The Bad Boy's Temptation (Bedding the Bad Boy, #1)

The Bad Boy's Temptation (Bedding the Bad Boy, #1)

4.2 12
by Lili Valente

Sometimes the only decent thing to do is block your own c*ck…

Former Marine Colton Brody is trouble with a capital T. One night with him and good girls go bad. Real bad.

But he’s not going to let sweet Olivia Page end up another name on his hit it and quit it list. His little sister’s best friend is off limits, even if her


Sometimes the only decent thing to do is block your own c*ck…

Former Marine Colton Brody is trouble with a capital T. One night with him and good girls go bad. Real bad.

But he’s not going to let sweet Olivia Page end up another name on his hit it and quit it list. His little sister’s best friend is off limits, even if her killer curves inspire an endless supply of wicked fantasy fodder.

With only a few weeks until he leaves town, this bad boy is determined to resist temptation. But then innocent Olivia makes him a not-so-innocent proposal.

Matter of fact, it’s a f*cking indecent proposal.

And now Colton can’t think about anything but giving it to sweet Olivia in every filthy way he’s been imagining.

Resisting has never been so hard.

So very, very…hard.

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Bedding the Bad Boy , #1
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The Bad Boy's Temptation (Bedding the Bad Boy, #1) 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 12 reviews.
SofiaAlmiroudis More than 1 year ago
You can't get better than Lili Valente and Jessie Evans collaborating in The Bad Boy's Temptation. Olivia is back in town for a new start. The last person she thought she was going to run into is her childhood crush and best friend's brother, Colton. Colton is everything that Olivia remembers and more. After being discharged from the Marines, Colton's one and only focus is to get back into that life. He isn't looking for anything or anyone, No distractions. That is until SHE comes stumbling into his life. All he can think is about HER. Olivia is tired of playing safe, she is ready to go for what she wants. She wants Colton. When she offers pleasure with no strings attached Colton is caught off guard. When did Olivia become so bold? Will Colton take Olivia up on her offer? Well done Ms. Valente and Ms. Evans, well done.
shaydiepie More than 1 year ago
I love Lili Valente's books, and this book is amazing like all of her books. It is a quick sexy read that will having you craving more from Colton and Olivia. Colton is a wounded veteran who has dreams of being on active duty again. Olivia is healing from her sisters death. These two have know each other since Olivia was a kid, and Colton was her best friend's older brother, who insistently was her first crush. This is the first book in the series, and it features Colton and Olivia skirting around each other. They both have feelings for each other. It does leave off on a cliffhanger, and it will have you reaching for the next book in the series
CoffeeGoddessTK More than 1 year ago
When Phoebe Page returns home to Lover's Leap, Colorado, she vows that she will take life by the horns, live like there's no tomorrow, and have no regrets. And she's off to a good start, she really is, until locking herself out of her house in her X-rated pajamas ends with her in the arms of none other than Colton Brody. Phoebe has been in love with Colton forever, but, to Colton, Phoebe's always been just another little sister. Seeing the unexpected death of her sister as her wake-up call, Phoebe wants to celebrate her sister's memory by making the most of every day now that she's back in Lover's Leap. When she and Colton, a wounded warrior turned Lover's Leap fireman, reconnect, there are sparks aplenty. Because, as the star of his very own X-rated fantasies, Phoebe is looking less and less like a sister, and more and more like the girl that he'd like to get to know in a completely different way. Lili Valente and Jessie Evans are some of my go-to authors. The hot steamy scenes, sexy alpha men, sassy spunky women, and the cliffhangers that keep me waiting for the next installment keep me coming back every time. With THE BAD BOY'S TEMPTATION, I found myself laughing out loud and fanning myself by turn, because not only is there abundant humor, there is steam by the boatload between these two. 5+ stars for Phoebe and Colton, along with the rest of the characters. I can't wait to see what Lili and Jessie have up their sleeves as this series goes forward, but have no doubt that it will be worth the wait.
KaraHildebrand More than 1 year ago
I'm addicted to serials and cliffhangers and Lili Valente is the Queen, so add in Jessie Evans' humor and poetic words and this is brilliant! It's hot, sweet, funny and addicting. Olivia is back in town after being gone for a while and the first person she runs into is her best friend's brother. Her childhood crush. Colton Brody is still the same sexy, bad boy he always was. He's back home after being discharged from the military, working as a firefighter. It's not permanent and he's just waiting to go back. Colton's not looking for any emotional attachments to this town, so he can leave free and clear. But, seeing Liv again and dreaming about her is making him think. And, when she proposes a no-strings-attached friends with benefits, he can't deny he wants her. Bad. Let's hope he gets the chance to decide! I love cliffhangers! He didn't want to take her to dinner or catch up over beers; he wanted to rip her kitten sweatshirt from her curvy body and have her on the kitchen table. Take her hard and deep, until she came on his c screaming that he was the best lay she'd ever had.
