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The Awakening of Alexandria

The Awakening of Alexandria

5.0 3
by Blushing Books
Nicholas Dyonysus, a man with too much power and wealth, becomes indifferent and bored until obsession takes hold of his heart in the guise of a wounded beauty. Saving her from certain death, he takes possession of her. He is Greek, he is strong and she is now his. He will abduct and enforce his will to safeguard her health and life. If this guidance needs a firm hand


Nicholas Dyonysus, a man with too much power and wealth, becomes indifferent and bored until obsession takes hold of his heart in the guise of a wounded beauty. Saving her from certain death, he takes possession of her. He is Greek, he is strong and she is now his. He will abduct and enforce his will to safeguard her health and life. If this guidance needs a firm hand of discipline, so be it. She will learn to listen and submit, and as his heart decrees... love.

Alexandria 'Allie' Mason, is possessed by an inner madness that forces her to create. She hides from the world, from fame and from her accomplishments. She is content in her privacy, content in her solidarity. Taken from what she has built around herself for protection, held hostage by a man she doesn't understand, can she deal with his strength? Can she fight him and his insistence on submission? Can she allow someone else take on her creative forces and help her control them? In her fragmented soul, she doesn't know if she's capable of accepting or giving love. If she can, will her demons destroy them both by dragging her into insanity?

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Meet the Author

Sometimes it’s hard to pick what I love most beyond my family; I write, paint, renovate and am a voracious reader. The joke in our house about vices--is that mine is books. My idea of the perfect house is the public library, just add a kitchen to make my husband happy, and I would be good with it. I live in Nevada with my husband, and two dogs that I adore, and lot of scorpions and lizards that still make me scream and act girly. I love to travel, and I get to travel to visit my grown children who have both chosen to live abroad, one in Ireland and one in England—what could be better.

I love writing; creating the characters and making them come alive. For a short time, while they are directing me through their stories, they are alive for me and I hope they are to my readers. My favorite genres for reading are history, romances, and mystery. Sometimes I think I spend as much time in research as I do in writing, but it is important to me that the time-periods be correct. It also makes me one heck of a good trivial pursuit player.

I’m a casual person, enjoying a laid back lifestyle where dressing up means putting on real shoes and not flip-flops, cowboy boots or running shoes. (The running shoes are not my idea of fun but my husband says if I’m spending all my time on a computer writing, I also have to move—10 miles a day!) Oh, what I put up with because I love that man. I also love receiving e-mail from my readers and can be contacted at

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The Awakening of Alexandria 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Redrabbitt More than 1 year ago
Obsession, Compulsion, Love, Discipline and Acceptance THE AWAKENING OF ALEXANDRIA by Mariella Starr A beautifully written story of how love and domestic discipline helped overcome the obstacle in the life of a woman who had never really known love before. Alexandria (Allie) Mason, a famous writer who is a recluse and Nicholas Dyonyus, Greek family conglomerate.  This story covers obsession, compulsion, love, discipline and acceptance.  The sex in the book is not greatly defined, it is more the domestic discipline and the loving relationship that ensues.  There are some minor typos in the story.   *I received an ARC of this book for an honest review*
KArc More than 1 year ago
I loved this story. This story shows a different perspective on the old kidnapping plot. This kidnapping was gentle and caring and though Nicholas was attracted to Alexandria it was clear her health was his priority. At 85 pounds, Alexandria is very sick but she is not willing to give up control as easily as Nicholas would like. Nicholas comes from a family of alpha males. These men love their wives with all that they are but they have expectations, too. Alexandria quickly finds out that when expectations are not met, she will be spanked. I loved all of the negotiations that went on between Nicholas and Alexandria. They were quite humorous. I liked the involvement of his family and the loyalty they had for each other. Alexandria's issues were new and interesting from how they manifested to how she chose to deal with them. I can't think of anything I disliked in this story. I'm sure this is one that I will read over and over.
MarybethR More than 1 year ago
Wow, this is another great book! I am so glad that I decided to read the sample chapter. It explains much better than the blurb about the book. If I had only gone by that, I would never have bought this story. This story starts with Nicholas Dyonysus. He is a Greek man who works in high stakes business and likes to win. But, he feels that there is something missing in his life. He is staying at a hotel in Hawaii that has become his most recent acquisition. He is on his balcony when he sees Alexandria for the first time. Her hair looks like flames in the day’s fading light. He becomes obsessed with her. He follows her when she goes shopping and then he doesn’t see her again for 2 weeks. He is very concerned, but the hotel manager has told him that she has stayed there before and that she has a right to privacy. So, being the alpha male he is, he hires private detectives to find out about her. He learns that she is a 31 year old author who is extremely private. Meanwhile, Alexandria has prepared herself. “They were coming, they were talking to her, and she was prepared. She sat down at her computer and logged on.” When she finally emerges 2 weeks later, she is exhausted and she faints on the balcony and almost falls to her death. She is rescued by Nicholas and then, he kidnaps her. He takes her to his private island and he helps her become well again. Of course, Alexandria is not happy about how she is treated. She does not want to nap, eat healthy meals and be locked in her room. When she does not cooperate, Nicholas spanks her. I really enjoyed this story. Nicholas has fallen in love with Alexandria and he wants to take care of her. He makes no excuses for his behavior and feels that it is justified. He is an alpha male and he will do what he must. Alexandria is a very misunderstood woman. But, at no time are we led to believe that she is anything other than a strong woman. There are reasons for the way she behaves and she does what she must to cope. Now, even though Nicholas has kidnapped Alexandria, he does not act inappropriately towards her. I was worried that this would turn into a non-consensual relationship. Nothing of this type happens. He seduces her and she eventually falls for him. The journey is everything in this story. Please read it! You will love it as much as I do!