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The Booby Trap

The Booby Trap

4.2 9
by Anne Browning Walker

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The Booby Trap is a seedy bar where waitresses skirts are high, necklines are low, and customers show up for the eye candy.

When brainy, beautiful, Harvard Ph.D. candidate Bambi Benson wants to study the women of the Booby Trap for her dissertation, she goes undercover and joins them. All is going well for Bambi until handsome local celebrity Trip Whitley


The Booby Trap is a seedy bar where waitresses skirts are high, necklines are low, and customers show up for the eye candy.

When brainy, beautiful, Harvard Ph.D. candidate Bambi Benson wants to study the women of the Booby Trap for her dissertation, she goes undercover and joins them. All is going well for Bambi until handsome local celebrity Trip Whitley enters the scene.

Hoping to shock his high-society family by dating a bimbo, Trip offers to pay Bambi to pretend to be his girlfriend. She accepts his offer and bides her time, waiting for the right moment to reveal her true identity and teach Trip not to judge based on appearances.

After a series of dates carefully orchestrated for their publicity value, Bambi s trap is set. But there's one problem: the predator might have fallen in love with her prey.

Editorial Reviews

USA Today Happy Ever After
The Booby Trap heralds the smart, sexy heroine in this chick-lit-style story. Walker's ultramodern heroine somewhat overshadows the hero as the two battle wits and wills.

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18 Years

Meet the Author

Anne Browning Walker, published author for the Huffington Post and Publishers Weekly, is a career writer and researcher who has turned her pen to fiction with her debut novel, The Booby Trap. The contemporary romance novel explores the impact of the assumptions made about others based on occupations or appearances. An avid reader of fiction, particularly romance, Anne set out to write a romance novel where the heroine reflected the many smart, savvy, thoughtful, and driven women she calls friends. After earning a B.A. in political science at Duke University (2004) and her M.A. in international affairs at George Washington University (2006), Walker joined the staff of Governor Deval Patrick of Mass. in the Legislative Affairs Office. As the Legislative Aide to the Governor, she was responsible for researching bills, drafting briefs, and working with state legislators. In 2009, Walker moved to Washington, DC to continue her research and writing for business, academic, political, and non-profit entities. Her most recent work was for the national non-profit organization Blessings in a Backpack, named the 2012 Charity of the Year by People Magazine. Currently, Walker lives in Washington, DC, with her husband Justin, and is working on her next romance novel. She is a member of Romance Writers of America.

