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The Art of Ancient Egypt

The Art of Ancient Egypt

by David Sandison

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Children's Literature - Children's Literature
From mummies to the pyramids, lost treasure to ancient curses, people have been fascinated by ancient Egypt ever since the first tomb was raided. Although the Great Pyramids, the Sphinx and other temple and palace ruins are the most recognized symbols of ancient Egypt, the art of Egypt is just as breathtaking and fascinating as the ruins in which it is found. Sandison provides an in-depth study of ancient Egyptian art, giving a thorough background and an explication of the principles and techniques used by Egyptian artists. Although this art is often labeled as two-dimensional and stylized, Sandison explains the creativity and skill involved in the paintings and reliefs that cover ancient Egyptian tombs. The author then illustrates how paintings and sculpture reveal the details of Egyptian life--hunting, clothing, funeral rites, entertainment and food are just a few of the aspects of this long ago culture that can be gleaned from the art the Egyptians left behind. Accompanied by a host of photographs, artistic reproductions, captions and vellum overlays, this book is as much of a piece of art as its contents. This is an excellent reference source for the art, humanities and history classrooms. 1997, Laurel Glen, Ages 14 up, $22.00. Reviewer: Leah Hanson
An attractively designed introductory survey that contains enough text and captions to set the context but relies mostly on full pages of art to draw readers into viewing the genius of ancient Egyptian artists. An index and a bibliography would greatly enhance the presentation. First published by Hamlyn (UK, 1997). 9.5x9.75" Annotation c. by Book News, Inc., Portland, Or.

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