Best of Elephant

Best of Elephant

by Elephant

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  1. I Don't Wanna Loose You  -  Elephant
  2. Just Tonight  -  Elephant
  3. Sayonara  -  Elephant
  4. Down By the Water  -  Elephant
  5. One Step  -  Elephant
  6. Live It Up  -  Elephant
  7. This Time It's Real  -  Elephant
  8. Drive Me Crazy  -  Elephant
  9. Rocks In the Sea  -  Elephant
  10. Chance For a Romance  -  Elephant
  11. What a Show  -  Elephant
  12. Hard To Live  -  Elephant
  13. Glad To Be On My Feet Again  -  Elephant
  14. You Kill the Cold  -  Elephant
  15. I Don't Wanna Loose You  -  Elephant
  16. Art of Living  -  Boomers

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Elephant   Primary Artist
Frank Fischer   Bass
Adrian Askew   Keyboards
Herbert Bohme   Background Vocals
Peter Kuhmstedt   Bass
Markus Schmidt   Guitar
Henner Hoyer   Background Vocals
Malte Pittner   Background Vocals
Duncan Townsend   Background Vocals
Mickie Stickdorn   Drums
Jakob Neubauer   Accordion
Alexander von Oswald   Guitar
Claus Hormann   Bass
Claus Epe   Keyboards
Paul Botter   Vocals
Reinhard Lehmann   Drums

Technical Credits

Ian Thomas   Composer
Markus Schmidt   Producer
Matthias Mineur   Liner Notes
Graham Laybourne   Engineer
Marcus Brosch   Producer
Dave Storey   Composer
F. Fischer   Composer
Alexander von Oswald   Composer,Producer
Dwight Storey   Composer
Peter Kaminski   Mastering
Kat Hintz   Cover Photo

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