Biggest Ragga Dancehall Anthems 2004

The Biggest Ragga Dancehall Anthems 2004


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Disc 1

  1. Move Ya Body
  2. Picture This
  3. Weh Di Time
  4. Consuming
  5. Get on Up and Dance
  6. All About Dancing 2
  7. Dancin Class, Pt. 2
  8. Push It to You
  9. Gal Yuh Ah Lead
  10. Full Up the Party
  11. Wasting My Time
  12. Stop (Alright Go!)
  13. Breast Specialist
  14. Yuh Gawn
  15. Try Wid Him
  16. Tekk
  17. Freakside
  18. Anthem
  19. Back Off
  20. One Rhythm

Disc 2

  1. All About Dancing
  2. Stress Free
  3. Don't Waste Me Time
  4. Jamaican Jiggers
  5. It Tight
  6. Girls Gone Wild
  7. Ready to Party (Weh Di Time 2)
  8. Pull Up
  9. Do It to Me
  10. Killer for All Seasons
  11. Mek That Money
  12. Pussy No Big
  13. Dance Moves
  14. Phone Call
  15. Something Wrong
  16. Shake It Fast
  17. Don't Watch Me
  18. Boopsy
  19. Smoking
  20. Wrath

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Cordell "Scatta" Burrell   Rhythm

Technical Credits

Vinícius de Moraes   Composer
Bobby Konders   Composer,Producer
Richie Stephens   Composer
Don Grant   Producer
R.W. Hudson   Composer
Antonio Carlos Jobim   Composer
Robert Livingston   Producer
Dennis "D.T." Thomas   Producer
Roger   Composer
R. Bailey   Composer
Christopher Birch   Producer
R. Gilbert   Composer
Steven "Lenky" Marsden   Producer,Remixing
D.T. Shaw   Composer
Frenchie   Producer
J.J. Campbell   Composer
Andrew Ramsey   Composer
Curtis Bedeau   Composer
Winston Powell   Producer
G.J. Charles   Composer
Burro Banton   Producer
Harvel Hart   Producer
Miguel Collins   Composer
Alberto Blackwood   Producer
Andrew Bradford   Producer
Riprock   Producer
S. Sanders   Composer
Brian George   Composer
Collin Levy   Executive Producer
Mario C.   Producer
P. Henton   Composer
Trevor James   Remixing
M. Davis   Composer
K. Thompson   Composer
R. Price   Composer
D. Richard Lewis   Composer
E.J. Wells   Composer
Donovan "Vendetta" Bennett   Producer
Doctor Bobby Jones   Producer
DJ Cipha Sounds   Producer
Arif Cooper   Producer
Alan Saunders   Producer
N. Thompson   Composer
Cordell "Scatta" Burrell   Producer,Executive Producer
Everton "Eva" Burrell   Producer
Daniel "Blaxxx" Lewis   Producer
Lionel Bermingham   Composer,Producer
Damian "Crazy Legs" Hall   Producer
Michael Brissett   Producer
Kirk "Cool Face" Ford   Producer
Tony Matterhorn   Producer
Delano Thomas   Producer
D.B. Grant   Composer
Debi Nova   Composer
Elijah Wells   Producer
Nigel "Balla" Whitfield   Producer
Natalie Albino   Composer
Michael "Factor" Jarrett   Producer
Mark Anthony   Producer

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