Best of Both Worlds

The Best of Both Worlds

by Charles Jenkins & Fellowship Chicago
After releasing 20 or so albums under the leadership of Rev. Clay Evans, Fellowship Chicago passed the torch of gospel music to Pastor Charles Jenkins, who was a relatively young 34 when it happened in 2010. Still, his respect for the music was vintage, and when combined with his upstart exuberance, the initial result was "Awesome."


After releasing 20 or so albums under the leadership of Rev. Clay Evans, Fellowship Chicago passed the torch of gospel music to Pastor Charles Jenkins, who was a relatively young 34 when it happened in 2010. Still, his respect for the music was vintage, and when combined with his upstart exuberance, the initial result was "Awesome." That aptly titled number gave the fellowship their first number one gospel hit since 1996, and much faster than anyone could have imagined, taking over local church choirs and gospel radio swiftly with its traditional structure, simple message, and wealth of emotion. The album it lands on, The Best of Both Worlds, does not disappoint. Humble and welcoming as ever, Jenkins first pays tribute to the Chicago legacy with a grand "Fellowship Medley" (first song in the medley? "What a Fellowship") before the very 2012 drum machines and funky horn sections come out, rocking "Joy Will" all the way up to highlight status. Tambourines shake and basslines stroll as "A Word for Me" takes it back to the '60s while "Praise on My Mind" pops with that Michael Jackson circa Bad feel, combining bright horns, a call-and-response chorus, and gritty guitars. What anchors it all is Jenkins' deep respect for the Fellowship's rich history and his desire to welcome all age groups. No matter how modern or classic he plays it, this really is The Best of Both Worlds.