LaurenLesczynski2828 More than 1 year ago
OMG I need a Brody brother stat!!!!!!!!!! I loved that Olivia was so fun and carefree and that she matched Colton in every way. Colton sounds amazing and any girl would be luck enough to have him and Olivia deserved his love just as much as he deserved hers. Also I mean Jessie Evans is a master at writing funny as hell books that are sexy as hell and you throw in Lili Valente with her dirty words it just makes this story that much better. I can not wait till the next book and I hope we get to catch up with Olivia and Colt!!!! Loved this book it's a much read. This book is like 10 on the steamy scale :)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
All should have been combined
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is a teaser it ends with a cliffhanger and then to find out how it ends you have to pay for the book. I am disappointed because it is well written and i would like to know howit ends but i refuse to endorse a scam. If it is a teaser please advertise it that way.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
If a book in a series is good enough I'll buy the series. I can't stand being bullied into buying a second book because of a cliffhanger.
aimz1972 More than 1 year ago
In The Bad Boy's Temptation Phoebe has returned to her home town to take over her late sister’s store, and Colton is back home but trying to get back to active duty in the Marines after the loss of one of his legs. Daisy is Phoebe’s best friend and Colton’s sister. The three of them were thick as thieves when they were younger and Phoebe had a serious crush on Colton. Now as adults, these two have some serious chemistry…so the question is what will happen next....will he make it, will they act on it , will they just be friends with benefits, what will happen if Colton goes back to the Marines, and how will her best friend react.
KaraS More than 1 year ago
This is a revised version of "Good Girl VS. Bad Boy" by Jessie Evans and is re-released by Jessie and her more erotic alter ego, Lili Valente. This is a serial - so there is a chilling CLIFFHANGER. However, I thought the original book was a 5 star read, so this is looking like a 5+++ star read with more steam!! Colton Brody is a sexy former Marine who is looking to get back into the armed forces and Olivia Page is his younger sister's best friend who he has known for ages, but hasn't seen for about ten years. Their first meeting as adults is hilarious and the sparks fly immediately. A friendly competitive race turns into a racy bet and then a dramatic end that you'll be clamoring for book 2 to find out what happens. You don't want to miss this series.
SingingSecretary More than 1 year ago
I loved Good Girl VS. Bad Boy which was an original release by Jessie Evans. Now her erotic alter ego, Lili Valente, has taken the story in hand giving us The Bad Boy's Temptation turning up the heat and making me love it even more, and I didn't believe that was even possible. Colton has spent his life preparing for and becoming a Marine. It's all he wants to be and all he knows. But after being discharged due to a serious injury, he returns to his home town to heal and takes a job as a firefighter. But his focus remains on proving he can return to serving his country leaving him no interest or time for relationships or affairs of the heart. Olivia has been crushing on her best friend's big brother for as long as she can remember. When she is unexpectedly rescued by him, falling straight into his arms, all the old emotions begin to resurface. Only now she is a grown woman lying in his strong, sexy arms. Despite his realization that the gorgeous woman he just saved is his little sister’s best friend, he begins to feel a stirring of attraction as well as a connection with her which he has never felt before. In spite of the fires igniting between them, they both agree a "lovey-dovey" relationship isn't what they are looking for. But when Olivia offers Colton an unexpected proposal, he loses focus which leaves him pondering a different kind of relationship with this spirited, beautiful woman. The chemistry between Colton and Olivia is electrifying and brought back all the memories of why I loved these characters the first time around. A sexy hot Marine/firefighter and a sweet but spunky young woman really make this a fun, entertaining and super-sexy read. In typical Lili style, in the end she has left me hanging in a nail-biting moment greatly anticipating where she will take their story and wondering how much more sizzling it will get.
ap2514 More than 1 year ago
Oh my goodness, what a cliffhanger! I need to know what's going to happen to Colton!!! After being discharged from the Marines Colton is back living in his hometown of Lover's Leap, Colorado. With plans to re-enlist he doesn't have time or the desire for a relationship. But then again he never expected Olivia Page to move back to town. Being best friends with Colton's younger sister, Olivia has grown up around Colt and has always had a crush on him. Now she's at the point in her life where she's looking for a no-strings-attached type of relationship and Colt seems like the perfect guy. While the sexual tension is obvious between these two, Colt seems determined to keep Olivia at arms length. I will definitely keep reading to see what happens between these two.