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The Bloodied Cravat

The Bloodied Cravat

4.5 2
by Rosemary Stevens

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The third in this dashing mystery series finds the arbiter of fashion attending the Duchess of York's birthday celebration. But when one of the guests is found murdered-with one of the Duchess' hair ornaments stuck in his throat-Beau must clear her name by deducing the identity of the culprit.

"[Stevens'] mastery of the language and knowledge of the


The third in this dashing mystery series finds the arbiter of fashion attending the Duchess of York's birthday celebration. But when one of the guests is found murdered-with one of the Duchess' hair ornaments stuck in his throat-Beau must clear her name by deducing the identity of the culprit.

"[Stevens'] mastery of the language and knowledge of the conventions and morals of the British aristocracy allow her story to ring true. With a cast of enjoyable characters, both real and fictional, and a string of red herrings, hidden motives and plot twists as intricate as a well-tied cravat, this story will delight both historical mystery and Regency fans." (Publishers Weekly)

Editorial Reviews

The Barnes & Noble Review
In his own time, George "Beau" Brummell set such restrained and elegant fashion standards as regular bathing, exquisitely tailored yet unostentatious clothing, and an end to powdered hair for men. In this wonderfully diverting historical mystery series, it is revealed that he was also an amateur sleuth of considerable skill. Agatha Award–winning author Rosemary Stevens, who recounted Beau's previous adventures in The Tainted Snuff Box and Death on a Silver Tray, is in top form with this elegantly written and plotted murder mystery set in Georgian England of 1806. In The Bloodied Cravat, we learn that Her Royal Highness, Frederica, the Duchess of York, wife of one of the many sons of George III, would be a lonely woman if it were not for her well-chaperoned (and invariably chaste) friendship with Beau Brummell. It's at his urging that she gives a house party, so he's determined to minimize the scandal that results when two of the guests are murdered. What he doesn't realize -- until it's nearly too late -- is that this crime is connected to a dangerous old impropriety.... Sue Stone
Publishers Weekly
Dandy and amateur sleuth Beau Brummell continues to charm in this third whodunit (after 2001's The Tainted Snuff Box) from Agatha Award winner Stevens. Renowned for his sartorial splendor and elegance, Brummell has come to Oatlands, the country home of the Duke and Duchess of York, to be with Frederica, the duchess, as she celebrates her birthday while her husband is off with his mistress. When a highwayman robs Robinson, his valet, en route to Oatlands, Brummell isn't as concerned about his lost clothes as he is about his stolen blue-velvet-covered scrapbook, which contains a letter from Frederica that if made public could cause a royal scandal and Brummell's social downfall. After the universally disliked Marquess of Kendrick threatens blackmail and is subsequently murdered, Frederica calls in Mr. Lavender of Bow Street. As the investigation progresses and the murders mount, the author expertly uses red herrings to keep Brummell and the reader guessing. A multitude of authentic historical figures add to the fun in this vivid portrait of Regency England. Stevens deftly captures the magnificence of the wealthy's country estates and the glittering atmosphere of London at the height of the social season. Combined with a witty, suave and romantic Brummell, who unravels the mystery as meticulously as he dresses, this is sure to appeal to a wide variety of fans. (May 7) Copyright 2002 Cahners Business Information.
Kirkus Reviews
A third Regency adventure for George "Beau" Brummell, a legend of the early 19th century (Life on a Silver Tray, not reviewed, etc.). This time, Beau is a houseguest at Oatlands, country home of his adored Frederica, wife of the chronically unfaithful Duke of York. Beau is anxiously awaiting the arrival of his valet Robinson, who is bringing extensive additions to his wardrobe and, inadvertently, his blue velvet diary. In that diary is a letter from Frederica that Beau should have destroyed, a letter confessing her love for him-an invitation to blackmail in the wrong hands. On the road, Robinson's carriage is waylaid by highwaymen. When he finally arrives, the precious diary and letter are missing. Beau suspects Lord Kendrick, another houseguest, of involvement in a series of recent highway robberies, but before he can investigate further, Kendrick is found stabbed to death by one of Frederica's hair ornaments. Beau's stealthy search of the corpse fails to turn up the letter. No more successful are his further efforts back in London, where John Lavender of Bow Street is working to find Kendrick's killer and a letter burned to ash. In the midst of all the well-researched period detail, Stevens manages to maintain a crisp pace and provide a convincing windup.

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Penguin Publishing Group
Publication date:
Beau Brummell Mysteries Series , #3
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5.62(w) x 8.50(h) x 1.08(d)

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Rosemary Stevens has published four previous novels set in Regency England.

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The Bloodied Cravat(Beau Brummell Mystery Series) 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
BuriedUnderBooks More than 1 year ago
It is the height of London’s Society season in 1806 and George “Beau” Brummell has gone to Oatlands, the country home of Frederica, the Duchess of York, for a weekend party celebrating her birthday. Unfortunately, he is having some difficulty maintaining his usual sartorial splendor as the esteemed Robinson and Beau’s luggage are long overdue. As it turns out, Robinson has been held up by a highwayman and all of Beau’s belongings have been stolen except his gift for Freddie, which Robinson protected at risk of life, limb and dignity. Among the missing items is Beau’s scrapbook which contains a letter written to him by Freddie in a moment of weakness, a letter which, if exposed, could cause a Royal scandal and lead to Beau’s disgrace. At all costs, Beau must find the letter, and that means he must unmask the highwayman. In the meantime, Freddie’s other guests have arrived, including a few of questionable quality. There are some thefts and Freddie receives the first blackmail threat. Feeling betrayed by Beau, she becomes noticeably cool towards him and begins to show favor to those who would be pleased to see him lose his high place in Society. The Bloodied Cravat ebookA guest who has managed to antagonize nearly everyone is murdered during the house party. Freddie calls in John Lavender of Bow Street, a dour Scot with a low opinion of Society in general and George Brummell in particular, largely because of his earlier attentions to Lavender’s lovely daughter, Lydia. Beau knows that Lavender would like nothing better than to prove him guilty of the murder, propelling him into his own attempt to solve the murder as well as find the letter. Above all, Beau needs to win back the Duchess’s affection and trust. Agatha award-winning and national bestselling author Rosemary Stevens brings the reader into the heart of Regency life, ranging from high society to the criminal world of Seven Dials, with both pathos and humor. The Siamese cat Chakkri, “otherwise known as Master and Supreme Ruler of the Brummell Household”, continues to be Robinson’s nemesis while Beau contends with more bodies, blackmail threats, spying and the malevolent gazes of Lavender and Freddie’s companion, Ulga. Red herrings abound to keep the reader guessing and Beau’s pain and confusion are evident as his feelings for both Freddie and Lydia become more apparent in this third entry in the Beau Brummell series. Ms. Stevens has created another winner and readers will clamor for more. Reviewed by Lelia Taylor, May 2002.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago