
  3. McGhee Special
  4. Harvard Blues
  5. Million Dollar Smile
  6. I'm Beginning to See the Light
  7. Leave Us Leap
  8. In the Middle
  9. Avenue C
  10. Boyd's Nest
  11. The Good Earth
  12. I'm in the Mood for Love
  13. I Got the Sun in the Morning
  14. Second Balcony Jump
  15. Rambo
  16. Everybody Swing
  17. Opus in Pastels
  18. Things to Come
  19. Moten Swing
  20. Summer Sequence Pts.1-4
  21. The Bloos

Disc 4

  1. Anthropology
  2. Interlude
  3. Two Bass Hit
  4. Cubana Be
  5. Cubana Bop
  6. The Goof and I
  7. Four Brothers
  8. Good Bait
  9. Undercurrent Blues
  10. Lemon Drop
  11. Israel
  12. Not Really the Blues
  13. Father Knickerbopper
  14. Really?
  15. City of Glass
  16. City of Glass: First Movement
  17. City of Glass: Second Movement
  18. City of Glass: Third Movement
  19. Young Blood
  20. 23 North, 82 West
  21. Invention for Guitar and Trumpet
  22. Chiquito Loco
  23. Bum's Rush

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Doris Day   Vocals
Jo Stafford   Vocals
Henry "Red" Allen   Trumpet
Laurindo Almeida   Guitar
Gene Ammons   Tenor Saxophone
Benny Bailey   Trumpet
Paul Barbarin   Drums
Danny Barker   Guitar
Charlie Barnet   Alto Saxophone,Soprano Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Count Basie   Piano
Billy Bauer   Guitar
Bunny Berigan   Trumpet,Vocals
Chu Berry   Tenor Saxophone
Eddie Bert   Trombone,Trumpet
Will Bradley   Trombone
Clifford Brown   Trumbadoras
Brown   Clarinet,Leader
Milt Buckner   Piano
Cab Calloway   Leader,Vocals
Conte Candoli   Trumpet
Serge Chaloff   Baritone Saxophone
Buddy Childers   Trumpet
Charlie Christian   Guitar
Buck Clayton   Trumpet
Jimmy Cleveland   Trombone
Arnett Cobb   Tenor Saxophone
Bill Coleman   Trumpet
Bob Cooper   English Horn,Oboe,Baritone Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Curtis Counce   Bass
Miles Davis   Trumpet
Billy Eckstine   Vocals
Harry Edison   Trumpet
Roy Eldridge   Trumpet
Art Farmer   Trumpet
Maynard Ferguson   Trumpet
Erroll Garner   Piano
Stan Getz   Tenor Saxophone
Terry Gibbs   Vibes
Dizzy Gillespie   Trumpet
Jimmy Giuffre   Tenor Saxophone
Benny Goodman   Clarinet,Trombone
Wardell Gray   Tenor Saxophone
Buddy Greco   Piano
Freddie Green   Guitar
Gigi Gryce   Alto Saxophone
Bobby Hackett   Guitar,Cornet
Lionel Hampton   Vibes
Herbie Harper   Trombone
Bill Harris   Trombone
Erskine Hawkins   Trumpet
Woody Herman   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Earl Hines   Piano
Johnny Hodges   Alto Saxophone,Soprano Saxophone
Bill Holman   Tenor Saxophone
Milt Jackson   Vibes
Illinois Jacquet   Tenor Saxophone
Harry James   Trumpet
Budd Johnson   Alto Saxophone
Jo Jones   Drums
Quincy Jones   Trumpet
Richie Kamuca   Tenor Saxophone
Stan Kenton   Piano
John Kirby   Bass
Lee Konitz   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Gene Krupa   Drums
Yank Lawson   Trumpet
Jimmie Lunceford   Leader,Alto Saxophone
Shelly Manne   Drums,Timpani
Billy May   Trumpet
Pierre Michelot   Bass
James Moody   Tenor Saxophone
Jelly Roll Morton   Piano
Gerry Mulligan   Baritone Saxophone
Ray Nance   Trombone,Trumpet,Violin
Fats Navarro   Trumpet
Red Norvo   Vibes
Anthony Ortega   Alto Saxophone
Kid Ory   Trombone
Cecil Payne   Baritone Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Art Pepper   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Oscar Pettiford   Bass
Flip Phillips   Tenor Saxophone
Mel Powell   Piano
Buddy Rich   Drums
Jimmy Rowles   Piano
Marshall Royal   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Jimmy Rushing   Vocals
Sal Salvador   Guitar
Sears   Tenor Saxophone
Bud Shank   Flute,Alto Saxophone
Artie Shaw   Clarinet
Tab Smith   Alto Saxophone,Baritone Saxophone
Willie Smith   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone,Baritone Saxophone
Charlie Spivak   Trumpet
Rex Stewart   Cornet
