The Battle of Gettysburg

The Battle of Gettysburg

by Kevin Hillstrom

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VOYA - Morgan Brickey
This American history series is aimed at high school students in need of academic sources. Each book covers very specific, perhaps overlooked, moments in United States history. The books start with background information and a summary of the subject, with pictures and info graphics. The info graphics are especially useful and from trustworthy sources, most notably the Pew Research Center. Information on the subject is brief and takes up roughly half of the book. All books also have biographies on key people and primary sources. The biographies are on figures who were discussed in the first half of the book. The primary sources are exemplary and they are what makes the series stand out from its peers. Background information is given about each specific document and then the text is provided. Readers will also find in each book an important terms section, a chronology, recommended sources for further study and an index. The books in this series are a good place for students to start, but their research will need to be supplemented with other more comprehensive sources. The first section of the books should have been longer so pertinent details could be included. Also, some of the sources should have been of higher quality. Though the biographies and primary sources are very informative, they are not exhaustive. This series is a marginal purchase for most libraries. Though, it may benefit libraries lacking a core nonfiction base in this subject area. (Defining Moments) Reviewer: Morgan Brickey

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Defining Moments Series
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