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The Book of Poems and Conversational Triggers

The Book of Poems and Conversational Triggers

by Llewellyn George

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My style of poetry is based on the concept of hook, deliver, and release.
*The hook is an interesting title or first line.
*The delivery is how the poem is conveyed.
*The release is based on the number of lines the poem contains.


My style of poetry is based on the concept of hook, deliver, and release.
*The hook is an interesting title or first line.
*The delivery is how the poem is conveyed.
*The release is based on the number of lines the poem contains.

Editorial Reviews

Kirkus Reviews
A author juxtaposes poetry and lists of conversational icebreakers in his collection of light verse. The poems in this book offer tributes to parents and grandparents, meditations on love and life, and small sermons on how to find happiness, peace of mind and success. While George uses rhyme, both external and internal, it is sparse and wonderfully unobtrusive. He achieves this effect by sprinkling his rhymes here and there as needed, like a chef preparing a carefully spiced tropical dish. His book uses island syntax with similar control, just enough to give a touch of flavor without devolving into a parody of itself. The poetry generally lacks strong imagery, which makes the infrequent image sparkle brighter for its rarity: "Come closer and cover me with your sheet of passion / And let's polish our lips with wetness as we caress." A similar strategy appears to underlie the "conversational triggers," which have little or no connection to the poems they face. For the most part, the icebreakers are extremely banal--some to the point of absurdity--and this appears to be precisely the point of lines such as: "She's so precious. Can you play pool? Some things will never change." Just as the poems turn up the occasional rhyme, Creole grammar, and sporadic image, these trite statements contain the odd thought-provoking declaration: "Why is the IRS so powerful? Is there a hidden purpose to mega churches?" Such statements become that much more powerful by their proximity to the more hackneyed sentiments. A small treat that poetry-lovers can finish in one sitting.

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Trafford Publishing

Copyright © 2012 Llewellyn George
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4669-3806-9

Chapter One


There is a man from a sacred land
An island that sits in the sun
He lives his life to the fullest he can
Laughing and joking, he always walks around
With nothing on his mind
But the extension of a helping hand
Day in and day out, I could hear him shout
The sound of laughter and joy
Always comes from his mouth
There's hardly a time I ever see him pout
In his life, there's always days and no nights
Now that you have read of me
I must reveal to you
I am who I am, and all I want to be is who I am
So please, enjoy the spoken words that I speak!


As the history of my life engulfs and arouses my memory
Some thoughts of the past I must let be
With serenity in mind to the mountain I make my climb
Repulsive I shall be to the rushing wave of misery
Without apprehension, a new day I'll embrace under the sun
Tomorrow, tomorrow please come free of sorrow
Yesterday has taken me places that I never knew
So please tomorrow, take me places I would like to go
On my face, the glow of your light will be reflected
Clearly I'll see the path to where I make my journey
In the tune of yesterday, absent was the melody of the sparrow
Tomorrow, tomorrow I see you coming over the horizon
Into the day after today, I'll fly on your golden wings
And to me, I hope joy and happiness you will bring.


1. Hello, is everything well?

2. You make that dress look so beautiful!

3. Hello, can you please tell me the time?

4. Did you hear the weekend forecast?

5. Do you think that politicians are a little selfish?

6. Nice choice of color for the occasion.

7. Hmm, the smell of food is in the air.

8. I love this kind of temperature.

9. Hi, what's the name of that tree?

10. May I assist you?


I am the stem and you are the rose
The garden is a place for us to grow
How well we will grow no one knows
We were planted with lots of hope
That by chance we may be strong
Instead of just standing tall
We could be both if we want to be
Flowers are like lovers, so the garden says
They stay together from day to day
Even if the sun or rain stays away
Sharing the same bed in our life
Feeling each other's roots in the night
Oh, honey, it's such a beautiful sight
Flowers are like lovers, so the garden says
So please don't let anyone get in our way
And most of all, don't let them take you away
Flowers are like lovers, so the garden says.


1. Look at that over there!

2. Sir, what's your opinion on the latest in Washington?

3. That blue dress is as pretty as the sky.

4. The days are getting shorter; winter is coming.

5. Well, well, are you going into the water?

6. Good day, can you tell me where your accent is from?

7. The hometown team won yesterday.

8. Hello, is there a train delay?

9. Did you hear of that tragedy?

10. You have a very soothing smile.


If you coat your belly with the fruits of love
Easy it will be to digest the feelings of others
So remove some thoughts from self and unto your fellowmen
Follow the guiding light to the place in which they stand
Now, reflect the glow of your welcoming eyes
Like a magnet, to the hands of others your hand will be attracted
Let it be known that a greeting is done by an outstretched hand
Wait not for the hands of other to commute
With a hand extended, by what is reciprocated you'll be rewarded
Like a printed scroll, it should be read and understood
Hands that stay apart will never meet.