Buddy Tate   Tenor Saxophone
Lucky Thompson   Tenor Saxophone
Claude Thornhill   Piano
Charlie Ventura   Tenor Saxophone
Ben Webster   Tenor Saxophone
Teddy Wilson   Piano
Cootie Williams   Trumpet
Luis Russell   Piano
Lester Young   Tenor Saxophone
Tony Aless   Piano
Irving Ashby   Guitar
Don Bagley   Bass
Eddie Barefield   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Ray Bauduc   Drums
Sonny Berman   Trombone,Trumpet
Johnny Bothwell   Alto Saxophone
Dave Burns   Trumpet
Ralph Burns   Piano
Billy Butterfield   Trumpet
Jimmy Campbell   Trumpet
Pete Candoli   Trombone,Trumpet
Ike Carpenter   Piano
Larry Clinton   Leader
Cozy Cole   Drums
Warren Covington   Trombone
Julian Dash   Tenor Saxophone
Lyle "Rusty" Dedrick   Trumpet
Sam Donahue   Tenor Saxophone
Ziggy Elman   Trumpet
Pee Wee Erwin   Trumpet
Irving Fazola   Clarinet
Tyree Glenn   Trombone,Vibes
Boots Mussulli   Alto Saxophone
John Graas   French Horn
Johnny Guarnieri   Piano
Bob Haggart   Bass
Lenny Hambro   Alto Saxophone
Ken Hanna   Trumpet
Neal Hefti   Trumpet
Horace Henderson   Piano
Peanuts Hucko   Clarinet,Tenor Saxophone
Pee Wee Hunt   Trombone
Chubby Jackson   Bass
Taft Jordan   Trumpet
Klink   Tenor Saxophone
Carl Kress   Guitar
John LaPorta   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Stan Levey   Drums
Lou Levy   Piano
Matty Matlock   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Lou McGarity   Trombone
Hal McIntyre   Alto Saxophone
Ray McKinley   Drums,Vocals
Hal McKusick   Alto Saxophone
Abe Most   Alto Saxophone
Jimmy Mundy   Tenor Saxophone
Vido Musso   Tenor Saxophone
Sy Oliver   Trumpet
Tommy Potter   Bass
Boyd Raeburn   Bass Saxophone
Frank Rehak   Trombone
Henri Renaud   Piano
Todd Rhodes   Piano
Arnold Ross   Piano
Ernie Royal   Trumpet
Babe Russin   Tenor Saxophone
Bill Russo   Trombone
Edgar Sampson   Alto Saxophone
Freddie Slack   Piano
Warren Smith   Trombone
Earl Swope   Trombone
Nick Travis   Trumpet
Frankie Trumbauer   C-Melody Saxophone
Chuck Wayne   Guitar
Chick Webb   Drums
Claude Williamson   Piano
Stu Williamson   Trumpet
Heine Beau   Tenor Saxophone
Ray Eberle   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Don Lamond   Percussion,Drums
Don Redman   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone,Baritone Saxophone
Bobby Sherwood   Trumpet
Bob Zurke   Piano
Mike Bryan   Guitar
Howard McGhee   Trumpet
Si Zentner   Trombone
Coleman Hawkins   Clarinet,Tenor Saxophone
Ken Kersey   Piano
Russell Procope   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Shorty Rogers   Trumpet
Johnny St. Cyr   Banjo,Guitar
Herbie Steward   Alto Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Kitty Kallen   Vocals
Sal Mineo   Piano
Anita O'Day   Vocals
Chano Pozo   Conga,Vocals
Quentin Jackson   Trombone
Norris Turney   Alto Saxophone
Trummy Young   Trombone
McKibbon   Bass
Eddie Safranski   Bass
Israel Crosby   Bass
Jimmy Blanton   Bass
Sonny Greer   Drums
Walter Page   Bass
Jack McVea   Baritone Saxophone
Manny Albam   Baritone Saxophone
Bob Ahern   Guitar
Gus Aiken   Trumpet
Cohn   Tenor Saxophone
Porcino   Trumpet
Moses Allen   Bass,Tuba
Vernon Alley   Bass
Tommy Allison   Trumpet
Hayes Alvis   Bass
Andrew Anthony   Alto Saxophone
Jimmy Archey   Trombone
Louis Armstrong   Trumpet,Vocals
George Arus   Trombone
Georgie Auld   Alto Saxophone,Soprano Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Louis Bacon   Trumpet
Red Ballard   Trombone
Billy Barber   Tuba
Bus Bassey   Alto Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Mario Bauzá   Trumpet
Franny Beecher   Guitar
Bix Beiderbecke   Cornet
John Bello   Trumpet
Tex Beneke   Alto Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Benny Carter   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Jack Bentley   Trombone
Carl Berg   Trumpet
George Berg   Tenor Saxophone
Milt Bernhart   Trombone,Trumpet
