Ballads of Pat Boone

The Ballads of Pat Boone

by Pat Boone

As anybody who pays attention to the history of rock & roll knows, Pat Boone was never a rocker. He was always a crooner, so the existence of Bear Family's 31-track The Ballads of Pat Boone is by no means a stretch, but that hardly means the compilation is a bust. Usually, Boone's worst work was his rock & roll covers -- they may have reached the Top 10, but…  See more details below


As anybody who pays attention to the history of rock & roll knows, Pat Boone was never a rocker. He was always a crooner, so the existence of Bear Family's 31-track The Ballads of Pat Boone is by no means a stretch, but that hardly means the compilation is a bust. Usually, Boone's worst work was his rock & roll covers -- they may have reached the Top 10, but his covers of "At My Front Door (Crazy Little Mama)," "Ain't That a Shame," "Tutti Frutti," and "Long Tall Sally" sounded stiff and square -- so whittling his '50s and '60s work down to its sweetest, sappiest sides winds up benefiting both Boone and his fans. Here, it never seems as if Pat Boone ever bothered with rock & roll, as he was too busy with sockhops and slow dances, which is perfectly fine. Boone was meant to sing songs like "Love Letters in the Sand," "April Love," and "Sugar Moon," which are here, along with 28 other sides, including two duets with Shirley Boone. This may not round up all his charting singles -- songs in this soft vein are also missing -- but this concentration on the slower, sweeter side showcases Boone at his best, so it's hard not to think of this as one of the better Pat Boone comps ever released.

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  1. I'll Be Home
  2. I Almost Lost My Mind
  3. Friendly Persuasion (Thee I Love)
  4. Chains of Love
  5. Love Letters In the Sand
  6. April Love
  7. It's Too Soon To Know
  8. Sugar Moon
  9. Gee But It's Lovely
  10. Midnight
  11. Wait For Me Mary
  12. For a Penny
  13. Twixt, Twelve and Twenty
  14. Fool's Hall of Fame
  15. Unchained Melody
  16. Rich Man's Daughter
  17. He'll Have To Go
  18. Dear John
  19. Send Me the Pillow You Dream On
  20. The Exodus Song
  21. There's a Moon Out Tonight
  22. My Queen In Calico
  23. A Thousand Years
  24. (If I'm Dreaming) Just Let Me Dream
  25. Pictures In the Fire
  26. Tennessee Waltz
  27. Quando, Quando, Quando
  28. The Locket
  29. Ten Lonely Guys
  30. Every Step of the Way
  31. You'll Never Be Lonely