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Emi Gospel


Album Credits

Performance Credits

Charles Jenkins & Fellowship Chicago   Primary Artist
Shirley Bell   Choir, Chorus,Alto (Vocal)
Isaiah Jones   Choir, Chorus,Tenor (Vocal)
Michael Oliver   Choir, Chorus,Tenor (Vocal)
Kim Phillips   Choir, Chorus,Alto (Vocal)
William Robinson   Choir, Chorus,Tenor (Vocal)
Corey Harris   Choir, Chorus,Tenor (Vocal)
Denise Anderson   Choir, Chorus,Alto (Vocal)
Dorothy Anderson   Choir, Chorus,Alto (Vocal)
Rick Robinson   Piano,Keyboards
Diane Simmons   Choir, Chorus,Alto (Vocal)
Janice Crawford   Choir, Chorus,Alto (Vocal)
Emma Daniels   Choir, Chorus,Tenor (Vocal)
Isaiah Sharkey   Guitar
Loretta Oliver   Choir, Chorus,Alto (Vocal)
Barbara Williams   Choir, Chorus,Alto (Vocal)
Linda Jones   Choir, Chorus,Alto (Vocal)
Terry Moore   Organ
Catherine Rogers   Choir, Chorus,Soprano (Vocal)
Jacqueline Thompson   Choir, Chorus,Soprano (Vocal)
Sharon Buchanan   Choir, Chorus,Soprano (Vocal)
Elizabeth Harrison   Choir, Chorus,Soprano (Vocal)
Gloria Foster   Choir, Chorus,Soprano (Vocal)
Erik James   Choir, Chorus,Tenor (Vocal)
Yolanda Davis   Choir, Chorus,Alto (Vocal)
Myia Simmons   Choir, Chorus,Alto (Vocal)
Ezekiel Jelks   Bass
Bessie Davis   Choir, Chorus,Tenor (Vocal)
Linda Rogers   Choir, Chorus,Alto (Vocal)
Mona Perkins   Choir, Chorus,Soprano (Vocal)
Lucille Jackson   Choir, Chorus,Tenor (Vocal)
Tyshonda Barnes-Melchor   Choir, Chorus,Soprano (Vocal)
Tyrone Forte   Choir, Chorus,Tenor (Vocal)
Tuesday Williams-Bankston   Choir, Chorus,Alto (Vocal)
Tracy Watkins   Choir, Chorus,Alto (Vocal)
Tara Thompson   Choir, Chorus,Soprano (Vocal)
Susan Scott   Choir, Chorus,Alto (Vocal)
Steven Kennedy   Choir, Chorus,Tenor (Vocal)
Sonya Lewis   Choir, Chorus,Alto (Vocal)
Shauta' Harris   Choir, Chorus,Alto (Vocal)
Shaunita Cotton-Taylor   Choir, Chorus,Soprano (Vocal)
Sandra Warren   Choir, Chorus,Alto (Vocal)
Rose Bibbs   Choir, Chorus,Tenor (Vocal)
Renea Weathington   Choir, Chorus,Soprano (Vocal)
Regina Walls   Choir, Chorus,Tenor (Vocal)
Regina Broaden   Choir, Chorus,Tenor (Vocal)
R.T. Smith   Choir, Chorus,Tenor (Vocal)
Pearlie Daniel   Choir, Chorus,Alto (Vocal)
Pamela Brown   Choir, Chorus,Alto (Vocal)
Pam Marshall   Choir, Chorus,Alto (Vocal)
Nicole Snow   Choir, Chorus,Alto (Vocal)
Natasha Fenderson   Choir, Chorus,Alto (Vocal)
Nadine Parker   Choir, Chorus,Tenor (Vocal)
Michael Eason   Drums
Mattie Mackey   Choir, Chorus,Alto (Vocal)
Mary Stinson   Choir, Chorus,Soprano (Vocal)
Mary Cole   Choir, Chorus,Alto (Vocal)
Martha Young   Choir, Chorus,Soprano (Vocal)
Marilyn Byars   Choir, Chorus,Alto (Vocal)
Malinda Wilkins   Choir, Chorus,Alto (Vocal)
Lindrea Ross   Choir, Chorus,Tenor (Vocal)
Linda Reid   Choir, Chorus,Tenor (Vocal)
Lillian Dew   Choir, Chorus,Alto (Vocal)
LaVerne Warren   Choir, Chorus,Soprano (Vocal)
Lauren Thompson   Choir, Chorus,Soprano (Vocal)
LaTonya Tyson   Choir, Chorus,Soprano (Vocal)
LaKeysha Harris   Choir, Chorus,Alto (Vocal)
Kristine Abrams   Choir, Chorus,Soprano (Vocal)
Kimberly Walker   Choir, Chorus,Alto (Vocal)
Kenneth Holmes   Choir, Chorus,Tenor (Vocal)
Kaylee Wilson   Choir, Chorus,Soprano (Vocal)
Kathy Herrod   Choir, Chorus,Tenor (Vocal)
Kathlyn Hobbs   Choir, Chorus,Soprano (Vocal)
Kathlina Gault   Choir, Chorus,Soprano (Vocal)
Karla Blumenberg   Choir, Chorus,Alto (Vocal)
Juanita Nkemeh Evans   Choir, Chorus,Soprano (Vocal)