Cy Bernard   Cello
Emmett Berry   Trumpet
Leroy Berry   Guitar
Harry Betts   Trombone,Trumpet
Barney Bigard   Clarinet,Tenor Saxophone
Wallace Bishop   Drums
Lee Blair   Guitar
Jerry Blake   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Art Blakey   Drums
Kurt Bloom   Alto Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
William Thornton Blue   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
William Boucaya   Baritone Saxophone
Russell Bowles   Trombone
Nelson Boyd   Bass
Roger Boyd   Alto Saxophone
Dalbert Bright   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Tony Briglia   Drums
Ted Brinson   Guitar
Ray Brown   Bass
Archie Brown   Trombone
Vernon Brown   Trombone
Roland Bundock   Bass
Bob Burgess   Trombone
Edward Burke   Trombone
Bob Burnet   Trumpet
Alvin Burroughs   Drums
Bill Bushey   Clarinet,Bass Clarinet,Baritone Saxophone
Don Byas   Tenor Saxophone
Ernie Caceres   Alto Saxophone,Baritone Saxophone
Red Callender   Bass
Wayman Carver   Flute,Alto Saxophone
Frank Carlson   Drums
Harry Carney   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone,Baritone Saxophone
Earl Caruthers   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone,Bas Dessus
Big Sid Catlett   Drums
Bill Challis   Piano
Pete Clark   Alto Saxophone
Kenny Clarke   Drums
Rupert Cole   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Booker Collins   Bass
Leon Comegys   Trombone
Conrad Gozzo   Trombone,Trumpet
Jimmy Coombes   Trombone
Bill Covey   Alto Saxophone
Sonny Craven   Trombone
Jimmy Crawford   Drums
Elmer Crumbley   Trumpet
Ed Cuffee   Trombone
Wendell Culley   Trumpet
Langston Curl   Trumpet
Cutty Cutshall   Trombone
John Cyr   Drums
Leonard Davis   Trumpet
John DeVoogdt   Violin
Vinnie Dean   Alto Saxophone
Vic Dickenson   Trombone
R.Q. Dickerson   Trumpet
Bill Dillard   Trumpet
George Dixon   Trumpet,Alto Saxophone
Joe Dixon   Trombone
Lawrence Dixon   Guitar
Don Fagerquist   Trumpet
Ted Donnelly   Trombone
Bob Dorsey   Tenor Saxophone
George Dorsey   Alto Saxophone
Jimmy Dorsey   Clarinet,Cornet
Tommy Dorsey   Trombone
Mike Doty   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Mark Douglas   Alto Saxophone
Duke Ellington   Piano
Allen Durham   Trombone
Eddie Durham   Guitar,Trombone
Gene Englund   Tuba
Rolf Ericson   Trumpet
Bus Etri   Guitar
Billy Exner   Drums
Nick Fatool   Drums
Stan Fishelson   Trumpet
Bob Fitzpatrick   Trombone
Fletcher Henderson   Piano
Milton Fletcher   Trumpet
Mickey Folus   Bass Clarinet,Tenor Saxophone
Pops Foster   Bass
Charlie Fowlkes   Baritone Saxophone
William Franklin   Trumpet
Lou Fromm   Drums
Walter Fuller   Trumpet
Barry Galbraith   Guitar
Joe Garland   Bass,Saxophone,Alto Saxophone,Bass Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Joe Gayles   Tenor Saxophone
Chuck Gentry   Bass Clarinet,Baritone Saxophone
George   Trombone
Eddie Gibbs   Guitar
Gilbert   Alto Saxophone
Bob Gioga   Bass Clarinet,Baritone Saxophone
Bernie Glow   Trumpet
Doc Goldberg   Bass
Harry Goodman   Bass
Irving Goodman   Trumpet
Jack Gootkin   Violin
Dick Gould   Trombone
Marcellus Green   Trumpet
Gordon Griffin   Trumpet
Fred Guy   Guitar
Dick Hafer   Tenor Saxophone
John Haliburton   Trombone
Joe Hall   Piano
John Harrington   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone,Baritone Saxophone
Charles Harris   Bass
Edgar Hayes   Piano
Haywood Henry   Baritone Saxophone
Boonie Hazel   Trumpet
Hendrickson   Guitar
Arthur "Skeets" Herfurt   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
J.C. Higginbotham   Trombone
Andrew Hilaire   Drums
Ernest "Bass" Hill   Bass
Milt Hinton   Bass
Charlie Holmes   Alto Saxophone
Frank Horrox   Piano
Robert Horton   Trombone
Tate Houston   Baritone Saxophone
Darnell Howard   Clarinet,Axatse
John Howell   Trumpet
Joey Huffman   Alto Saxophone
Clyde Hurley   Trumpet
