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The Bodyguard

The Bodyguard

4.8 7
by Christy Tillery French

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Will Natasha's dream job become her worst nightmare?
Office manager Natasha Chamberlain dreams of becoming an investigator for her firm's security services department. Offered the opportunity to act as bodyguard to computer genius Roger Valentine while posing as his girlfriend, she jumps at the chance, straight into the arms of her boss, Jonce Striker, whom Natasha


Will Natasha's dream job become her worst nightmare?
Office manager Natasha Chamberlain dreams of becoming an investigator for her firm's security services department. Offered the opportunity to act as bodyguard to computer genius Roger Valentine while posing as his girlfriend, she jumps at the chance, straight into the arms of her boss, Jonce Striker, whom Natasha manages to drive crazy with her overzealous protection of Roger.

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Ms. French's Bodyguard series is full of suspense, danger, and laughter. The characters are unique, the dialogue is funny and witty, and the plot had me hooked from the first page.

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The Bodyguard 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Yes, 'be prepared' is the operating phrase for The Bodyguard by Christy Tillery French. Early twenties something, Natasha Chamberlain, is a wild and crazy girl, similar to Evanovich's Stephanie Plum, but more extreme...is that possible??? Anyway, Natasha has been working at an agency whose raison d'etre is to protect the lives, behinds and resources of various and sundry individuals, some of whom may be of questionable character. When the story opens, Natasha is the office manager of the agency, wears suits to work, a subdued hairstyle, and glasses. Then, one day, she is called upon to serve as a bodyguard for the very good friend of one of the agency owners. After that, all hell breaks loose. Her superiors do not tell Natasha that her services are only intended for one evening, for a glamorous dinner where the object of the protection, one Roger Valentine, is to be the honoree and who needs protection from someone who has threatened to kill him. Well, Natasha proceeds to make a real mess of things at the dinner, but has the presence of mind to have Roger sign an agreement (before attending the dinner) that he will require her body guarding services until the individual who's threatened him is discovered. So when her bosses attempt to relieve her of her bodyguard duties and put her back at a desk, she explains, as only she can do...belligerently...that she has no intention of returning to office manager duty and shows them the signed document. You will need a great deal of energy to keep up with Natasha's antics and the patience required of Jonce Striker, one of her bosses (and the guy who makes Natasha's heart go thump-thump), as they attempt to protect Roger. A romance develops between Natasha and Striker, Natasha fights with her mother (constantly) and the agency's two primary bodyguards, Bigun and Pit, provide additional comic relief, as if any more is needed. This book is fast moving, full of spitfire dialogue, and tantalizing escapades. Have fun with it! Carolyn Rowe Hill
Guest More than 1 year ago
'The Bodyguard' is the first book I've read by Ms. French, and since finishing it, I've ordered her others to read, as well. I was happy to read the author's note that this is the first in The Bodyguard series. And what a great introduction! Natasha is feisty and impulsive, a woman who will do anything to protect those near to her. Her boss, Striker, is a real he-man, sexy and mysterious. Roger is sweet and naive. Pit and Bigun are perfect partners for Natasha. Stevie, Natasha's mom, is undergoing a perimenopausal crisis, and the transformation that takes place with her is funny to the extreme. I loved this book and the characters. The dialogue is witty, humorous, and Southern. The characters are perfectly balanced against one another. The plot is exceptional. The mystery killer wannabe had me fooled to the end. If I could rate this higher than 5 stars, I would. Any Evanovich or Grafton fan will love this author and her fresh witing style. Great job. I'm hooked!
Guest More than 1 year ago
If the reader is in the mood for a delightfully, entertaining, absorbing mystery, The Bodyguard by Christy Tillery French is a must read! Right from the first page, the plot moves into a series of interesting, attention-holding events involving independent, high-spirited Natasha, a 'would-be' bodyguard, bumbling her way through continuous mishaps in an ever-growing, complicated plot with twists and turns sure to hold readers glued to their seats. Natasha's sense of humor, her fierce determination to succeed even while experiencing defeat, and her charming femininity, endear her to readers. Other characters in The Bodyguard ring true to life. Their interactions with one another, their dialog, and their authenticity make them folks we understand and enjoy. We experience with them the same gamut of emotions they feel as they face their conflicts and difficulties. A witty, humorous, delightfully entertaining light mystery by a writer whose forte is this special genre. The Bodyguard promises a rich and fulfilling reading experience for everyone. I loved the story and can't wait to read the continuing Bodyguard series sure to offer more delightfully entertaining adventures involving Natasha and her friends! Evelyn Horan - author Jeannie, A Texas Frontier Girl, Books One-Four
Guest More than 1 year ago
THE BODYGUARD is a mesmerizing mystery with larger than life characters. If you only have a chance to read one or two good books a year, make this one of them! With a gift for drawing a reader in from the first page, Ms French captivates, tantalizes, and delivers a story with ease. From cover to cover, the action never ends. Natasha is the seemingly quiet office manager for an investigation firm. Her true dream is to be an investigator. When given the opportunity to be a bodyguard, she jumps at the chance, hoping it will lead her into the investigator role. Nobody is prepared for her madcap antics while protecting her man. With wild abandonment, she charges full speed ahead, toting a gun and not afraid to draw it out. I found myself laughing out loud with her zany behavior and total disregard for following the rules. Her heart is in the right place, but her head keeps sending her off in another direction. What a delightful character! Add the dashing owner of the firm, Striker, and you have all the ingredients for an outstanding romance/mystery. I highly recommend this book for anyone that needs an escape. Following the adventures of Natasha, readers will receive a hearty dose of humor, intrigue, and suspense with a little measure of sizzling sex thrown in. What more could any reader ask for? (reviewed for Denise's Pieces Book Reviews)
Guest More than 1 year ago
Beautifully fresh faced with uninhibited innocence, Natasha wants to shake up the world. Natasha, a.k.a. Nattie and Dudette, is scrambling for excitement and meaning in her life when she is given an opportunity to act as a bodyguard. Since Natasha is not one to pass a problem on, she jumps in with unabashed passion. Natasha is the kind of gal that would play chicken with a guy whose strapping his foot to the gas pedal. She is gutsy and blind to danger. She also turns every setback into an occasion to learn and grow. Natasha does and says what so many of us would love to. Natasha, in protecting wealthy Roger Valentine, takes on the likes of a ¿gun toting computer nerd¿ with creative intuition and gusto while learning the ropes of being a bodyguard. There is a lot of humor with Natasha and many tender spots like the one where she rescues a Weimeraner named Brutus. She is a true humanitarian and the reader finds,when introduced to her mother, that Nattie is an acorn that didn¿t fall far from the tree. The Bodyguard is a four dimensional captivating suspense luring the reader to believe they have solved the case. The author, writing in a lightening bolt style of energy, shocks the reader with a striking surprising twist. This is definitely a story filled with chuckles, tears, true to life details and a must know what happens next story line. The Bodyguard is the fourth offering and the first series by talented author Christy Tillery French. The book is written in a seductively enchanting and charming style woven with a blend of humor and delicacy which makes it a ¿must read¿. Sherry Russell] Reviewer/author
Guest More than 1 year ago
'The Bodyguard by multi-talented Christy French is the perfect romantic suspense story! The characters are real, the dialogue entertaining and the plot had me eagerly turning the pages as swiftly as I could...yes, this book is that exciting! 'The Bodyguard' has just the right amount of action, romance and humor making it the perfect read! This book gets my highest recommendation!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago