Best of Drew-Blan

The Best of Drew-Blan


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Night Train Int'l


Disc 1

  1. Hey la Bah
  2. Darling Here Is My Heart
  3. Emma Lee
  4. Oh Yes (I Know You Don't Love Me No More)
  5. My Babe
  6. Shoestring
  7. Don't You Remember Me
  8. Let My Lover Go
  9. Give My Heart Back to Me
  10. I Love You So Much
  11. Siboney
  12. Believe in Me
  13. I Want You to Know
  14. Do We Have the Right
  15. My Bonnie
  16. If I Ask You
  17. Ham Sandwich Twist
  18. Do You Take Me for a Fool
  19. The Clock
  20. Can't Take No More
  21. Dearest Darling
  22. Loan Me a Handkerchief
  23. My Confession
  24. So Deep
  25. Love (All Because of You)

Disc 2

  1. Down the Road
  2. Baby Please
  3. That's Enough
  4. Over the Waves
  5. Congratulations to You Darling
  6. Don't Lie to Me
  7. World of Misery
  8. Love Me Now
  9. Crazy About Daisy
  10. With Mustard
  11. My Pride & Joy
  12. Does She Love Me
  13. Things Won't Be the Same
  14. Pledging My Love
  15. Bye Bye Baby
  16. Salute to Popeye
  17. Don't Let Me Cross Over
  18. If You Had a Woman Like Mine
  19. Tell Me (What Do You Think of That)
  20. Driving Wheel
  21. I Can't Wait Any Longer
  22. Shiek of Arabi
  23. Let My Lover Go
  24. All in My Mind
  25. Leave Me Alone

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