Edward Inge   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Cecil Irwin   Clarinet,Tenor Saxophone
Josh Jackson   Tenor Saxophone
Hilton Jefferson   Alto Saxophone
Jerry Jerome   Tenor Saxophone
J.J. Johnson   Trombone
Keg Johnson   Trombone
Manzie Johnson   Drums
Claude Jones   Trombone
Reunald Jones   Trumpet
Steve Jordan   Guitar
Milt Kabak   Trombone
Tiny Kahn   Drums
Nate Kazebier   Trumpet
Ted Kelly   Trombone
Joe Keyes   Trumpet
Killian   Trombone,Trumpet
Gene Kinsey   Alto Saxophone
Manny Klein   Trumpet
Irv Kluger   Drums
Legh Knowles   Trumpet
George Koenig   Alto Saxophone
Eddie Kusby   Trombone
James Lamare   Tenor Saxophone
Nappy Lamare   Guitar
Allan Langstaff   Trombone
Harry Lawson   Trumpet
Bob Leininger   Bass
Ruben Leon   Alto Saxophone
Cappy Lewis   Trumpet
John Lindsay   Bass
Steve Lipkins   Trumpet
Don Lodice   Tenor Saxophone
Sam Lowe   Trumpet
Lawrence Lucie   Guitar
Warren Luckey   Tenor Saxophone
John Lynch   Trumpet
Billy Mackel   Guitar
Bingie Madison   Tenor Saxophone
Johnny Mandel   Trombone
Joe Mondragon   Bass
Mickey Mangano   Trumpet
Dodo Marmarosa   Piano
Sam Marowitz   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Lowell Martin   Trombone
Skip Martin   Alto Saxophone
Marty Paich   Piano
George Matthews   Trombone
Leroy Maxey   Drums
Jimmy Maxwell   Trumpet
Shorty McConnell   Trumpet
Murray McEachern   Trombone
Ruban McFall   Trumpet
Joe McLewis   Trombone
Ray Michaels   Drums
Earl Miller   Alto Saxophone
Dan Minor   Trombone
Jimmy Mitchelle   Alto Saxophone
Nuncio "Toots" Mondello   Alto Saxophone
Alton Moore   Trombone
Joe Morris   Trumpet
Louis Mucci   Trumpet
Sam Musiker   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Joe "Tricky Sam" Nanton   Trombone
Clyde Newcombe   Bass
George Nicholas   Alto Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Norris   Guitar
Floyd O'Brien   Trombone
Fred Otis   Piano
Chips Outcalt   Trombone
John Owens   Trumpet
Hot Lips Page   Trumpet
David Page   Trumpet
Avery Parrish   Piano
Benny Payne   Piano
Andrew Penn   Trombone
Ray Perry   Alto Saxophone
Neely Plumb   Alto Saxophone
Danny Polo   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Jimmy Powell   Alto Saxophone
Rudy Powell   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Bobby Pratt   Trumpet
Jimmy Pratt   Percussion
Maurice Pratt   Trombone
C.Q. Price   Alto Saxophone
George Price   French Horn
Jimmy Priddy   Trombone
Earres Prince   Piano
Moe Purtill   Drums
William Randall   Alto Saxophone
Robert Range   Trombone
Bill Rank   Trombone
Milt Raskin   Piano
Talcott Reeves   Guitar
Tom Reeves   Trumpet
Jerome Reisler   Violin
Allan Reuss   Guitar
Stanley Reynolds   Trumpet
Claude Roberts   Guitar
George Roberts   Bass Trombone
Eli Robinson   Trombone
Lee Robinson   Tenor Saxophone
Robinson   Alto Saxophone
Milt Robinson   Trombone
Stanley Roderick   Trumpet
Gil Rodin   Tenor Saxophone
Arthur Rollini   Tenor Saxophone
Mario Rollo   Clarinet,Tenor Saxophone
Jimmy Roma   Trumpet
Frank Rosolino   Trombone,Vocals
Clyde Rounds   Tenor Saxophone
Sam Rubinwich   Baritone Saxophone
Don Ruppersberg   Trombone
Tony Russo   Trumpet
Rudy Rutherford   Clarinet,Baritone Saxophone
Gene Sargent   Guitar
Hymie Schertzer   Alto Saxophone
Wilbur Schwartz   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Doc Severinsen   Trumpet
Joe Shulman   Bass
Sandy Siegelstein   French Horn
Zoot Sims   Tenor Saxophone
Omer Simeon   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone,Baritone Saxophone
Jesse "Po" Simpkins   Bass
Don Simpson   Bass
Edward Sims   Trombone
Ted Sinclair   Bass
Ben Smith   Alto Saxophone
Floyd Smith   Guitar
Jimmy Smith   Bass,Tuba
Russell Smith   Trumpet
Frank Socolow   Tenor Saxophone
Clifford Solomon   Tenor Saxophone
Jess Stacy   Piano
Joe Steele   Piano
Phil Stevens   Bass
Tommy Stevenson   Trumpet
Dee Stewart   Trumpet
