Bedroom Window: A New Musical [Original Cast Recording]

Bedroom Window: A New Musical [Original Cast Recording]

by Various Artists

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Cd Baby

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  1. Act 1. I Can't Wait  - Emily O'Brien
  2. Act 1. Grow Up  - Jesse James Rice
  3. Act 1. Get Lost
  4. Act 1. Take You In  - Justin Mortelliti
  5. Act 1. My Vice  - Kelsey Scott
  6. Act 1. All For You  - Brett Glazer
  7. Act 1. My Vice / All For You (reprise)  - Kelsey Scott
  8. Act 1. That's How It Goes
  9. Act 1. Can't Turn Back Now  - Emily O'Brien
  10. Act 1. What Is It?  - Justin Mortelliti
  11. Act 1. Soliloquy  - Christopher Higgins
  12. Act 1. I'm Fine  - Justin Mortelliti
  13. Act 2. Not Tonight  - Jesse James Rice
  14. Act 2. Storm
  15. Act 2. Unwavering  - Justin Mortelliti
  16. Act 2. All For You (reprise)  - Brett Glazer
  17. Act 2. Enough  - Jesse James Rice
  18. Act 2. Lonely Being With You  - Emily O'Brien
  19. Act 2. I'm Fine (reprise)  - Justin Mortelliti
  20. Act 2. The Start Again  - Kelsey Scott
  21. Act 2. Finale

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Various Artists   Primary Artist
Justine Huxley   Vocals
James Roberson   Guitar
Emily O'Brien   Vocals
Rachel Lee   Vocals
Brett Glazer   Vocals
Christopher Higgins   Vocals
Justin Mortelliti   Vocals
Jesse James Rice   Vocals
Kelsey Scott   Vocals
Kyle de Tarnowsky   Conductor,Keyboards
Keven Kaddi   Vocals
Keli'i Miyata   Percussion,Drums
Jesse Einstein   Vocals
Jamey Schrick   Vocals
Diane Linder   Vocals
Debra Kay Lee   Vocals
Aimee Fortier   Vocals
Terra Mackintosh   Vocals
Patrick Gomez   Vocals
Matt Lemcke   Bass

Technical Credits

Tim Moore   Mastering
Nanea Miyata   Arranger,Composer,Lyricist,Producer,Artwork,Cover Design,Book,Music Direction
David Stal   Engineer
Kyle de Tarnowsky   Arranger,Music Direction
Elissa Weinzimmer   Stage Direction
Daniel Mahler   Artwork,Book
Brittany Morrison   Lyricist,Book

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