1. The bus is extremely late!

2. The hometown team won last night.

3. Did you see that new movie?

4. Isn't it very peaceful around here?

5. Thank you, you are so considerate.

6. Spring is in the air.

7. Very handsome son!

8. Can you eat on the train?

9. What is the name of the number one song?

10. You have beautiful long legs. Are you a dancer?


Hi, Mom! Job well done I must say
Strong and tall in your past days, you once stood
Which encouraged me to be the best that I could
As a body of one, your possession of wisdom is that of many
Always willing to share with those you know and many more
In the oven of your mind, the bread of wisdom was baked
And given to those who had less and the hungry, like me
So that I may swim in the sea of knowledge effortlessly
Arriving at many ports that I've never seen
Spreading the word of wisdom has always been my dream
Hi, Mom! I must say, the able in you has gone away
And never to return for the rest of your days
But the knowledge you shared
Has changed people in so many ways
Hi, Mom! Job well done, I must say.


1. Such a beautiful girl!

2. These trains are kept very clean.

3. That rain was badly needed.

4. There are so many police cars in the area, what's up?

5. Good morning, you're dressed so professional.

6. How long were you waiting on your flight?

7. Security around here is awfully tight.

8. Do you feel a little nervous being in banks?

9. Thank God, we were spared from the storm!

10. Hello, is this the best time of the month for planting?


The beauty of the physical body is obvious to see
To penetrate the walls of the inner beauty is most intriguing to me
As we communicate in the medium of soft-spoken words
The energy of continuity will be established by the look in our
eager eyes
Like an open window, our minds will welcome our words of thoughts
The meaning of what is said, will be reflective of who we are
And with the substance of our minds, we'll dine
With the strength of our union, our building needs will be gathered
By the company of trust, our castle of love will be built
With a double portion of spirituality, our castle will be blessed
As one, our business of love, we will manage
And with the profit, one day we'll renew our vows.


1. Thanks for trains, no more traffic delays.

2. Did you see the devastation caused by the storm?

3. What is the shortest distance between two points?

4. Hi, sir, how long have you been in the military?

5. What a wonderful child!

6. Have you ever been to the islands?

7. Can you swim?

8. Did you look at the big fight last night?

9. Who is your favorite singer?

10. That was a pretty horse that won the Kentucky Derby.


Seek the light and enjoy the fruits of life
View your life not as a rehearsal
Time is of essence, so fulfill your dreams
OK, it is to dream of the outrageous
Which may seem distant to the visually impaired
Remove self from the grips of darkness
Seek the light and enjoy the fruits of life
Be wise, open your eyes, and take command
Am I someone of substance or just an existence, I must ask
The positive revelation led to my confirmation
That the someone in me has risen like a pinnacle
To be seen and heard even by the visually impaired.


1. What races determine the Triple Crown?

2. Thanks for serving your country!

3. Who is your favorite actor?

4. What is the nearest planet to earth?

5. Can I tell you that you are beautiful?

6. Did you see that beautiful moon last night?

7. Who won the last heavyweight title fight?

8. I love the color of your tie.

9. You look very nice in pinstripe.

10. What was the number one movie this weekend?


Like diamonds, our anniversaries are forever
They just keep on coming and coming
And our roots of love will keep on growing
As a tower, our love can be seen from afar
Peeking above the hills under the open sky
With the inscription that says,
"Together as one, we are forever."
With the fuel of trust and understanding
Our engine of love will keep on running
Not to be slowed even for a moment in time
The synchronized beats of our hearts
Will be heard as a sound of one
To the love of each other, we surrender
And the loving days spent together
We'll never forget to remember.


1. That is a very distinguished mustache.

2. Did you get your good looks from Mom or Dad?

3. What is your Alma Mater?

4. Isn't it beautiful seeing the birds fly?

5. Did you see the dog show the other day?

6. I see that you are very athletic.

7. Very interesting shoes!

8. I am going on a cruise. Have you ever been on one?

9. What's your vacation plans?

10. Are you happy that the children are back in school?


As I scan the pictures in my mind
A wave of reminiscence rush upon me
Your contribution of love and care in my life
Has yielded someone special in the like of me
And of you, special is all that I've ever seen
By the penetrating tone of your composed voice
The deliverance of transforming qualities I receive
That was absorbed by my receptive ears
And the wall of objection was demolished
In the presence of my open eyes
Easier it became to see the front line of life
Which for many, may be very far and out of sight
And thanks I'll say to you
For the shoulder of wisdom that carry me through
And forever in my hall of fame, you'll be enshrined.