Butch Stone   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone,Baritone Saxophone
Fred Stulce   Alto Saxophone
Bob Swift   Trombone
Paul Tanner   Trombone
Louis Taylor   Trumpet
Ben Thigpen   Drums
Walter Thomas   Tenor Saxophone
Earl Thompson   Trumpet
Juan Tizol   Trombone,Valve Trombone
Tom Morgan   Guitar
Eddie Tompkins   Trumpet
Dave Tough   Drums
Jack Trainor   Trumpet
Joe Triscari   Trumpet
Ray Triscari   Trumpet
John Trueheart   Banjo,Guitar
Jean-Louis Viale   Drums
Gerald Valentine   Trombone
Bart Varsalona   Trombone,Bass Trombone,Trombone (Baritone)
Benny Vasseur   Trombone
Connie Wainwright   Guitar
Charlie Walp   Trumpet
Teddy Walters   Guitar
Greely Walton   Tenor Saxophone
Earle Warren   Alto Saxophone
Jack Washington   Alto Saxophone,Baritone Saxophone
Hank Wayland   Bass
Champ Webb   Baritone Saxophone
Paul Webster   Trumpet
Dicky Wells   Trombone
Henry Wells   Trombone
Walter Welscher   French Horn
George Wendt   Trumpet
Ray Wetzel   Trumpet
Priest Wheeler   Trombone
Arthur Whetsol   Trumpet
Hy White   Guitar
Morris White   Banjo
Tommy Whittle   Tenor Saxophone
Dave Wilborn   Banjo
Edwin Wilcox   Piano
Elmer "Skippy" Williams   Tenor Saxophone
Walter Williams   Trumpet
Dick Wilson   Tenor Saxophone
Ollie Wilson   Trombone
Quinn Wilson   Bass
Shadow Wilson   Drums
Kai Winding   Trombone
Elmon Wright   Trumpet
Clark Yocum   Guitar,Vocals
Walter Yoder   Bass
Young   Tenor Saxophone
Snooky Young   Trumpet
Bob Ysaguirre   Bass
Eddie Zandy   Trumpet
Gene Zanoni   Alto Saxophone
Alvin Davis   Trumpet
Alex Beller   Violin
Jackie Mills   Percussion
Eddie Bailey   Trumpet
Gregory Bemko   Cello
Jimmy Blake   Trumpet
Ralph Blaze   Guitar
Leon Cox   Trombone
Ralph Escudero   Tuba
Hayse   Trombone
Wallace Jones   Trumpet
Lee Pope   Tenor Saxophone
Samuel Stokes   Bass
Irwin Berken   Trumpet
Stumpy Brown   Trombone
Warren Brown   Trombone
Corky Cornelius   Trumpet
William Granzow   Trombone
Don Jacoby   Trumpet
Henry Jaworski   Violin
Eddy Julian   Drums
Carl Maus   Drums
Doug Mettome   Trumpet
Edward Mihelich   Bass,Drums
Teddy Napoleon   Piano
Clint Neagley   Alto Saxophone
Jack Parnell   Drums
Joe Petrone   Guitar
Nick Pisani   Violin
Charles Preble   Trombone
Alfred Ramsey   Trumpet
Dalton Rizzotto   Trombone
Billy Rowland   Piano
Albert Saparoff   Violin
Ed Scherr   Baritone Saxophone,Soprano Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
William Spear   Violin
Stearns   Trumpet
Morty Stuhlmaker   Bass
Wolfe Tayne   Tenor Saxophone
Julius Ehrenwerth   Cello
Chuck Lowry   Vocals
Lee Young   Drums
Charlie Green   Bass
Cuba Austin   Drums
Beck   Trumpet
Ray Biondi   Guitar,Violin
Gordon Boswell   Trumpet
Don Brassfield   Tenor Saxophone
Hernando Bravo   Percussion
Joe Cohen   Piano
Corky Corcoran   Tenor Saxophone
John d'Agostino   Trombone
Pat Davis   Tenor Saxophone
Bill DePew   Alto Saxophone
Skippy de Sair   Baritone Saxophone
Stanley Dennis   Bass
Laforest Dent   Alto Saxophone
George Dessinger   Clarinet,Tenor Saxophone
Ben Feman   Alto Saxophone
Carl Friend   Tenor Saxophone
Arv Garrison   Guitar
Gene Gifford   Guitar
Fred Goerner   Cello
Torg Halten   Trumpet
Joseph Hearns   Alto Saxophone
Joe Hostetter   Trumpet
Sonny Igoe   Drums
Pee Wee Jackson   Trumpet
Dale Keever   Baritone Saxophone
Dick Kenney   Trombone
Ed Kiefer   Trombone
Rex Kittig   Baritone Saxophone
Min Leibrook   Bass Saxophone
Matty Malneck   Violin
Mastren   Trombone
William McLemore   Guitar
Dale McMickle   Trumpet
Jimmy Migliore   Tenor Saxophone
Larry Molinelli   Baritone Saxophone
Norman Murphy   Trumpet
John Nesbitt   Trumpet
Glyn Paque   Alto Saxophone
Chuck Peterson   Trumpet
Billy Rauch   Trombone
Ramon Rivera   Percussion
Fred Robinson   Trombone
Prince Robinson   Clarinet,Tenor Saxophone
Milton Senior   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Joe Springer   Piano
Babe Wagner   Trombone
