Beautiful Game [Soundtrack]

The Beautiful Game [Soundtrack]


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Decca Bdwy Mod Afw


  1. Overture  - Simon Lee
  2. The beautiful game  -  Company
  3. Clean the kit  - Michael Shaeffer
  4. Don't like you  - Josie Walker
  5. God's own country  - Dianne Pilkington
  6. God's own country (Protestant March)  -  Company
  7. Let us love in peace  - Hannah Waddingham
  8. The final (A Game Of Two Halves)  -  Company
  9. Off to the party  - Frank Grimes
  10. The craic  -  Company
  11. Don't like you (reprise)  - Dale Meeks
  12. Our kind of love  - Hannah Waddingham
  13. Let us love in peace (reprise)  - Frank Grimes
  14. The happiest day  - Frank Grimes
  15. To have and to hold  -  Company
  16. The first time  - Josie Walker
  17. I'd rather die on my feet than live on my knees  - Michael Shaeffer
  18. God's own country (reprise)  - Hannah Waddingham
  19. The selection  - David Shannon
  20. Dead zone  - David Shannon
  21. If this is what we're fighting for  - Josie Walker
  22. All the love I have  - Josie Walker
  23. Finale  - Oliver Segal

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Peter Adams   Keyboards
Andy Findon   Flute,Piccolo,Pipe
Simon Humphrey   Ensemble
Phil Mulford   Bass Guitar
Sonia Slany   Violin,Electric Violin
Malcolm Maddock   Keyboards
Paul Clarvis   Percussion
Andy McGlasson   Drums
Alex Sharpe   Vocals
Simon Lee   Conductor
Keith Bookman   Ensemble
John "BJ John" Smith   Keyboards
David Shannon   Vocals
Kennedy Aitchison   Musical Direction
Sally Bourne   Ensemble
Josie Walker   Vocals
David Lyons   Ensemble
Shonagh Daly   Ensemble
Michael Bernardin   Ensemble
Jenna Boyd   Ensemble
Ben Goddard   Vocals
Nic Greenshields   Ensemble
Frank Grimes   Vocals
Mark Hilton   Ensemble
Dale Meeks   Vocals
Grant Murphy   Ensemble
Dianne Pilkington   Vocals
Greta Rochford   Ensemble
Oliver Segal   Vocals
Michael Shaeffer   Vocals
Andrew Spillett   Ensemble
Alessandro Splendore   Ensemble
Paul Tarling   Ensemble
Hannah Waddingham   Vocals

Technical Credits

Andrew Lloyd Webber   Producer,Orchestration
David Cullen   Orchestration
Martin Levan   Sound Design
Robin Sellars   Engineer,Engineering
Nigel Wright   Producer
Alex Sharpe   Contributor
Simon Lee   Musical Supervision
David Shannon   Contributor
Ben Elton   Lyricist
Josie Walker   Contributor
Joan Bergin   Costume Design
James Bowden   Contributor
Kevin Cregan   Contributor
Ben Goddard   Contributor
Jamie Golding   Contributor
Frank Grimes   Contributor
Dale Meeks   Contributor
Kelly O'Leary   Contributor
Dianne Pilkington   Contributor
Oliver Segal   Contributor
Michael Shaeffer   Contributor
Hannah Tollman   Contributor
Hannah Waddingham   Contributor

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