The Best American Short Stories 1988

The Best American Short Stories 1988

by Mark Helprin, Shannon Ravenel

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This at times inspired anthologywhich draws from small and big-gun literary magazines in equal measuresis heralded by a sonorous, sagacious introduction that pulsates with profound love ``for language that can be as beautiful and hypnotic as song.'' Helprin is also disdainful of minimalists, revisionists who ``make literature the servant of politics,'' publishers who put out ``astonishing junk'' and ``back scratching among writers.'' C. S. Godshalk pens a piercing delineation of a boy's wrenching love-hate feelings for a mother who abandons him and a younger brother; and Gish Jen limns a charming reflection by a Chinese-American woman who is wistful for a youth when ``the world was a place that could be set right: one had only to direct the hand of the Almighty and say, just here, Lord, we hurt here.'' A husband's nightmares presage the sundering of his marriage in a vividly authentic tale by Richard Bausch; and a man's appropriation in a dream of the experiences of a Vietnam veteran propels his therapist/social worker, a vet, on a drinking jag in an exalting story by Robert Stone. (October)

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Best American Short Stories Series

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A conservative commentator who has served in the Israeli army may not seem the likeliest source of whimsy, but Mark Helprin's tales are written from the soul of a poet. Soldiers and burglars figure prominently in his work, but the stories are not tales of intrigue; they focus more on love, morality and far-flung travels.

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Upstate New York
Date of Birth:
June 28, 1947
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New York, New York
A.B., Harvard University, 1969; A.M., 1972. Postgraduate study at Oxford University, 1976-77.

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