Best of Arno [2009]

Best of Arno [2009]

by Arno

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Release Date:
Emi France


Disc 1

  1. Vive Ma Liberte
  2. Mourir a Plusieurs
  3. Chic Et Pas Cher
  4. Elle Adore Le Noir
  5. Voir Un Ami Pleurer
  6. Dancing Inside My Head
  7. See-Line Woman  -  Charles & the White Trash European Blues Connection
  8. Francoise
  9. Sarah
  10. No Job No Rock  -  Charles & the White Trash European Blues Connection
  11. Reviens Marie
  12. Lola, Etc.
  13. Music is the Dope
  14. New Born Monkey
  15. All the Young Dudes
  16. Jive To the Beat
  17. Que Pasa?
  18. Give Me the Gift
  19. Le Bon Dieu
  20. Arrividerci Solo  -  TC Matic
  21. They Never Make You Laugh  -  TC Matic

Disc 2

  1. Mon Sissoyen
  2. From Zero To Hero
  3. I Want To Break Free
  4. Je Veux Nager
  5. I'm Not Myself
  6. Fantastique
  7. Death of a Clown  -  Charles & the White Trash European Blues Connection
  8. La Vie Est Une Partouze
  9. Je Ne Veux Pas Être Grand
  10. Ils Ont Changé Ma Chanson
  11. Je Suis Sous
  12. Marie Tu M'as
  13. Tango De La Peau
  14. It's All Over Now  -  Charles Et Les Lulus
  15. Putain Putain
  16. Whoop That Thing
  17. Forget the Cold Sweat
  18. Bathroom Singer
  19. Meet the Freaks  -  Subrovnicks
  20. With You  -  TC Matic

Disc 3

  1. Les Yeux De Ma Mere
  2. Knowing Me, Knowing You
  3. Elisa
  4. Watch Out Boy
  5. I'm Not Like That  -  TC Matic
  6. Mother's Little Helper
  7. Comme À Ostende
  8. Funky Your Not
  9. European Cowboy
  10. Bye Bye till the Next Time
  11. You Got To Move
  12. Ma Femme
  13. Les Filles Du Bord De Mer
  14. Hit the Night
  15. Middle Class and Blue Eyes  -  TC Matic
  16. Hot Head  -  Subrovnicks
  17. Lonesome Zorro
  18. Yooh
  19. Hey Sister
  20. Oh! Lalala  -  TC Matic

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Arno   Primary Artist

Technical Credits

Nina Simone   Composer
David Bowie   Composer
Mick Jagger   Composer
Bobby Womack   Composer
Jacques Brel   Composer
Dave Davies   Composer
Serge Gainsbourg   Composer
Georges Moustaki   Composer
Ray Davies   Composer
Benny Andersson   Composer
Michel Colombier   Composer
Serge Feys   Composer
François Garny   Composer
Alan Gevaert   Composer
Keith Richards   Composer
Björn Ulvaeus   Composer
Don Van Vliet   Composer
Salvatore Adamo   Composer
Léo Ferré   Composer
Claude Nougaro   Composer
Ferre Baelen   Composer
Rudy Cloet   Composer
Piet Jorens   Composer
Stig Anderson   Composer
Maurice Vidalin   Composer
Cominotto   Composer
Jean-Marie Aerts   Composer
Arno Hintjens   Composer
Geoffrey Burton   Composer
Marie Leure Béraud   Composer
Adriano Cominotto   Composer
Mirko Banovic   Composer
Jean-Roger Caussimon   Composer
Shirley Womack   Composer
Claire De Ladebat   Artwork
Georges Burton   Composer
Garry Harding Davis   Composer
Fred MacDowell   Composer

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