JoSandra Polk   Choir, Chorus,Tenor (Vocal)
Joe Davis   Choir, Chorus,Tenor (Vocal)
Jocilyn Hudson   Choir, Chorus,Soprano (Vocal)
Jerome Jobe   Choir, Chorus,Tenor (Vocal)
Jennifer Jamison   Choir, Chorus,Alto (Vocal)
Jeanine Rogers   Choir, Chorus,Tenor (Vocal)
Jautaun Dean   Choir, Chorus,Soprano (Vocal)
Jacqueline Jefferson   Choir, Chorus,Tenor (Vocal)
Gwen Dantzler   Choir, Chorus,Alto (Vocal)
Gervenette Pierce   Choir, Chorus,Alto (Vocal)
Gaynell Sanders   Choir, Chorus,Soprano (Vocal)
Frederica Booth   Choir, Chorus,Alto (Vocal)
Esther Dillard   Choir, Chorus,Soprano (Vocal)
Estellvenia Sanders   Choir, Chorus,Alto (Vocal)
Eson Ngoundo Black   Choir, Chorus,Alto (Vocal)
Ericka Gaines   Choir, Chorus,Tenor (Vocal)
Erica Reynolds   Choir, Chorus,Soprano (Vocal)
Emma Bowden   Choir, Chorus,Soprano (Vocal)
Eleanora Porter   Choir, Chorus,Soprano (Vocal)
Carolyn Walker   Choir, Chorus,Soprano (Vocal)
Donna Fitts   Choir, Chorus,Alto (Vocal)
Donald Smith   Choir, Chorus,Tenor (Vocal)
Dolisha Pleasant   Choir, Chorus,Soprano (Vocal)
Devona Alleyne   Choir, Chorus,Alto (Vocal)
Deloris Bell   Choir, Chorus,Soprano (Vocal)
Debra Massey   Choir, Chorus,Tenor (Vocal)
Deborah De La Haye   Choir, Chorus,Soprano (Vocal)
Darlinda Rice   Choir, Chorus,Tenor (Vocal)
Daniel Hibbert   Choir, Chorus,Tenor (Vocal)
Cynthia Wallace   Choir, Chorus,Alto (Vocal)
Cynthia Jenkins-Davis   Choir, Chorus,Tenor (Vocal)
Cleo States   Choir, Chorus,Alto (Vocal)
Christeen Williams   Choir, Chorus,Soprano (Vocal)
Chiquita Siller   Choir, Chorus,Tenor (Vocal)
Chevelle Wilson   Choir, Chorus,Alto (Vocal)
Charmaine Williams   Choir, Chorus,Soprano (Vocal)
Chad Galloway   Choir, Chorus,Tenor (Vocal)
Cathy Rufus   Choir, Chorus,Soprano (Vocal)
Carrie Keys   Choir, Chorus,Alto (Vocal)
C. Betty Magness   Choir, Chorus,Soprano (Vocal)
Zynetta Dangerfield   Choir, Chorus,Alto (Vocal)
Zettie Pinez   Choir, Chorus,Alto (Vocal)
Yvette Green   Choir, Chorus,Soprano (Vocal)
Yolanda Steppes   Choir, Chorus,Alto (Vocal)
Willie "Mims" Dixon   Choir, Chorus,Soprano (Vocal)
Warren Nolan   Choir, Chorus,Tenor (Vocal)
Wanda Earle   Choir, Chorus,Tenor (Vocal)
Verna Burns   Choir, Chorus,Alto (Vocal)
Vanessa Wilson   Choir, Chorus,Soprano (Vocal)
Brianne Boles-Marshall   Choir, Chorus,Alto (Vocal)
Brenda Estes   Choir, Chorus,Tenor (Vocal)
Brandy Paris-Hoyt   Choir, Chorus,Alto (Vocal)
Bernadette Moore-Tompkins   Choir, Chorus,Alto (Vocal)
Barbara Buckner   Choir, Chorus,Tenor (Vocal)
Arlene Adewale   Choir, Chorus,Alto (Vocal)
Arelia Huff   Choir, Chorus,Alto (Vocal)
Antionette Williams   Choir, Chorus,Soprano (Vocal)
Annie Benson   Choir, Chorus,Alto (Vocal)
Amanda Reed   Choir, Chorus,Tenor (Vocal)

Technical Credits

Tony Tidwell   Composer
Rick Robinson   Composer,Producer,drum programming
Tim Powell   Live Sound Engineer
Public Domain   Composer
Charles Jenkins   Composer,Producer,Executive Producer
Phillip Lassiter   Horn Arrangements
Dante Hall   Vocal Overdubs
Dawn Jordan   Vocal Overdubs
Wendell Parker   Vocal Overdubs
Anita Wilson   Composer,Vocal Producer,Vocal Overdubs
Francis Robert Mark   Composer
Carlton Jenkins   Composer
Karen S. Jackson   Art Direction
Angel Feaster   Vocal Overdubs
Tanesha Jefferson   Vocal Overdubs
Dynna Rodgers   Vocal Overdubs
Michael Eason   drum programming
Everett Pruitt   Live Sound
Donishisa Ballard   Vocal Overdubs

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