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Big Broadcast, Vol. 9

The Big Broadcast, Vol. 9


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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Fred Astaire   Violin
Rudy Vallée   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone,Vocals
Jan Garber   Violin
Glen Gray   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Hal Kemp   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Russ Morgan   Piano,Trombone
Charlie Spivak   Trumpet
Claude Thornhill   Piano
Red Nichols   Trumpet
Buddy Featherstonhaugh   Tenor Saxophone
Nat Gonella   Trumpet
Spike Hughes   String Bass
Jack Jenney   Trombone
Tony Pastor   Tenor Saxophone,Vocals
Babe Russin   Tenor Saxophone
Freddy Martin   Clarinet,Tenor Saxophone
Don Redman   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Jack Armstrong   Violin
Skinnay Ennis   Vocals
Coleman Hawkins   Bass Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Freddy Gardner   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone,Baritone Saxophone
Tony Briglia   Drums
Charlie Dixon   Banjo
Tom Dowd   Trombone
Fletcher Henderson   Piano
Howard Hall   Piano
Stanley Johnston   Drums
Teddy Nixon   Trombone
Lou Raderman   Violin
Kenny Sargent   Alto Saxophone,Vocals
Charlie Warren   Vocals
Paul Weston & His Orchestra   Bowed Bass
Elmer Chambers   Cornet
Max Farley   Clarinet,Flute,Tenor Saxophone
Murray Kellner   Violin
Joe Tarto   String Bass
Sal Cibelli   Violin
Lew Conrad   Violin
Ramona Davies   Piano,Violin
Pat Davis   Tenor Saxophone
Ernie Gibbs   Trombone
Gene Gifford   Banjo,Guitar
Harry Goldfield   Trumpet
Bill Harty   Drums
Clarence Hutchenrider   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Jimmy Migliore   Trumpet
Ralph Napoli   Banjo
Raymond Pugh   Guitar,Piano,String Bass
Billy Rauch   Trombone
Leo Reisman   Violin
Phil Saxe   Clarinet,Tenor Saxophone,Vocals
Sammy Schklar   Violin
Lew Sherwood   Trumpet
Cliff "Red" Stanley   Trombone
Leslie Thompson   Trumpet
Mack Walker   String Bass
Burt Williams   Alto Saxophone,Baritone Saxophone
Johnny Williams   Drums
Victor Arden   Piano
Smith Ballew   Vocals
Eddie Brown   Clarinet
Johnny Cook   Trombone
Elmer Feldkamp   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone,Soprano Saxophone
Carl Fischer   Piano
George Hamilton Green   Drums
Frankie Masters   Banjo,Drums,Vocals,Bowed Bass
Phil Ohman   Piano
Terry Shand   Piano
John Scott Trotter   Piano
Sonny Dunham   Trumpet
Boyd Senter   Clarinet,Trumpet,Alto Saxophone
Grady Watts   Trumpet
Fred Whiting   String Bass
Tiny Winters   String Bass
Lew Davis   Trombone
Harry Jacobson   Piano
Bert Thomas   Guitar
Alan Ferguson   Guitar
Bob Wise   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone,Baritone Saxophone
Harry Berly   Clarinet,Tenor Saxophone
Snooks Friedman   Drums
Felix Arndt   Piano
Saxie Dowell   Clarinet,Tenor Saxophone,Vocals
Peter Eisenburg   Violin
Sammy Feinsmith   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Pinky Kintzle   Banjo,Guitar
Manny Lowy   Violin
Dick Maffi   Banjo
Bob Mayhew   Trumpet
Mike Mosiello   Trumpet
Bill Mulraney   Trombone
Harry Patent   Bowed Bass
Jean Pougnet   Violin,Vocals
Reginald Pursglove   Violin,Vocals
Harry Shilkret   Trumpet
Manny Strand   Piano
Jules de Vorzon   Violin
Irene Taylor   Guitar,Piano,Trumpet,Alto Saxophone,Vocals,String Bass
Wes Vaughn   Guitar
Sammy Smith   Violin
Del Staigers   Trumpet
Ben Williams   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone,Baritone Saxophone
Larry Abbott   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Bob Lyons   Piano
Tony Thorpe   Trombone
Eddie Carroll   Piano
Loyce Whiteman   Vocals
Andy Sannella   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Billy Amstell   Alto Saxophone
Charlie Palloy   Vocals
Wendell Mayhew   Trombone
Raie Da Costa   Piano,Vocals
Dick Brown   Bowed Bass
Ray Toland   Drums
Jack Russell   Piano
Jimmy Macaffer   Trumpet
Norman Payne   Trumpet
Muller   Clarinet,Tenor Saxophone
Paul Collins   Drums
Chuck Jordan   Vibes,String Bass
Arthur Hayes   Violin
Walter Ashby   Alto Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Elly Bellare   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Rupe Biggadike   Piano
Alfie Noakes   Trumpet
Joe Gillespie   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Ken Herlin   Trombone
Nina Mae McKinney   Cornet
George Schmidt   Trumpet
Estes Monasco   Trumpet,Vocals
Steve Brodie   Drums
Charles Kaley   Banjo
Joe Miller   Tenor Saxophone
Bromo Sulser   Violin
Mannie Weinstock   Tenor Saxophone
Harold Peppie   Trumpet
Sid Owen   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
George Hoge   Banjo
Joe Rhodes   Bowed Bass
Horace Rudiselli   Piano
Pat McCarthy   Banjo,Guitar
Eric Siday   Violin,Vocals
Stanley Davis   String Bass
Charles Peterson   Banjo
Chuck Campbell   Trombone
Cliff Burwell   Piano
Eddie Schaff   Drums
Bobby Jones   Trumpet
Don Purviance   Tenor Saxophone
Charlie Trotta   Trumpet,Vocals
Jimmy Taylor   Trumpet,Vocals
Jesse Smith   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Joe Green   Drums
Strohman   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Jack Whidden   Violin
Jack Gifford   Piano
Howard Jenkins   Alto Saxophone
Herman Mahr   Piano
Gilbert Schweser   Alto Saxophone
Freddie Feldman   Violin
Frank Harter   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Edgar Krewinhaus   Drums
Don Teege   Clarinet,Tenor Saxophone
Bill Lowers   String Bass
Bernie Pottle   String Bass
Benny Posner   Violin
Bob Augustine   Trumpet
Bill Grady   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Reg. Punk   Clarinet,Tenor Saxophone
Warren Clow   Trombone
Tom Chelfant   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Salvator J. Stocco   Trombone,Trumpet
Royal Epperson   Guitar
Ray McCosh   Trumpet
Pee Wee Bunt   Trombone
King Harvey   Guitar
Joey Shields   Vocals
Joe Bratten   Tenor Saxophone
Frank Luther   Violin
Chalmers McGregor   Piano
Loel Davis   Trumpet
Frank Wagner   Clarinet,Violin,Tenor Saxophone

