The Black Death

The Black Death

by Stephanie True Peters

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Children's Literature
The Black Death was a plague that killed one in every three Europeans between the years 1347 to 1351. For hundreds of years afterwards millions of people would eventually die from the Black Death. The black rat was the culprit responsible. The fleas that it carried contained bacteria that infected humans. Victims of this bubonic form of the plague would die within three to six days. This book provides the grisly details as well as a comprehensive history of both the disease and its effect on social conditions. An informative and eye-opening account of daily life during this frightening period is given. The old-time illustrations and survivor accounts provide a realistic portrait of life during this time. Although easily cured with antibiotics, the plague still exists today, mostly in poorer, third-world countries. For a complete understanding of this deadly disease, this book, part of the "Epidemic!" series, is strongly recommended. 2005, Benchmark Books, Ages 10 up.
—Denise Daley

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