Harry White   Trombone
Eddie Wilcox   Piano
Buddy Wise   Tenor Saxophone
Joe Yukl   Trombone
Jimmy Zito   Trumpet
Sandy Williams   Trombone
Clyde Bernhardt   Trombone
Betty Jane Bonney   Vocals
Andrew Brown   Bass Clarinet,Alto Saxophone,Baritone Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Bobby Lee Jones   Trumpet
Joe Newman Quartet   Trumpet
Harold "Money" Johnson   Trumpet
Charlie Allen   Trumpet
Murray Williams   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Joe Lipman   Piano
Ward Silloway   Trombone
Billy Taylor   Bass
Chico Alvarez   Trumpet
James Morrison   Drums
Jack Jenny   Trombone
Manny Gershman   Alto Saxophone
Barton Gray   Violin
Eddie Mallory   Trumpet
Bob Morrow   Violin
Dale Pearce   Trombone
Ralph Pfeffner   Trombone
Hurley Ramey   Guitar
Musky Ruffo   Alto Saxophone
Howard H. Scott   Trombone
Lou Taylor   Trombone
Ben Zimberoff   Violin
Fred Beckett   Trombone
Henry Goodwin   Trumpet
Hal McDonald   Drums
Rex Owen   Alto Saxophone
Dale Pierce   Trumpet
Bobby Williams   Alto Saxophone
Stanley Aronson   Alto Saxophone,Baritone Saxophone
Earl Cornwell   Violin
Bernard Flood   Trumpet
John "Bugs" Hamilton   Tenor Saxophone
Bob Higgins   Trumpet
Walter Johnson   Drums
Charlie Margulis   Trumpet
Pee Wee Moore   Baritone Saxophone
Dwight Muma   Violin
Walter "Foots" Thomas   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone,Baritone Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Bea Wain   Vocals
Eddie Wasserman   Tenor Saxophone
Harry Forbes   Trombone,Trumpet
Alex Law   Violin
Tommy Linehan   Piano
Chummy MacGregor   Piano
Steady Nelson   Trumpet
Raymond Orr   Trumpet
Lloyd Otto   French Horn
Tommy Pederson   Trombone
Bud Smith   Trombone
Lammar Wright   Trumpet
Don Dennis   Trumpet
Bart Caldarell   Bassoon,Tenor Saxophone
Saxie Mansfield   Tenor Saxophone
Alberto Mitchell   Trumpet
Neal Reid   Trombone
Rodney Richardson   Bass
Bobby Stark   Trumpet
Sam Caplan   Violin
Ed Lewis   Trumpet
Otto Hardwick   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
K. Collins   Viola
Phil Davidson   Violin
Dave Jacobs   Trombone
Jake "Vernon" Porter   Trombone
Buddy Bastien   Bass
Joe Berise   Bass
Ted Blume   Violin
Zachary Bock   Cello
J. Catheart   Trumpet
Hayden Causey   Guitar
Jack Chesleigh   Guitar
Jud de Naut   Bass
Vincent de Robertis   French Horn
Edward Fant   Trombone
Arthur Fleming   Contrabassoon
Walter Hardman   Bass
Gabe Jellen   Cello
Bob Jenney   Trombone
T. Klages   Violin
Walter Knox   Trombone
Steve Madrick   Alto Saxophone
Seb Mercurio   Violin
Danny Napolitano   Violin
Joe Ortolano   Trombone
Andy Pino   Tenor Saxophone
Sam Sachelle   Tenor Saxophone
Buddy Savitt   Tenor Saxophone
Eddie Scalzi   Alto Saxophone
James Sexton   Trumpet
Dub Shoffner   Trumpet
Miff Sines   Trombone
Herb Tompkins   Alto Saxophone
Truman Boardman   Violin
B. Bower   Violin
John Burris   Trumpet
Frank D'Annolfo   Trombone
Vic Hamann   Trombone
E. Lamas   Violin
Matthew McKay   Trumpet
Fred Radcliffe   Drums
Charlie Scarle   Violin
Harry Sloan   Trombone
Dave Smiley   Viola
Bruce Snyder   Tenor Saxophone
Robert Swanson   Bassoon
Leo White   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Keith Moon   Trombone
Greg Phillips   Trombone
Dave Shand   Baritone Saxophone
Gordon Thomas   Trombone
Gus Evans   Alto Saxophone
Stan Fletcher   Tuba
Paul Israel   Viola
Maurice Koukel   Violin
Howard E. Johnson   Alto Saxophone
Angelo Cicalese   Alto Saxophone
Tony Zimmers   Clarinet,Tenor Saxophone
Jackie Armstrong   Trombone
Leo Williams   Trombone
Bill Miller   Piano
Ted Nash   Tenor Saxophone
Henry McKenzie   Tenor Saxophone
Oliver Coleman   Drums
Ted Donelly   Trombone
Irv Lewis   Trumpet
Hy Mandel   Baritone Saxophone
Bill McMahon   Bass
George Monte   Trombone
Howard Reich   Trumpet
Jeff Clarkson   Piano
Alan Jeffreys   Trumpet
Jordan   Trombone
