Best Disco in Town [Hippo]

Best Disco in Town [Hippo]


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Hippo Records


Disc 1

  1. The Hustle  -  Van McCoy & the Soul City Symphony
  2. Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood  -  Santa Esmeralda
  3. Brazil  -  Ritchie Family
  4. Love and Desire  -  Arpeggio
  5. Fly, Robin, Fly  -  Silver Convention
  6. Africanism @@Dongas
  7. Doctor's Orders  - Carol Douglas
  8. Dynomite  -  Bazuka
  9. Superman @@Celi Bee & Buzzy Bunch
  10. Din Daa Daa  - George Kranz
  11. Double Dutch Bus  - Frankie Smith
  12. Where Is My Man?  - Eartha Kitt
  13. Party  - Julius Brown
  14. Get Dancin'  -  Disco Tex and the Sex-O-Lettes
  15. Pillow Talk  -  Sylvia
  16. Murphy's Law  -  Cheri
  17. The Letter  - Queen Samantha
  18. Love Has Come My Way  - Tony Valor
  19. Don't Stop the Train  - Phyllis Nelson

Disc 2

  1. Desire  - Roni Griffith
  2. West End Girls  -  Pet Shop Boys
  3. Touch Me (All Nite Long)  -  Wish
  4. The Boys Come to Town  - Earlene Bentley
  5. After Dark  - Pattie Brooks
  6. Cocomotion  -  Coco
  7. Supernature  -  Cerrone
  8. Move on Up Suite  -  Destination
  9. Sing Sing @@M. Machine
  10. At Midnight  -  T-Connection
  11. Souvenirs  -  Voyage
  12. Boogie Woogie Dancin' Shoes  - Claudja Barry
  13. Passion  -  Flirts
  14. She Has A Way  - Bobby Orlando
  15. Native Love  -  Divine
  16. High Energy  - Evelyn Thomas
  17. So Many Men, So Little Time  - Miquel Brown
  18. I Can Fly  - Louise Thomas
  19. Touch and Go Lover  - Carol Jiani

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Eartha Kitt   Track Performer
Disco Tex and the Sex-O-Lettes   Track Performer
Pet Shop Boys   Track Performer
Ritchie Family   Track Performer
Miquel Brown   Track Performer
Cerrone   Track Performer
Divine   Track Performer
Flirts   Track Performer
Evelyn Thomas   Track Performer
Voyage   Track Performer
Bazuka   Track Performer
Carol Douglas   Track Performer
Coco   Track Performer
Phyllis Nelson   Track Performer
T-Connection   Track Performer
Carol Williams   Track Performer
Santa Esmeralda   Track Performer
Silver Convention   Track Performer
Arpeggio   Track Performer
George Kranz   Track Performer
Claudja Barry   Track Performer
Earlene Bentley   Track Performer
Pattie Brooks   Track Performer
Destination   Track Performer
Roni Griffith   Track Performer
Carol Jiani   Track Performer
Bobby Orlando   Track Performer
Fonda Rae   Track Performer
Louise Thomas   Track Performer
Queen Samantha   Track Performer
Tony Valor   Track Performer
Sylvia   Track Performer
Frankie Smith   Track Performer
Cheri   Track Performer
Julius Brown   Track Performer
Van McCoy & the Soul City Symphony   Track Performer
Wish   Track Performer

Technical Credits

Pal Rakes   Producer
Greg Diamond   Producer
Hugo & Luigi   Producer
Don Ray   Producer
George Kranz   Producer
Patrick Adams   Producer
Elton Farokh Ahi   Producer
Greg Carmichael   Producer
Marc Chantereau   Composer,Producer
Ingo Cramer   Producer
Pierre-Alain Dahan   Composer
Christopher Franke   Producer
Ken Gibson   Producer
Richard Hewson   Producer
Jürgen S. Korduletsch   Producer
Michael Kunze   Producer
Joe La Greca   Producer
Silvester Levay   Composer
Ian Levine   Producer
W. Michael Lewis   Producer
Chris Lowe   Composer
Jacques Morali   Producer
Tom Moulton   Producer,Mastering
Bobby Orlando   Producer
Slim Pezin   Composer
Laurin Rinder   Producer
Aram Schefrin   Producer
Nicolas Skorsky   Producer
Pepe Luis Soto   Producer
Simon Soussan   Producer
Neil Tennant   Composer
Luis Toteda   Producer
Fiachra Trench   Producer
Cory Wade   Producer
Reid Whitelaw   Producer
Norman Bergen   Producer
Bill Bloom   Producer
Tony Valor   Producer
Greg Vaughn   Engineer
Rodney Fuller   Mastering
Eddie OLoughlin   Producer
Yves Dessca   Producer
Charles Ibgui   Producer
Lou Delise   Producer
Peter Yellowstone   Producer
Phil Radford   Producer
Stephan Prager   Composer
Jean Manuel De Scarano   Producer

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