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Pat Boone   Primary Artist,Vocals
Paul Horn   Reeds
Plas Johnson   Reeds,Saxophone
Jimmy Rowles   Piano
Paul Smith   Piano
Irving Ashby   Guitar
Babe Russin   Saxophone
Justin Gordon   Reeds,Saxophone
Tony Rizzi   Guitar
Billy Vaughn   Conductor,Leader
Billy Strange   Guitar
Philip Goldberg   Violin
Dale Anderson   Percussion
Victor Arno   Violin
Israel Baker   Violin
Robert Barene   Violin
Frank Beach   Trumpet
Arnold Belnick   Violin
Paul Bergstrom   Cello
Milt Bernhart   Trombone
Harry Betts   Trombone
Red Callender   Bass
Gene Cipriano   Reeds,Saxophone
Mahlon Clark   Saxophone
Herman Clebanoff   Violin
Conrad Gozzo   Trumpet
John DeVoogdt   Violin
Don Fagerquist   Trumpet
Walter Edelstein   Violin
Jesse Ehrlich   Cello
Nick Fatool   Drums
Don Ferris   Organ
George Fields   Harmonica
Elliott Fisher   Violin
Carl Fortina   Accordion
David Frisina   Violin
James Getzoff   Violin
Bobby Gibbons   Guitar
Hyman Gold   Cello
James Gordon   Saxophone
Jewell L. Grant   Saxophone
Bill Green   Reeds
Rene Hall   Leader
Roy Harte   Percussion
Jimmie Haskell   Leader
Hendrickson   Guitar
Bill Hinshaw   French Horn
Howard Roberts   Guitar
Ernie Hughes   Piano
Harry Hyams   Viola
Jules Jacob   Reeds
Carol Kaye   Guitar
Jules Kinsler   Reeds
Lou Klass   Violin
Carl LaMagna   Violin
Mort Lindsey   Conductor
Sinclair Lott   French Horn
Dan Lube   Violin
Alfred Lustgarten   Violin
Edgar Lustgarten   Cello
Virginia Majewski   Viola
Leonard Malarsky   Violin
Bernie Mattinson   Vibes
Murray McEachern   Trombone
Erno Neufeld   Violin
Dick Noel   Trombone
Earl Palmer   Drums
Ralph Pena   Bass
John Pisano   Guitar
Bill Pitman   Guitar
Lou Raderman   Violin
Allan Reuss   Guitar
Emil Richards   Percussion
Paul Robyn   Viola
Milt Rogers   Leader
Jerry Rosa   Trombone
Nathan Ross   Violin
John Rotella   Saxophone
Mischa Russell   Violin
Emmet Sargeant   Cello
Moe Schneider   Trombone
Wilbur Schwartz   Reeds
Dick Shanahan   Drums
Sid Sharp   Violin
Marshall Sosson   Violin
Albert Steinberg   Violin
David Sterkin   Viola
Paul Tanner   Trombone
Darrel Terwilliger   Violin,Viola
Tibor Zelig   Violin
Vincent DeRosa   Horn
Alex Beller   Violin
Larry Breen   Bass
Victor Bay   Violin
Gene Garf   Piano
Bill Kurasch   Violin
Irving Lipschultz   Cello
Richard L. Noel   Trombone
Nick Pisani   Violin
Albert Saparoff   Violin
Justin DiTullio   Cello
Bob Ostrowsky   Viola
Thomas J. Tedesco   Guitar
Ambrose Russo   Violin
Elmer Schmidt   Percussion
Joe Stepansky   Violin
Tommy Pederson   Trombone
Jim Arkatov   Cello
Manuel Compinsky   Violin
Alex Neimann   Viola
Frank Scott   Piano
Ryland Weston   Clarinet,Reeds,Saxophone
Gerald Dolin   Piano
Dale Issenhuth   Reeds
John Peter DeVoogt   Violin
Joseph G. Joe Comfort   Bass
Francis L. "Joe" Howard   Trombone
Richard C. Shanahan   Drums
Milton G. Bernhart   Trombone
Shirley Boone   Vocals,Guest Appearance
Jacques Ray   Violin
Rosalie J. Randall   Harp
Bennett Carter   Saxophone
Rene Joseph Hall   Guitar
Bernard Kessel   Guitar
Bobby Guy   Trumpet
Julian C. "Matty" Matlock   Saxophone
Jerry Reisler   Violin
Alton R. "Al" Hendrickson   Guitar
Peter Terry   Reeds
Wendell Hoss   French Horn
Alex Geller   Violin
Ben Gill   Violin
Victor Schoen   Leader
John Latimer   Piano
Hal Diner   Trombone
Jim Salko   Trumpet
Howard Mancel Roberts   Guitar
Art Shapiro   Bass
Fred Tavares   Hawaiian Guitar
Milton Bernhart   Trombone
Richie Frost   Drums
Abe Weiss   Viola
Chuck Hurta   Violin
Marshall Cram   Trombone
Sharky Hall   Percussion
Joe DiFiore   Viola
Hubert Maxwell Myers   Saxophone
Earl Cyril Palmer   Drums
Nicholas "Nick" Pisani   Violin
Irv Cottler   Drums
Jack W. Marshall   Guitar
Herb Harper   Trombone
Ken Shroyer   Trombone
Dick Perissi   French Horn
Spinozza Paeff   Viola
Norm Botnick   Viola
Milton "Milt Rogers" Adelstein   Piano
Marie Manahan   Cello
Heimann Weinstein   Violin
Earnest a. "Ernie" Freeman   Piano
Catherine Johnk   Harp

Technical Credits

Ivory Joe Hunter   Composer
Dimitri Tiomkin   Composer
Chet Atkins   Composer
Hank Locklin   Composer
Paul Anka   Composer
Pat Boone   Composer
Neil Diamond   Composer
Jack Marshall   Arranger
Billy Vaughn   Arranger,Orchestral Arrangements
Phil Everly   Composer
Larry Weiss   Composer
Pee Wee King   Composer
Redd Stewart   Composer
George Greeley   Arranger
Joe Allison   Composer
Boudleaux Bryant   Composer
J. Fred Coots   Composer
Ahmet Ertegun   Composer
Sammy Fain   Composer
Wes Farrell   Composer
Ernest Gold   Composer
Wally Gold   Composer
Richard Gottehrer   Composer
Stanley Kahan   Composer
Nick Kenny   Composer
Stan Lewis   Composer
Mort Lindsey   Arranger,Orchestral Arrangements
Alex North   Composer
Milt Rogers   Arranger
Aaron Schroeder   Composer
Lewis Talley   Composer
Paul Francis Webster   Composer
Randy Wood   Producer
Hy Zaret   Composer
Fuzzy Owen   Composer
Roger Dopson   Liner Notes,Reissue Producer
Eddie Snyder   Composer
R.A. Andreas   Illustrations
Richard Weize   Tape Research
Charles Tobias   Composer
Cliff Adams   Composer
Nat Simon   Composer
Harry Tobias   Composer
Lockie Edwards   Composer
Billy Barton   Composer
Striano   Composer
Danny Wolfe   Composer
Audrey Allison   Composer
Deborah Chessler   Composer
Gentile   Composer
Ferdinand Washington   Composer
Robert Goldstein   Composer
Baker Knight   Composer
Martin Kalmanoff   Composer
Andreas Merck   Photo Scanning
Van Wallis   Composer
Lenore Rosenblatt   Composer
Charles Singleton   Composer
Charles Kenny   Composer
Agoom Agooc   Producer
Fredda Gold   Composer
Jenny Lou Carson   Composer
Joe Luccoisano   Composer
Jerry Feldman   Composer
Elio Cesare   Composer
Eaton Wagner   Composer
Bobby G. "Red" West   Composer
Testa   Composer

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