Aaron Shapiro   Viola
Arthur Berstein   Bass
Artt Mendelsohn   Alto Saxophone
Bill Corti   Trombone
Bill Forman   Trombone
Wilbur Bascomb   Trumpet
Kenny Martlock   Bass Trombone
George Mitchell   Cornet
Sid Brantley   Trombone
Jack Carmen   Trombone
John Cobbs   Alto Saxophone
Walter Robertson   Trombone
Stewart   Trumpet
Dave Young Orchestra   Tenor Saxophone
Bill Culley   Trombone
Stuart Olson   Tenor Saxophone
Ed Yance   Guitar
Benny Morton's All Stars   Trombone
Tasso Harris   Trombone
Stewart Bruner   Reeds
Elia Friede   Cello
George Grossman   Viola
Ernest Karpati   Violin
Edward Rosa   Alto Saxophone
Bud Carlton   Tenor Saxophone
Richard Ellington   Piano
Joe Bogart   Trumpet
Francis Antonelli   Alto Saxophone
Bill Conrad   Trumpet
Victor Pariente   Violin
Jacob Shulman   Violin
Louis Zito   Drums
Robert "Sax" Crowder   Tenor Saxophone
Tony d'Amore   Piano
Bill Johnson   Alto Saxophone
Ed Sims   Trumpet
Paul King   Trumpet
John Ewing   Trombone
John Huddleston   Vocals
George W. Thomas   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
John Brown   Alto Saxophone
Jimmy Emert   Trombone
Bob Goodrich   Trumpet
Paul Powell   Viola
Dale Brown   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
John Richard Lewis   Piano
Glen Gary   Alto Saxophone
Henry Adler   Drums
Julie Jacobs   Oboe
George Wettling's New Yorkers   Drums
Joe Wiedman   Trumpet
Walter "Kid" Smith   Trumpet
Leroy Harris   Alto Saxophone
Willie "Mack" Washington   Drums
John Anderson   Trumpet
Robert Scott   Trombone
John Williams & the Tick Tocks   Alto Saxophone,Baritone Saxophone
Robert Carroll   Tenor Saxophone
TEddy Cypron   Baritone Saxophone
Bob Sprentall   Trumpet
Ricky Traettino   Trumpet
Joe "Cornbread" Thomas   Clarinet,Tenor Saxophone
John McClanian Best   Trumpet
Glenn McGaha Miller   Trombone
Marky Markowitz   Trumpet
Mitch Goldberg   Alto Saxophone
Bob Fishel   Trombone
Lawrence D. Brown   Trombone
Fred Simon   Tenor Saxophone
Arthur Simmons   Tenor Saxophone
N.R. "Nat" Bates   Trumpet
Leonard Green   Alto Saxophone
André Debonneville   Tenor Saxophone
Don McCook   Tenor Saxophone
John David Coppola   Trumpet
Sonny Lee   Trombone
Rob Price   Trumpet
Eddie Hutchinson   Trumpet
Ted Goddard   Clarinet,Baritone Saxophone
Nat Atkins   Trombone
Eddie Barfield   Tenor Saxophone
Charlie Barney   Alto Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Jack Bigelow   Trombone
Harvey Cell   Bass
Frank Darling   Bass
George Davis   Reeds,Tenor Saxophone
Tawud Dawnd   Trumpet
Earl Earren   Alto Saxophone
Alec Fina   Trumpet
Harry Flee   Clarinet,Flute,Alto Saxophone
Evan Hall   French Horn
G. Harshman   Viola
Jesse Ray Heath   Trombone
Ronnie Hughes   Trumpet
Basil Hutchingson   Guitar
Jackson   Trombone
David James   Trombone
Andy Krik   Leader
Abe Laboff   Double Bass
Gene Leman   Drums
Claude Lombardi   Bass
James Marrison   Drums
Bill Martinas   Alto Saxophone,Clacker
Eddie Miller "Müller"   Clarinet,Tenor Saxophone
Debo Mills   Drums
William Mitchner   Guitar,Tenor Saxophone
Harold Moe   Trumpet
John Nelson   Clarinet,Tenor Saxophone
Gene Plummer   Piano
Mario Pollo   Clarinet,Tenor Saxophone
Robert Ranger   Trombone
Fred Rebonson   Trombone
Chuck Robinson   Guitar
Eddie Scher   Baritone Saxophone,Soprano Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Bill Shepard   Trombone
Jedd Stacy   Piano
Dick Stanahan   Drums
Lennie Stansfield   Bass
Bob Synder   Alto Saxophone,Baritone Saxophone
Leonard Talley   Baritone Saxophone
Vahey "Tak" Tavorian   Trombone
Emil Terry   Trombone,Trumpet
Jerry Thirkild   Alto Saxophone
Denon Kenneth Walton   Banjo
Neil Reid   Trombone
Johnny Russell   Tenor Saxophone
James Campbell   Trumpet
Ben Hall   Trombone
Henry Jones   Alto Saxophone
Miller   Trumpet
George Morgan   Trumpet
Dick Clark   Trumpet,Tenor Saxophone
Stuart Anderson   Tenor Saxophone

Technical Credits

