The Big Night Out

The Big Night Out

by Jeanne Beker, Nathalie Dion
A big night out can be graduation, a prom, a family wedding, confirmation, or Bar or Bat Mitzvah. Whatever the occasion, it is a time when every young person wants to look her (or his) best. This is the book that has it all – tips on planning for the big day, a countdown for getting ready, how to look great in photos, a common-sense guide to party manners, and


A big night out can be graduation, a prom, a family wedding, confirmation, or Bar or Bat Mitzvah. Whatever the occasion, it is a time when every young person wants to look her (or his) best. This is the book that has it all – tips on planning for the big day, a countdown for getting ready, how to look great in photos, a common-sense guide to party manners, and sound advice about making sure the evening is safe as well as fun. It provides a get-ready plan, the scoop on the comfortable versus excruciating shoe debate, what to do if a zipper breaks, and of course how to accept a compliment gracefully.

Jeanne Beker, the mother of two teenage girls and fashion guru extraordinaire, writes wisely and sensitively, affirming that realities like a budget or non-model looks are no barrier to feeling and looking good. You’re on a budget? Scour vintage stores or your favorite aunt’s closet. You don’t look like a model? Take pleasure in finding your own style.

From the big question of what to wear to the essential question of how to get home safely, this is a book that’s sure to make a big night out a treasured memory.

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly
And, once you've got your car keys, it's time for The Big Night Out by Jeanne Beker, illus. by Nathalie Dion. Before you leave the house, however, this paperback original suggests the importance of Being an Original with tips for the friend whose pal copies her style, and quotes from real teens (I love medieval wear: pouffy sleeves and flowing skirts, claims 14-year-old Joey). Even the Olsen twins offer words of wisdom; says Ashley, We try not to pay attention to the negative things because that will just make you crazy. Dion's stylish illustrations emulate fashion magazinechic. (Mar.) Copyright 2005 Reed Business Information.
Children's Literature
In this fashion handbook for adolescent girls, Jeanne Beker, from the Fashion Channel, offers sensible advice on how to prepare for everything from a first date to a Bat Mitzvah. Using a conversational style, Beker offers advice on "being an original," defining one's own style, and considering where to look for fashion inspiration. She follows these suggestions with a consideration of shopping practices, focusing on new looks—and defining the budget for buying the current hot trend—and vintage styles. After Beker has encouraged the teen reader to become confident about her fashion sense, she moves on to issues surrounding hair styles, grooming in general, and getting ready for the big night. A checklist towards the end of the text provides a useful reminder of the "little things" the preoccupied teen might forget about in her rush to dress for the big date. Beker also spices up the text with various "quotable quotes" from famous current or recent teens—Avril Lavigne, Britney Spears, Mary-Kate Olsen—as well as everyday girls; further she responds to questions from young women like "Borrowing Betsy," "Monkey Girl" and "Well-Heeled" on issues from etiquette to grooming. My own teenager found Beker's book an easy read with useful information; I suspect that other young women will say the same. 2005, Tundra Books, Ages 13 to 18.
—Jean Boreen, Ph.D.
Intended to be a practical guide, this book is for young women who are seeking to develop and display their own sense of style as they prepare for a special event-their first "big night out." Beker stresses the importance of feeling good to look good and of knowing and liking oneself as one prepares to shine. She provides realistic advice on budgeting, planning ahead, and attending to all the details, from accessorizing to practicing hairstyles and make-up application in advance. Readers are reminded to be creative and open to new possibilities as they express themselves through their own unique fashion statements. The sky's the limit in terms of fashion possibilities, she enthuses, inviting teens to explore the numerous options open to them, such as searching for treasures in vintage clothing stores or boldly combining different styles to achieve an entirely original look. For teens who enjoy fashion magazines, this book will hold an obvious appeal. Its straightforward style and playful, whimsical illustrations make it easily accessible. But these same features also make the book feel better suited to a younger audience than the subject matter would suggest. Many teens will be put off by the shallow feel of the book despite the fact that the author tries to suggest that true beauty comes from within. The focus of the book seems to suggest otherwise, and most teens will likely not feel the need to read it just for the commonsense tips that it provides. VOYA CODES: 3Q 2P J (Readable without serious defects; For the YA with a special interest in the subject; Junior High, defined as grades 7 to 9). 2005, Tundra, 77p.; Illus., Ages 12 to 15.
—Lisa Doucet
School Library Journal
Gr 6 Up-Beker culls from her years of experience in the fashion world and her lifelong love of fashion to create a guide that's fun and filled with personal anecdotes, great style tips, and ideas. The chapter on "the shopping experience" is particularly good. The author breaks it down into eight pre-shopping steps and then helps readers navigate through the store. She also provides great advice on shopping for vintage items and accessorizing. She urges readers to develop their own style and not be a slave to trends, to think about what they feel and look good in rather than the label inside the jacket. Dion's chic, stylish illustrations portray a multicultural array of differently sized and abled girls getting ready for a night out on the town. While the book is geared toward readers with a true interest in fashion and style, it will have broader appeal for girls thinking about prom season and other formal occasions that require dressing up a bit more than usual. A must-have for budding fashionistas.-Elaine Baran Black, Gwinnett County Public Library, Lawrenceville, GA Copyright 2005 Reed Business Information.

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Meet the Author

Jeanne Beker is the host and segment producer of the internationally syndicated “FashionTelevision,” and style columnist for the Globe and Mail. She was editor-in-chief of FQ and SIR magazines, as well as being a celebrated judge for several seasons on “Canada’s Next Top Model.” In the fall of 2010, Jeanne launched her clothing line EDIT by Jeanne Beker at the Bay across Canada. She is the author of five books including The Big Night Out and Passion for Fashion. Jeanne Beker lives in Toronto.

Born and raised in Montreal, Nathalie Dion, who studied Design Art at Concordia University, has been an illustrator since 1996. Working mainly with watercolors, she also uses ink, gouache, and Photoshop. She loves to create images that reflect the lighter side of life.

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