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The Booby Trap 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
littlemermy More than 1 year ago
I found this book actually is quite interesting. It may not attract my attention too much at the beginning of the story. However as I read on, I found it hard to put down the book. Due to her job in the bar, Trip has made some assumptions on Bambi. He thought since it is just for show, he did not actually make much an effort trying to know more about Bambi. Bambi was not too happy on Trip having some low judgment on her, and determined to teach him a lesson. In my opinion, isn't that Bambi also made some assumptions on Trip based on his handsomely face and background too? Anyway, I'm glad that after each date, they managed to learn more about each other. Bambi was a very smart woman and Trip did not stand a chance at all. It's hard for me to imagine how they can become a couple. However as the story unfold, I enjoy reading how their relationship slowly evolved. I like Trip's honesty. The whole story seems very real. I especially like the ending. The whole story is easy to read. And the pace is good. A refreshing read from a debut writer. I enjoy reading this book very much. And looking forward for more books from the writer. I rate it 3.5 out of 5 stars. Note: I receive the digital ARC of this book from the publisher via Net Gallery. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.
LonelyOwlBooks More than 1 year ago
This is one romance worth getting trapped in! Bambi Benson is a feminist who is hard at work earning her Harvard Ph.D. While working undercover, doing research for her dissertation, at a Hooter's knockoff bar called The Booby Trap, Bambi meets Trip Whitley, a good looking Boston bachelor who just happens to need a lesson in humility.  When Trip offers to pay Bambi to pretend to be his camera ready girlfriend in order to shock his father, head of the family business, Belles and Beaux, things move beyond anyone's expectations and both Trip and Bambi find out that love and relationships can't be based on assumptions and half truths. This was such a fun book to read. The flow is easy, there's no choppiness and the story line is well thought out. The characters are well developed and the author allowed time in the story for the reader to get to know them.  The story is somewhat predictable, but it pulls you in and gives enough turns to keep you interested. What I liked best about this book is the strong female character. Bambi knows what she wants and even when faced with other's doubts about her, she doesn't show weakness or naiveness. It's refreshing to read a romance where the heroin isn't syrupy sweet and dependent on the guy to save the day. Trip is sweet and endearing, a regular guy trying to show that he can be serious about the family business if his father would only give him the chance. He seems a little too brooding at times, but this seems to add charm to his boyish ways. Both characters had some sarcastic humor which played back and forth and gave their relationship a little more reality.  If your looking for a fun, short summer beach read, this one is a great start!
Book_WhispererJO More than 1 year ago
“Feminism” is usually a term that would shut me down quickly. While I believe fully in the rights of women I am not a huge debater of this political issue. The fact that The Booby Trap was centered on a feminist took me by surprise, and was a very inventive and creative direction for this novel. Bambi takes the position of a wolf in sheep's clothing; being a feminist working a promiscuous sports bar, but I still find myself was attracted to her character. She is not your extreme feminist, and this allows a variety of readers to selectively relate to this novel. Trip being your average playboy with lots of money and looks and not a inkling of drive to use it creatively. The pairing of these two characters will definitely promise friction and fireworks, but it is well worth it. The tone of the story glides through with a easy going and laid back style. Which left me shocked to realize that it delves into the sexual content so deeply. With such an innocent and honest storyline I would have preferred the sexual context to be more mildly approached. With the intensity of the sex, but the laid back feel of the relationship; I found this to be overkill and worry about it discouraging some readers. Overall, I really like the entirety of the story, and found myself intrigued by the experience and knowledge obtained about the topic in general. ~BookWhisperer Reviewer JO~
TarynLisa More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Lee Anne for My Secret Romance Book Reviews Bambi is a PhD student working on her dissertation in women’s studies while she works at a bar called the Booby Trap. Trip is a wealthy business owner who makes an assumption about Bambi and decides to use her to get back at his dad and lack of control over his life. Then things backfire on him. I found the Booby Trap to be a quick and easy read. I found the plot to be predictable as they put on a “for show” romance to appease his father and help out the family business. The interactions between Bambi and Trip were predictable and seem to follow the same pattern as other stories with this same premise. Even though I found the interactions and story predictable I enjoyed reading this story. Bambi and Trip are both loveable characters and I enjoyed watching them torment those around them. The chemistry between Bambi and Trip and the budding romance between them make this an enjoyable read. I tend to enjoy stories with a bit of suspense or mystery involved in them. For those readers who enjoy a straight romance with a happily ever after, this is your story!
Darlynn More than 1 year ago
I loved this book! It is a quick read (because you can't put it down) and a reminder how things are not always how they appear. Trip and Bambi's chemistry is undeniable and addicting. You found yourself empathizing with Trip's character with the ability to see though his arrogance and the money, leaving a boy who seeks approval from his father. I think a lot of us can resonate with that! Bambi is a smart girl that you cheer for throughout the book. I was sad when it was over, I hope that there is more tales from this couple up the author's sleeve!
SharonChance More than 1 year ago
I found this debut novel by Anne Browning Walker to be highly entertaining and a lot of fun to read. Walker's characters are fascinating, the plot moves along quickly, and the romance level is high in this contemporary story. The only thing I would have changed about the book is the title. "The Booby Trap," a men's sports bar/nightclub, is the main location of much of the book's action, but I think the title will scare off a lot of readers, which is unfortunate, because this is a really good story. I recommend this book for anyone who enjoys a great contemporary romance.
rjjorgen More than 1 year ago
If you like romance novels, especially those with a twist, consider The Booby Trap, a book about a girl (Bambi) who, despite her name - a name often given to fluffy, ditzy characters - is a PhD candidate at Harvard, who gets a job as a waitress at a seedy bar, in order to conduct research for her dissertation on women's studies. While there, a local celebrity decides to "date" her to annoy his family (who would be appalled at dating below their station), and compensate her for her time. She accepts, thinking it'll be a fun switch to pull when he finds out she's not the person he thinks she is, and he'll learn not to judge on appearance. But then...the somewhat predictable twist - she falls for him.I don't typically read romance novels, but it was fun to read something light for a change. And yet, it wasn't just fluffy chick lit - it was an absorbing, well-written story containing commentary on how women are often stereotyped. Disclosure - I did get a review copy, but the opinions are my own.
eBook_Addict More than 1 year ago
In this novel, the main character, Bambi Benson, is 27-years-old and is working at The Booby Trap for her dissertation. One night while she's working her shift, she meets rich boy Trip Whitley. Trip's family owns a dating website, Belles and Beaux, and Trip is the face of the company. When he meets Bambi, he assumes that she is just some bimbo waitress who will teach his family and co-workers to not meddle in his personal life, but things don't turn out as he expects when he finds out Bambi's true identity. This book was incredible; it had just the right amount of feminism and romance without being overly feminine. I absolutely loved Bambi's character; she was smart, sassy, and she wasn't the epitome of a Women's Studies student, but that played really well in her favor. I adored Trip...I thought he was very drool-worthy. Aside from the characters in themselves, I think Anne has done a great job building a relationship between each of the characters; for example, I loved the relationships between Bambi and Lainie, Bambi and Joe, Trip and Pat, and Bambi and Trip. Although this is a romantic book, I think the author has done an amazing job tapping inside a man's brain and writing from his perspective as opposed to just sticking to Bambi's side of the story. The only issue I had with this book when I first began reading it was that I had to start it over because of the fact that Trip's character was introduced so all of sudden, with no warning. You have to REALLY pay attention when you read this book because there was no indication of when the story was about to switch from Bambi's point of view to Trip's point of view. Overall, this was a good read!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Love the story line. Smart women rule.