Technical Credits

Irving Berlin   Composer
Bing Crosby   Composer
Rudy Vallée   Director
Jan Garber   Director
Glen Gray   Director
Hal Kemp   Director
Russ Morgan   Director
Red Nichols   Director
Irving Mills   Composer
Ray Noble   Director
Freddy Martin   Director
Jimmy McHugh   Composer
Wayne King   Composer
Jerome Kern   Composer
Irving Aaronson   Director
Fred E. Ahlert   Composer
Ben Bernie   Composer
Lew Brown   Composer
Harry Carney   Composer
Buddy DeSylva   Composer
Walter Donaldson   Composer
Dubin   Composer
Duke Ellington   Composer
Dorothy Fields   Composer
Fletcher Henderson   Arranger,Composer,Director
Haven Gillespie   Composer
Mack Gordon   Composer
Porter Grainger   Composer
Ray Henderson   Composer
Gus Kahn   Composer
Cole Porter   Composer
Roy Turk   Composer
Harry Warren   Composer
Ned Washington   Composer
George Whiting   Composer
Allie Wrubel   Composer
Victor Young   Composer
Sherwin Dunner   Engineer
Gene Gifford   Arranger,Composer
Leo Reisman   Director
John Scott Trotter   Arranger
Peter Mintun   Engineer
John Leifert   Engineer
Snooks Friedman   Director
Felix Arndt   Composer
Henry Schmidt   Engineer
Maceo Pinkard   Composer
Kenneth Casey   Composer
Harry Woods   Composer
Sidney Clare   Composer
Harry Revel   Composer
Leroy Shield   Director
Egbert VanAlstyne   Composer
Jack Little   Composer
Bob Lyons   Arranger
Tommie Malie   Composer
Addy Britt   Composer
Rubey Cowan   Composer
Bernard Dougall   Composer
Dick Finch   Composer
Rich Conaty   Engineer,Annotation
Harry Williams   Composer
Roger Robles   Engineer
Kurt Weisbecker   Engineer
Bryan Wright   Engineer,Executive Producer,Layout
Fred Lowenhaupt   Engineer
Jack Whidden   Director
Babe Brazel   Contributor
Ron Hutchinson   Engineer
Mott Dixon   Composer
Charlie Abbott   Composer
Howard Thomas   Director

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