Billy Graham International Crusade Choirs: The Definitive Collection (60th Anniversary

The Billy Graham International Crusade Choirs: The Definitive Collection (60th Anniversary


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Disc 1

  1. Christ the Lord Is Risen Today  -  1959 Melbourne Crusade Choir
  2. Ye, Gates Lift Up Your Heads  -  1959 Sydney Crusade Choir
  3. We Shall See His Lovely Face  -  1959 Brisbane Crusade Choir
  4. Join All the Glorious Names  -  1959 Melbourne Crusade Choir
  5. All That Thrills My Soul  -  1959 Melbourne Crusade Choir
  6. Wonderful Grace of Jesus  -  1959 Sydney Crusade Choir
  7. And Can It Be  -  1959 Melbourne Crusade Choir
  8. He Is Mine  -  1959 Sydney Crusade Choir
  9. Man of Sorrows  -  1959 Adelaide Crusade Choir
  10. Song of the Soul Set Free  -  1959 Sydney Crusade Choir
  11. The Lord's Prayer  -  1959 Brisbane Crusade Choir
  12. Love Divine, All Loves Excelling  -  1959 Melbourne Sidney Myer Music Bowl Crusade Choir
  13. Billy Graham Speaks to the People of New Zealand  - Rev. Billy Graham
  14. It Is Well with My Soul  -  1959 Auckland Crusade Choir
  15. Battle Hymn of the Republic  -  1959 Christchurch Nz Crusade Choir
  16. Surely Goodness & Mercy  -  1969 Melbourne Crusade Choir
  17. He's Everything to Me  -  1969 Melbourne Crusade Choir
  18. How Great Thou Art  -  1979 Sydney Crusade Choir
  19. Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing  -  1979 Sydney Crusade Choir
  20. I Believe  -  1979 Sydney Crusade Choir
  21. Redeemed  -  1979 Sydney Crusade Choir
  22. Jesus Saves  -  1979 Sydney Crusade Choir
  23. The Saviour King  -  1979 Sydney Crusade Choir
  24. Trust and Obey  -  1979 Sydney Crusade Choir
  25. When the Roll Is Called Up Yonder  -  1979 Sydney Crusade Choir
  26. Blessed Assurance  -  1979 Sydney Crusade Choir
  27. All Hail the Power of Jesus Name  -  1979 Sydney Crusade Choir
  28. To God Be the Gory  -  1979 Sydney Crusade Choir
  29. I'd Rather Have Jesus  -  1979 Sydney Crusade Choir
  30. Just as I Am  -  1959 Melbourne Crusade Choir

Disc 2

  1. Introduction by Billy Graham  - Rev. Billy Graham
  2. How Great Thou Art  -  1962 Oklahoma City Crusade Choir
  3. Onward Christian Soldiers  -  1962 Los Angeles Crusade Choir
  4. Glorious Is Thy Name  -  1963 Los Angeles Crusade Choir
  5. The Hallelujah Chorus from "Messiah"  -  1962 Los Angeles Crusade Choir
  6. Just a Closer Walk with Thee  -  1975 New York Crusade Choir Choir
  7. Tis' Marvelous and Wonderful  -  1962 Greater Chicago Crusade Choir
  8. The Lord's Prayer  -  1960 Los Angeles Crusade Choir
  9. The Ninety and Nine  -  1956 Louisville Crusade Choir
  10. Praise to the Lord, the Almighty  -  1958 San Francisco Bay Cities Crusade Choir
  11. Thou Mighty to Save  -  1958 San Francisco Bay Cities Crusade Choir
  12. Verily, Verily  -  1958 Charlotte Crusade Choir
  13. He's Got the Whole World in His Hands  -  1963 Los Angeles Crusade Choir
  14. When I Survey the Wondrous Cross  -  1962 Greater Chicago Crusade Choir
  15. Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus  -  1962 Philadelphia Crusade Choir
  16. He the Pearly Gates Will Open  -  1958 Charlotte Crusade Choir
  17. Every Time I Feel the Spirit  -  1958 Charlotte Crusade Choir
  18. Deep Down in My Heart  -  1962 Greater Chicago Crusade Choir
  19. Come Thou Almighty King  -  1962 Philadelphia Crusade Choir
  20. Ivory Palaces  -  1962 Philadelphia Crusade Choir
  21. Amazing Grace  -  1976 Seattle Pacific Northwest Crusade Choir
  22. Get All Excited  -  1976 Seattle Pacific Northwest Crusade Choir
  23. It Is Well with My Soul  -  1984 Vancouver British Columbia Crusade Choir
  24. Jesus Saves  -  1971 Erving Great Southwest Crusade Choir
  25. Because He Lives  -  1975 Jackson, Mississippi Crusade Choir
  26. His Eye Is on the Sparrow  -  1975 Jackson, Mississippi Crusade Choir
  27. Bless His Holy Name  -  1986 Greater Washington, D.C. Crusade Choir
  28. Amen  - Myrtle Hall
  29. Jacob's Ladder  -  1973 Atlanta Crusade Choir
  30. Just as I Am (The Invitation Hymn)  -  1962 Greater Chicago Crusade Choir
  31. Blessed Assurance  -  1962 Greater Chicago Crusade Choir

