The Beautiful Sound of Silence (Inspector Christy Kennedy Series #9)

The Beautiful Sound of Silence (Inspector Christy Kennedy Series #9)

by Paul Charles

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In the ninth DI Christy Kennedy mystery Kennedy investigates the murder of a colleague whose `the ends justify the means' work ethic created numerous enemies.


In the ninth DI Christy Kennedy mystery Kennedy investigates the murder of a colleague whose `the ends justify the means' work ethic created numerous enemies.

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Publishers Weekly

In Charles's ninth Det. Insp. Christy Kennedy mystery, one of the strongest in an impressive series (Sweetwater, etc.),A Kennedy of the Camden Town CID faces a particularly challenging puzzle-the murder of a former colleague, retired Supt. David Peters, who dies in a Guy Fawkes bonfire atop London's Primrose Hill. The investigators discover no shortage of suspects, ranging from the victim's ungrieving widow, who wastes little time in taking up with someone new, to the many criminals Peters sent to prison. More than one ex-con claims that the superintendent, who often put ends over means, crossed the line into outright corruption. A decent man with a passion for his work, Kennedy makes an appealing sleuth, even though series regulars on the lookout for a surprise solution may put the pieces together before he does. Veterans and newcomers alike will appreciate the smart writing and ingenious planting of clues. (Oct.)

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Library Journal

The Camden Town Halloween bonfire reveals a horrifying surprise when the body of a man is found in the burning embers. In his ninth case, Detective Inspector Christy Kennedy (I Love the Sound of Breaking Glass; Last Boat to Camden Town) leads his team in a full-blown investigation of the life and career of retired CID Superintendent David Peters, the dead man. What begins as an impossible task slowly unwinds as the Kennedy team digs for answers. A slightly off-kilter but nonetheless satisfying solution comes of their work. Charles's British cop is a man who knows how to solve a crime but can't save his personal relationships. This is sure to appeal to Ian Rankin fans, especially now that his Inspector Rebus (Exit Music) has retired. For all collections, especially where British procedurals circulate.

—Jo Ann Vicarel
Kirkus Reviews
Detective Inspector Christy Kennedy muses on life, love and murder suspects. The bonfire has barely begun to snap, crackle and pop when some of the tinder inside it begins to scream. When members of the Camden Town CID poke around the ashes, they find enough gold fillings to identify the corpse as one of their own: retired Supt. David Peters. On the scene and on the case is DI Christy Kennedy, who's rather abashed when the widow, now to inherit two whopping insurance policies, begins an affair with Edward O'Neill senior, a reformed career criminal; the victim's mistress fusses about wasting her life waiting for wedding bells; and Peters's granddaughter and O'Neill's son seem intent on lying to provide alibis for each other. Rumors surface about Peters' having been bent, and much time is spent going over his old cases. When a photographer friend of Christy's love, journalist ann rea, brings in a snapshot of two figures lurking at the bonfire before it was lit, Christy focuses on the photographer's motives for being so gratuitously helpful. Meanwhile, Christy and the indomitable ann maintain their habit of not telling each other everything-to keep some surprises, says ann. The ploy backfires when ann is held hostage on her houseboat by a murderer she never knew Christy was investigating. As in many of Christy's cases (Sweetwater, 2006, etc.), it's all too easy to spot the villain in this one, which is low-key to the point of inertia.

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