The Bible, Fact Or Fiction?

The Bible, Fact Or Fiction?

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by Lynnette Lloyd

Don't let current and future events catch you unaware! This is a must read book for everyone who is perplexed and frustrated as to the major catastrophes happening all around the world. Equip yourself and others with facts and evidences from science, astronomy, history and prophecy that confirm what one ancient, yet yearly top-selling book, has predicted regarding


Don't let current and future events catch you unaware! This is a must read book for everyone who is perplexed and frustrated as to the major catastrophes happening all around the world. Equip yourself and others with facts and evidences from science, astronomy, history and prophecy that confirm what one ancient, yet yearly top-selling book, has predicted regarding where the world is headed and the urgency to be prepared and ready for these critical events on the horizon.

Included Topics:Life - Is This All There Is? Life is difficult and though the world faces many crises, there are many astonishing evidences that showwe aren't here by accident; we do have a purpose and there is hope for each individual as well as a more exciting future for those willing to search it out.

-Does any religion or philosophy stand above the others in physical facts and evidences that prove it alone stands above all others to be trusted? If so, what is it?
-Between Psychics, Astrology, and Biblical Prophecy, which one of the three have proven 100% accurate in foretelling the future?
-Which book preceded the sciences in giving facts regarding astronomy, medicine and physics? What book first stated that the world was round, that there were so many stars you couldn't count them, that creation is made of invisible elements and the earth is suspended on nothing?
-Is the Bible reliable? Can it be proven by history that Jesus Christ actually lived on this earth? Is there evidence that God exists? Is He personal?
-Is there any one book that encompasses science, medicine, astronomy, politics, prophecy and current events, while being the one common denominator that millions attest to transforming their lives?
-The world as we know it is about to change. Prophetical signs written over 2000 years ago predicted what is now taking place. Among the numerous events soon to take place are the cashless society, coming war of Russia with allies of Iran and Middle Eastern countries against Israel, nuclear war and a One-World government. Read about them in an ancient book written centuries ago. If a book has proven to be consistently accurate in the past, it would be wise not to ignore it when so much is at stake.

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This book will appeal to most audiences young and old looking for sound, factual answers to pressing questions. Short of wading through a ton of books on today's hot topics of current world events and concerns, astronomy, science and the Bible, archaeology, apologetics and proven prophecy, this informative, inspiring unique book condenses the highpoints of several overwhelming databases and books into one informative, exciting, easy-to-read book that answers the tough questions that every person has asked at one time or another. People who are searching, people who don't believe in God, and people who do will want to read this book. We all have friends and loved ones who are questioning the meaning of life. What is the purpose of life? How did we get here? Where will we go after we die? Where can we find truth? Where is the world headed in regard to a cashless society, world financial system, one-world government? Will we be destroyed by nuclear weapons, inept leaders or financial collapse?

This book, "The Bible, Fact or Fiction?" has been used in classes to inform, educate, inspire and encourage young people, college students, and mature adults who have found this book so fact-filled and enlightening that they have bought several more to share with others.

Special Features:Contains pictures, charts and spreadsheets to visualize and simplify the facts given.

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The Bible, Fact Or Fiction? 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
S-W More than 1 year ago
What is the purpose of life? Is the Bible really trustworthy? What will happen after we die? Lloyd's book is addressed to those who are asking life's biggest questions. From start to finish, Lloyd lays out countless hours of research in a manner that is understandable, concise, and enjoyable to read. She doesn't get bogged down into any one issue, but provides a broad array of evidences for the skeptic in Christian faith to consider. Lloyd begins with a fascinating look at the evidence for design in creation. She peaks interest level by jumping quickly from stars to dust to the human brain to the eye, all the while providing little-known facts about creation that will fascinate and amaze readers from any background. From this strong start, Lloyd continues by exposing cracks in the evolutionary theory, but does not betray the value she places in history, science, and archaeology. Indeed, these are the very tools she pulls out to begin establishing the authority of the Bible as a credible and historical document. Her study is capitalized by a short but powerful analysis of the evidence for Jesus' resurrection. The final chapters of the book bring the reader into the here-and-now with practical life application. Unlike other Christian apologetic books, Lloyd isn't satisfied to merely prove a point intellectually, but she wishes to meet her readers at both their minds and their hearts. Does Lloyd succeed at answering the big questions she posits about life? There is certainly much more to be added to the discussion than Lloyd addresses, and her book should serve as a launching point for deeper reflection into various areas of Christian apologetics. For those who are truly searching for answers to life's biggest questions, Lloyd succeeds at capturing both the mind and heart with facts that are too big to ignore.
Joy78 More than 1 year ago
This book does a wonderful job of revealing profound Biblical truths in a straight forward and simple form. It's a great read for those seeking evidence of scientific proofs of the Bible. It's also confirmation to those who already believe but would like further scientific evidence to cement their faith in the Bible and how it is valid and applicable in today's scientific community, our human history, and our everyday life.
JFFES More than 1 year ago
This comprehensive book brings out the many important details that most of us in our busy life skip over and don't even consider. We don't have time to read volumes of books to find out if the Bible of the Christian faith is true or rather if evolution is true. Some topics that this book covers is as follows: the uniqueness of our world and our life, where our origins began and how, the truth about the past, testing ancient manuscripts in comparison to the Bible for reliability, prophesy found in the Bible, past and future, and the question of an afterlife. Lloyd, the author of, "The Bible, Fact or Fiction," takes all of the important facts and condenses it down to less than two hundred pages in a ready reference that you can share with your friends who might not know where they stand. Everything in this book has references so it can be trusted in regards to its content. I would recommend this book to anyone who might not be sure where they stand on the major issues of life or want to know more about life than they do now.
snl More than 1 year ago
It is simple, yet profound in that it condenses several hot topics being heavily discussed by everyone. This is an exciting, interesting book which shows amazing truth backed up with documentation, but also points out how to interpret what you see on the nightly news by what the Bible foretold is happening and just about to happen. Lynnette has taken the deep and profound topics of the Bible and laid them out in a simple, 'right in front of your face', way to see and understand. Would I recommend this book? Absolutely! Especially if you are a fact finder and Truth seeker. Steve