Disc 3

  1. Greetings from Cliff Barrows in Prague  - Cliff Barrows
  2. Blessed Assurance  -  '70 Prague Baptist Church Choir
  3. I Know a Name  -  '70 Crusade Choir
  4. Love Divine, All Loves Excelling  -  1954 London Crusade Choir
  5. Praise My Soul, the King of Heaven  -  1966 London Crusade Choir
  6. Hallelujah, Praise Jehovah  -  1966 Greater London Crusade Choir
  7. Oh Happy Day  -  1966 Greater London Crusade Choir
  8. There's a New Song in My Heart  -  1966 Greater London Crusade Choir
  9. Surely Goodness and Mercy  -  1966 Greater London Crusade Choir
  10. I Have Decided to Follow Jesus  -  1966 Greater London Crusade Choir
  11. I'm Glad I'm Singing  -  1955 Gothenburg Crusade Choir
  12. Jesus Is Coming  -  1955 Frankfurt Crusade Choir
  13. Jesus Est Le Chemin /Si Je Confesse de Ma Bouc  -  1963 Paris Crusade Choir
  14. Swing Low Sweet Chariot  -  1963 Paris Crusade Choir
  15. My Lord Knows the Way Through the Wilderness  -  1961 Manchester, North England Crusade Choir
  16. Make Me a Blessing  -  1961 Manchester, North England Crusade Choir
  17. I've Discovered the Way of Gladness  -  1967 London All-Britain Crusade Choir
  18. It Is Well with My Soul  -  1967 London All-Britain Crusade Choir
  19. Ye Gates Lift Up Your Heads  -  1964 Glasgow Crusade Choir
  20. Just as I Am  -  1954 Glasgow Crusade Choir
  21. What a Friend We Have in Jesus  -  1961 Northern England Cardiff Crusade Choir
  22. The Lord's My Shepherd: The 23rd Psalm  -  1955 Scotland Crusade Choir
  23. Majesty  -  1991 Glasgow Mission Scotland Crusade Choir
  24. There Is a Redeemer  -  1991 Glasgow Mission Scotland Crusade Choir
  25. Shine Jesus Shine  -  1991 Glasgow Mission Scotland Crusade Choir
  26. Crown Him with Many Crowns  -  1991 Glasgow Mission Scotland Crusade Choir
  27. Be Exalted O God  -  1991 Glasgow Mission Scotland Crusade Choir
  28. Holy, Holy, Holy Is the Lord  -  1991 Glasgow Mission Scotland Crusade Choir
  29. Great Are You Lord  -  1991 Glasgow Mission Scotland Crusade Choir
  30. Give Thanks  -  1991 Glasgow Mission Scotland Crusade Choir
  31. Benediction (May God's Blessing)  -  1991 Glasgow Mission Scotland Crusade Choir
  32. Closing Hymn and Prayer  -  Bratislava Euro '70 Baptist Choir

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Ethel Waters   Soloist
George Beverly Shea   Soloist
John Innes   Organ,Piano
Paul Mickelson   Organ,Piano
Mertyl Hall   Soloist
Don Hustad   Organ,Piano
Martha Nixon   Soloist
Laurice Waller   Soloist
Jo Ann Rysdyk   Organ
Tedd Smith   Organ,Piano

Technical Credits

George Frideric Handel   Composer
Arthur Sullivan   Composer
Graham Kendrick   Composer
Ralph Carmichael   Composer
Jack Hayford   Composer
Gene Bartlett   Composer
John Goss   Composer
Andraé Crouch   Composer
David Barnes   Director
Sidney Cox   Composer
John Newton   Composer
Isaac Watts   Composer
Vikki Cook   Composer
Warren Barnett   Liner Notes
Gloria Gaither   Composer
Fanny Crosby   Composer
Helen H. Lemmel   Composer
Civilla D. Martin   Composer
Joseph Scriven   Composer
Godfrey Thring   Composer
Matthew Bridges   Composer
Brent Chambers   Composer
Elizabeth Clephane   Composer
Charles C. Converse   Composer
Edward Perronet   Composer
Traditional   Composer
Horatio Gates Spafford   Composer
Rhea F. Miller   Composer
John W. Peterson   Composer
Stuart K. Hine   Composer
Julia Ward Howe   Composer
Melody Green   Composer
Ronald Wells   Composer
Steve Cook   Composer
Charles H. Gabriel   Composer
Cliff Barrows   Composer,Director,Liner Notes,Introduction
Priscilla J. Owens   Composer
Joachim Neander   Composer
Barrie Gott   Arranger,Director
Robert Robinson   Composer
Charlotte Elliott   Composer
Sabine Baring-Gould   Composer
Francis Rous   Composer
Felice De Fiardina   Composer
Norman J. Clayton   Composer
Alfred B. Smith   Composer
Haldor Lillenas   Composer
William J. Gaither   Composer
William J. Kirkpatrick   Composer
Charles Wesley   Composer
Charles Austin Miles   Composer
James M. Black   Composer
Thoro Harris   Composer
Fanny J. Crosby   Composer
Priscilla Jane Owens   Composer
Phillip Bliss   Composer
George S. Schuler   Composer
Albert Malotte   Composer
Ira Sankey   Composer
Ian Watson   Director
Mrs. C.W. Morris   Composer
William Barton   Composer
Wendell P. Loveless   Composer
Rob Dalton   Artwork
Oswald Smith   Composer
John Sammis   Composer
Ira B. Wilson   Composer
Henry Frances Lyte   Composer
George Elvy   Composer
Floyd W. Hawkins   Composer
Emeuerten Gesangbuch   Composer
Elsie Ahlwen   Composer
Eleanor S. Murray   Composer
Baylus Benjamin McKinney   Composer
Barry Starr   Director
Dick Shipway   Director
Nixon   Director
Tom Bledsoe   Director
Laurice Waller   Composer
Noelene Price   Composer
Henry Smith   Composer
Robin Lochhead   Director
Harry Barraclough   Composer
Frederick Blom   Composer
Letitia Schuler   Composer
Avis Christiansen   Composer

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