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The Art of Seed Beading

The Art of Seed Beading

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by Elizabeth Gourley, Ellen Talbott, Jane Davis, Jane Davis (Joint Author), Ellen Talbott (Joint Author)

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This book is for others like us who love working with detail and those sparkling beads, and have an eclectic urge to try it all. From peyote stitch, brick stitch, and loom work to bead knitting and crochet, it's all here to delve into and enjoy. Use it as a how to if you are a beginner or as a resource if you've already caught the beading bug. We hope this book will


This book is for others like us who love working with detail and those sparkling beads, and have an eclectic urge to try it all. From peyote stitch, brick stitch, and loom work to bead knitting and crochet, it's all here to delve into and enjoy. Use it as a how to if you are a beginner or as a resource if you've already caught the beading bug. We hope this book will show you new techniques you haven't tried, provide a variety of projects to complete, spark your creativity, and inspire you to make your own designs. Above all, we want this book to be enjoyed for all the fun and beauty of beadwork.

Editorial Reviews

Pamela Welborn
Oh My Goodness!!! I love this book!!!!!!

This is an overview:
Chapter 1 - Introduction (nearly worth buying the book for in itself). This chapter has three sections. The first section goes through the history and process for making seed beads. It takes nearly 2 months to make a seed bead batch. The second section discusses bead sizes and finishes. The final section discusses all the beading tools as well as a few tips including making your own loom.

Chapter 2 - Techniques. This chapter covers Peyote Stitch, Ladder Stitch, Brick Stitch, Herringbone Stitch, Square Stitch, Netting, Loom Weaving, Bead Knitting, Bead Crochet and Tubular Bead Crochet. It also covers the Bead Embellishment techniques - Backstitch, Couching, and Needlepoint. Most of these are shown in both seed and delica beads.

Chapter 3 - Bead Weaving: Needle and Loom Projects. This chapter has 19 projects:
* Sea Horse Journal - a lovely cover embellishment for a personal journal. Created using flat peyote stitch with delica beads.
* Dainty Violets Teacup & Saucer: an enchanting tiny cup and saucer made from delica beads. The cup is made with 2 drop tubular peyote and the saucer in flat circular peyote.
* Needle Case Pendant: created from delica beads over a wooden needlecase, this one has a pattern of roses with lush, twisted fringe. The case is tubular peyote and the cover is done in what is referred to as one/two drop peyote. Very interesting indeed.
* Monogrammed Scissors case with Needle Book: the case body and flap is done in flat peyote with a rose pattern matching the Needle Case Pendant. The body is made with size 8 seed beads - the flap from delicas edged with size 15 seed beads.
* Victorian Ivy Leaf Charm Bracelet: this bracelet is made from charlottes. The base is done in flat peyote and the delicate ivy leaves done in square stitch. I saw this bracelet at Embellishment 1998.
* Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder: Peacock Amulet Bag Necklace: this is a whole new take on peacock pouches - it1s a facing view of a peacock done in tubular brick stitch with delica beads.
* Parrot Feather Amulet Bag Necklace: done in Tubular brick stitch with size 11 seed beads. This pouch is long and narrow with a multi-colored feather on the front.
* A Day in the Park: Miniature Picnic Basket, Wine Bottle, Loaf of Bread and Table Cloth: these are sooooo CUTE! All done in herringbone weave with delica beads.
* A Touch of Rainforest: Poison Arrow Frog: - is a sculpted square-stitch frog in vibrant colors done in delica beads backed with leather and a barrette.
* Goldfish Earrings: these cute little goldfish are done in delicas with square stitch.
* Sea Turtle Bookmark: this is a loomed bookmark made from delica beads.
* Day and Night Clock: a loomed clock face with the sun and moon as motifs, done in delica beads and mounted on a board with a clock kit through the center.
* Egyptian Column Bracelet: a charming loomed bracelet with tapered ends done in delica beads in an Egyptian theme.
* Water Lily Comb: a loomed embellishment of an 8 inch comb. Delica beads create a geometric design.
* Tri-Diamond Headband: loomed adornment of a narrow headband. A chevron and diamond design done in delica beads.
* Parakeet Paradise Wall Hanging: tropical parakeets in a loomed piece suspended in a floating frame done in size 11 seed beads.
* Netted Votive Candle Holder: a netted decoration of a glass votive holder done in size 11 and size 8 seed beads with size 6 seed beads and pressed glass embellishments.
* Netted Christmas Ornament: charming netted and fringed glass ornaments. Directions call for delica beads but give alternatives for using size 11 seed beads as well.
* Angel Christmas Ornament: wire, thread and beads are used to create this delicate angel. Techniques include netting and fringe as well as a little wire work. Done in delica beads with bugles and size 6 seed beads.

Chapter 4 - Pre-Strung bead Projects. This chapter has 4 projects: * Envelope Jewelry Case: this is a knitted jewelry envelope with a flower design - a thistle I think - done in size 11 seed beads.
* Wild Rose Clasp Purse: knitted purse with a rose design done in size 11 seed beads. It1s a shaped purse with purse frame to finish the top. It has netted fringe on the bottom.
* Butterflies and Snakes Crocheted Picture Frame: a crocheted picture frame done in 4 sections. It is created in delica beads and mounted on leather.
* Tubular Crocheted Necklace: a spiral crocheted necklace rope in size 11 and size 8 seed beads and embellished with larger beads.

Chapter 5 - Embellishment projects. This chapter has 5 projects:
* Elephant Eloquence Necklace: an elephant neckpiece done in backstitch with delica beads.
* Ocean Artisan Mermaid Wall Hanging: bead embroidery in a combination of backstitch and couching create this lovely mermaid in an ocean setting. It is done in delica beads and mounted with a leather frame and a netted edging.
* Bird of Paradise Leather Book Cover: Backstitch is used to embellish a leather book cover. Done in delica beads and lined with fabric.
* Water Lily Mirror: a rosette decorates the back of a hand held mirror done in size 11 and size 8 seed beads using the couching technique.
* Ribbons of Spring Iris Needlepoint Pillow: a sweet iris design done with size 8 seed beads done in needlepoint technique.

In the back of the book you will find an Inspirational Gallery with antique purses and beadwork from all over the world. Beyond that you will find a Glossary and an index of the projects in the book.

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The Art of Seed Beading 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I was somewhat disappointed in this book. I didn't think the authors' command of their subject was that great, and while some designs were good, others where quite disappointing and simplistic. And why, oh why did they use white thread for everything!? It looks terrible unless you are using all white beads. Black is much preferrable as it recedes into the background, and also does not get the dingy look that white thread immediately gets. Overall, it was interesting, but there are better books out there
Guest More than 1 year ago
I love this book! It's unique projects were what prompted me to purchase it. (The miniature picnic basket was of particular interest.) It is written for any level of beading expertise. Very nicely presented.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Beautiful photographs of all the projects help guide and inspire. The instructions are easy to follow and don't assume too much. The authors have included a wide range of projects from bookmarks, amulet bags, orniments, minitures and more! Anyone that loves beads will love this book.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I am a beginner to the art of seed beading, having beaded less than one year. This book clearly explains the basic techniques and inspires creativity. The main drawback to this book is that the materials needed are very detailed and can be expensive and difficult to get (in my opinion). I have, however, been able to adapt the basic instructions and the wonderful projects into my own versions of their creations and they have turned out beautifully. I have beaded a Needle Case Pendant and the Parrot Feather Amulet Bag Necklace. They both turned out beautifully and people do have trouble believing that I just recently began beading, based on these projects. I highly recommend this book for its clearly explained and well illustrated techniques, as well as for its beautiful and inspiring projects.