Best of Antiseen

The Best of Antiseen

by Antiseen

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Disc 1

  1. Queen City Stomp
  2. Nothing's Cool
  3. Destructo Rock
  4. I Don't Ask You for Nothing
  5. Hammerhead
  6. Wifebeater
  7. Warhero
  8. NC Royalty
  9. White Trash Bitch
  10. Ruby, Ruby Get Back to the Hills
  11. Up All Night
  12. Hippy Punk
  13. On Your Knees
  14. Twisted Brain
  15. Burnin' Money
  16. My God Can Beat Up Your God
  17. Kill the Business
  18. Two Headed Dog
  19. Walking Dead
  20. Haunted House

Disc 2

  1. Death Train Comin'
  2. Leeches & Losers
  3. Last Days on Earth
  4. Hate for Power
  5. Fornication
  6. Today Your Love/Stormtrooper
  7. Animals, Eat Em
  8. Star Whore
  9. Trapped in Dixie
  10. Fuck All Yall
  11. Cactus Jack
  12. Ugly American
  13. Spare Change
  14. Billy the Kid
  15. OD for Me
  16. Jailhouse
  17. Guns Ablazin'
  18. Alpha Male
  19. FTK
  20. Pledge Allegiance to the Bomb

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Antiseen   Primary Artist
Joe Williams   Keyboards
Dana Davis   Keyboards
Jamie Hoover   Keyboards
Marlon Cherry   Bass
Greg Clayton   Drums
Dale Duncan   Bass
Joe Young   Guitar
Byron McDonald   Drums
Doug Throgmorton   Drums
Doug Canipe   Bass
Barry Hannibal   Drums
Jeff Clayton   Vocals,Washboard
Tom O'Keefe   Bass

Technical Credits

Roky Erickson   Composer
Joe Williams   Instrumentation
Antiseen   Composer
Dana Davis   Instrumentation
Jamie Hoover   Instrumentation
Russell Ward   Liner Notes
Russ Ward   Liner Notes

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