Ray Conniff   Arranger
Irving Berlin   Composer
Pied Pipers   Vocal Group
Hoagy Carmichael   Composer
Prince   Composer
Count Basie   Composer
Milt Buckner   Arranger
Buck Clayton   Arranger,Composer
Bob Crosby   Composer
Tadd Dameron   Arranger,Composer
Billy Eckstine   Composer
Gil Fuller   Arranger,Composer
Dizzy Gillespie   Arranger,Composer
Jimmy Giuffre   Arranger,Composer
Lionel Hampton   Composer
Erskine Hawkins   Arranger,Composer
Earl Hines   Composer
Johnny Hodges   Composer
Bill Holman   Arranger,Composer
Harry James   Composer
Budd Johnson   Arranger
Quincy Jones   Arranger,Composer
Stan Kenton   Arranger,Composer
John Lewis   Composer
Billy May   Arranger
Jelly Roll Morton   Arranger,Composer
Bennie Moten   Composer
Gerry Mulligan   Arranger,Composer
Ben Pollack   Composer
Mel Powell   Composer
Tab Smith   Arranger,Composer
Lucky Thompson   Composer
Claude Thornhill   Arranger,Composer
George Wallington   Composer
Gerald Wilson   Arranger,Composer
Luis Russell   Arranger
Eddie Barefield   Composer
Ray Bauduc   Composer
Ralph Burns   Arranger
Larry Clinton   Arranger
Julian Dash   Composer
Matt Dennis   Composer
Andy Gibson   Arranger
Bob Haggart   Arranger,Composer
George Handy   Arranger,Director
Neal Hefti   Arranger,Composer
Horace Henderson   Arranger,Composer
Buddy Johnson   Composer
Ray McKinley   Arranger
Irving Mills   Composer
Jimmy Mundy   Arranger,Composer
Ray Noble   Composer
Boyd Raeburn   Composer
Gene Roland   Arranger,Composer
Pete Rugolo   Arranger,Composer
Bill Russo   Arranger
Edgar Sampson   Arranger
Freddie Slack   Arranger
Jimmy McHugh   Composer
Don Redman   Arranger
Bobby Sherwood   Arranger
George Williams   Arranger
Vernon Duke   Composer
Howard McGhee   Arranger,Composer
Shorty Rogers   Arranger,Composer
Charles Thompson   Arranger
Mary Lou Williams   Arranger,Composer
Manny Albam   Arranger
Cohn   Arranger,Composer
Louis Armstrong   Composer
Georgie Auld   Composer
Benny Carter   Arranger,Composer
Shelton Brooks   Composer
Johnny Carisi   Composer
Frank Comstock   Arranger
Claude Debussy   Composer
Duke Ellington   Composer
Eddie Durham   Arranger
Gil Evans   Arranger
Dorothy Fields   Composer
Eddie Finckel   Arranger,Composer
Bill Finegan   Arranger
Fletcher Henderson   Arranger
Joe Garland   Arranger,Composer
George Russell   Arranger,Composer
Ira Gershwin   Composer
Jerry Gray   Arranger,Composer
Clyde Hart   Arranger
Lennie Hayton   Arranger
Teddy Hill   Composer
Ben Homer   Arranger,Composer
Will Hudson   Arranger,Composer
J.J. Johnson   Arranger,Composer
Gus Kahn   Composer
Tiny Kahn   Arranger
Milt Kleeb   Arranger,Composer
Johnny Mandel   Arranger,Composer
Glenn Miller   Composer
Chico O'Farrill   Arranger
Mitchell Parish   Composer
Charlie Parker   Composer
Don Reedman   Composer
Eddie Sauter   Arranger
Billy Strayhorn   Arranger,Composer
Gerald Valentine   Arranger,Composer
Turk VanLake   Arranger
Harry Warren   Composer
Paul Weston & His Orchestra   Arranger
Edwin Wilcox   Arranger
Chappie Willett   Arranger,Composer
Quinn Wilson   Arranger
Gene Gifford   Arranger,Composer
Reginald Foresythe   Composer
Joe Bishop   Arranger,Composer
Joe Lipman   Arranger
Elton Hill   Arranger
Walter "Foots" Thomas   Arranger
Buster Harding   Arranger
William Engvick   Composer
George Frazier   Composer
Dudley Mecum   Composer
Tom Adair   Composer
Richard A. Whiting   Composer
Don George   Composer
Ange Lorenzo   Composer
Porter Roberts   Composer
Roger Segure   Composer
Septimus Winner   Composer
D. Wilson   Composer
Dave Matthews   Arranger
Robert "Sax" Crowder   Arranger,Composer
Bill Johnson   Arranger
Joop Visser   Producer
Glenn McGaha Miller   Arranger
Dan Fiorito   Composer
Horace Gerlach   Composer
Clinton   Arranger
Arthur Lewis   Arranger
Robert F. Graettinger   Arranger

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