The Assassin's Heart

The Assassin's Heart

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by J. a. Kazimer

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When CIA assassin Hannah Winslow mistakenly kills the wrong man, she vows never to take another life. Unfortunately Hannah's superiors believe the killing was intentional. Now Hannah is the target. Hannah always knew it might come to this. Surprising her colleagues, she manages to disappear completely into a new, screamingly dull life, assuming a fake identity,


When CIA assassin Hannah Winslow mistakenly kills the wrong man, she vows never to take another life. Unfortunately Hannah's superiors believe the killing was intentional. Now Hannah is the target. Hannah always knew it might come to this. Surprising her colleagues, she manages to disappear completely into a new, screamingly dull life, assuming a fake identity, shacking up with an overweight cat, and starting a new career as an ad executive. Hannah's past finally catches up with her at a company retreat in Hawaii, where her former partner Benjamin Miller has tracked her down. Is it a coincidence that assassination attempts on her life are now as common as rum, suntan lotion, and tiny umbrella drinks? What is the real reason for Ben's presence? Will he be her savior or her assassin?

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4 1/2 Stars (Top Pick Gold): "Kazimer's debut romantic suspense deserves a spot at the top of the genre. Not only is this novel sassy and fun, but the author's research into the CIA and the life of an assassin is reflected in her work, making it not just a fabulous romantic suspense tale, but a fantastic work of fiction, period. Hannah 'Six' Windslow stands strongly on her own and has none of the characteristics of a damsel in distress--which makes this novel that much hotter and sensual."

-Sarah Eisenbraun, RT Book Reviews, April 2014 Issue

[Froggy Style] "Denver author J.A. Kazimer has managed to weave a hip, modern mystery story around a retelling of how the frog came to be a prince after being kissed by a princess. Given the premise, it would have been easy for the author to let her whimsy run away with the story but there's a nice ironic edge here that will keep even the most jaded reader chuckling on every page."

--Tom Schantz, The Denver Post

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She smiled, liking this man in front of her. He was smart, funny, self-deprecating, and gorgeous. 'Linda' could fall for him. It would be so easy. One little kiss. Like the fairytales he could turn her into a real girl instead of a number.

A branch cracked nearby. She spun to face the danger, her fantasy vanishing in a wink. When nothing appeared from the brush, her heartbeat slowly returned to normal.

"Must be a bird," he said with a laugh. "Don't tell me my fearless marketing director is scared of a little birdy. Why, I've seen you facedown even the most daunting of ad copy."

The way he said the words should've been charming, but to Six, they sounded almost patronizing. Damn, there went her fairytale life. Rather than tell him off, Linda gave a flirty squeal, much to Six's dismay. She batted her eyelashes. "What if it wasn't a bird, but a big, bad wolf?"

"My, what big teeth you have." He smiled wider, pulling her into his muscular arms. He smelled of soap and man, and for a second, she allowed herself to feel the rush of chemical attraction. It had been so long since any man had touched her.

Not since Davis ….

His hands slid up her shoulders, pausing at the curve of her neck, pulling her into a kiss. Their lips met, softly at first. Not bad, she thought seconds before his tongue swept into her mouth. The kiss deepened, growing hotter as lava pulsed underneath their feet. Heat pooled low in her stomach. She wrapped her leg around his thigh, increasing the reckless energy between them.

It felt so good to be held, to feel the touch of another human being without questioning his motives. She wanted this feeling to last forever, to unfreeze the coldness locked in her heart. A coldness left by Davis' death and Ben's betrayal. The pain, anger, and sadness surrounding her feelings for Ben quickly cooled her ardor as she pictured her former partner and compared the man who held her in his arms to a man she might never forget or forgive.

Zach broke the kiss, his breath coming in short gasps. "Wow … ummm …I--"

Gunfire cracked.

Bits of bark from the tree next to the couple exploded, sending toothpick-sized shards into her skin. Acting on pure instinct, she wrapped her arms around Zach and dove off the steep rocky cliff.

Meet the Author

J.A. Kazimer lives in Denver, Colorado. Her other books include The Junkie Tales, The Body Dwellers, CURSES! A F***ed-Up Fairy Tale, Holy Socks & Dirtier Demons, Dope Sick: A Love Story, SHANK, and Froggy Style. When Kazimer isn't looking for the perfect place to hide the bodies, she spends her time surrounded by cats with attitude and a little puppy named Killer. Other hobbies include murdering houseplants, kayaking, snowboarding, reading and theater. After years of slacking, she received a master's degree in forensic psychology, mostly to fill an eight by ten blank space on her wall. In addition to studying the criminal mind, Kazimer spent a few years spilling drinks on people as a bartender and then wasted another few years stalking people while working as a private investigator in the Denver area. You can find her online at

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The Assassin's Heart 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
While action books are not my wheelhouse, every once in a while, I do love a great suspense novel to get my blood pumping. JA Kazimer’s THE ASSASSIN’S HEART did not fail to deliver! One reason I don’t read the genre more frequently is that a) Too often I can guess the mystery element far too early, and b) The characters are often more like caricatures. Ms. Kazimer never comes close to falling into either of those traps. I was kept guessing until the final climax, which is a heck of a thing to do. Her characters, especially the protagonist lovingly dubbed “Six”, are larger than life. I love that Six is both tough as nails, but still believable as a woman. I’ve read more than one book where the attempt to make a “tough” female character produces little more than Robo-cop with boobs and less stubble. That wasn’t really an option for this novel because, as a romantic suspense, we have to relate to Six as a woman or the romantic elements will falter. It strikes the balance of being well-written and fast-paced which is hugely appealing for me when seeking out a great summer read. So my advice? Click the “buy now” button, grab a beach chair and a daiquiri, and curl up with THE ASSASSIN’S HEART. You won’t be disappointed!
kimberdee11 More than 1 year ago
WOW! Double WOW! If you are a fan of James Bond, and Mr &Mrs Smith then this is the book for you ! You have Six who can shoot a wings off a fly at 20 yards away, and her partner Ben who is oh so dreamy with his macho self. When a mistaken identity kills the wrong man , Six says never again. But now the CIA/OPS are saying you knew what you did and you are rouge what is a girl to do? Run , run and make a new identity. She knows she didn't do anything wrong , but who is going to belieave her ? Ben? Her partner who has tracked her down , the very same man who can kill her or help. Now her new boring life is nothing but a memories as the assassins come out of the wood work to get a piece of her. So who is she to trust and when can she just get back to her overweight cat? I love love this book, funny , action packed, who's done it with a surprising OH NO ! I didn't see that coming parts ..... Confessions of a Booklovinjunkie