1. The work of God is amazing.

2. What grade is your son in?

3. Do you think there is a need for better schools?

4. I hope that the bus is not crowded.

5. Beautiful hat! Who is it made by?

6. Very nice car! What's the year?

7. Where is the closest hospital?

8. I love to admire a beautiful woman driving a truck.

9. You are such a lady!

10. Did you see the spelling bee?


The extreme velocity of your travel
Will always be attempted by the curious minds of man
From afar, to distant eyes you radiate rapidly
In the universal jungle, you are like a lion on land
The living thrives when you are present
But could die if you are too intense
In your presence at the peak of day
Some find it difficult to stay
But of the plants, you are received throughout the day
At times it seems that they wish you would go away
When the cycle of day ends, leaves look rejuvenated again
Into the night, your many substitutes comes to sight
Which can separate the honest from the dishonest ones
Before I retire at night, I never forget to put you out
As the day breaks, happy again I will be to see you radiate.


1. Why is the wait so long to see a doctor?

2. What is your favorite food?

3. Can lightning strike the same place twice?

4. What would you say was the most important invention?

5. Hello, miss, can you tell me the date of the month?

6. Doesn't it seem as if the weekend flies?

7. Hi, sir, where is the Pentagon located?

8. Bless you for being so concerned for humanity.

9. Hmm, it's extra hot today.

10. Women have really come a long way.


As the stream of wind shapes your curls into strands of hair
The beauty of nature can be seen by the eyes of every man
Stare now into the mirror of the wonderful world
Can you see the "all" that I've always seen?
The wonder of all women with eyes of magnetic force
Just hold my hand, and I'll direct you to the land in which we seek
The tallest peak of a picturesque beach we'll claim
With your hands of satin
The glitter can be touched in the knee-high sand
With your magnetic eyes
The water will be attracted for clear viewing
Oh, honey, the mermaids are there—can you see?
No, the reflection you see is of you and me
And forever in love we'll always be.


1. Why is the wait so long to see a dentist?

2. The mind of a scientist is exceptional.

3. Why do some psychiatrists look strange?

4. Does it seem like months are as short as weeks?

5. What is your favorite snack?

6. Water is my favorite drink. What's yours?

7. Sir, who is the fastest runner in the world?

8. I bet that car runs very well.

9. Was your dad in the military?

10. Look at the steam coming from the street as the rain falls.


Now that the foundation of life has been erected
Your palace of maturity will be constructed
Attention must be paid to the material of which it is built
By the strength of the structure, the material's quality will be
Your choice of builders should be of a class that's second to none
With cut back nails and anxious hands, commence your project
of life
Take notice of the treacherous terrain in which your palace stands
Be not afraid of the consuming valleys and roaming hills
As you would with your nails, polish the inner you to perfection
Relax your mind to the pace of a calming wind
And the process of positive decision making will become a breeze.


1. Isn't the space shuttle launch beautiful to watch?

2. Thanks for the seat. How are you doing?

3. Thank goodness it's Friday.

4. What is your opinion on veterans' health care?

5. What is your preference, coffee or tea?

6. Do you save your accumulated change?

7. Why do some plants change color before it rains?

8. Smile and make someone glad.

9. Who is more emotional, man or woman?

10. Is it safe to say that love is most important in life?


Sometimes I'm like a wave at sea
Peaking to the sky and then falling low
Often it's a task to exit my open door
Most days I'm lifted up, but often I feel down
Other days, I have no clue to who I am
The beauty of joy is obscured by my ugly frown
The fighter that I am keeps me from being overrun
To the ripples in my wave, the exit I will expose
And like the calm on the open sea I'll feel
In my life, the results of positivity again I'll see
My appreciation of you the almighty, I will exhibit
By my enhanced performance on life's stage
Blessed am I for the gift of peace that was given.


1. The process of life is so complicated, it amazes me.

2. What if the universe wasn't aligned properly?

3. Does the moon seem to pull you in sometimes?

4. What is the most popular girl's name?

5. Hump day is here, two more days to go.

6. Do you really think that a dog is man's best friend?

7. What is the fastest airplane?

8. Are you computer savvy?

9. Are you concerned with the radiation that cell phones emit?

10. Have you ever gone fishing?


Touch me and make me believe
Hold my hand and electrified I'll become
Talk to me, and special I'll feel
Whisper as a soft-spoken flower
The words of love, which last forever
Look into my eyes with your soothing stare
And now generate the excitement that draws me near
Speak softly of you and me
And the tune of silent love you'll sing
Which can be heard by the keenness of my listening ears
Come closer and cover me with your sheet of passion
And let's polish our lips with wetness as we caress.


1. It would be an adventure to ride a horse to the mountains.

2. Do you think that NASCAR drivers are very courageous?

3. How far do you have to travel to get into space?

4. What is the most popular boy's name?

5. What is the fastest cruise ship?

6. When is graduation day?

7. Is your injury healing well?

8. Who won the last college basketball championship?

9. If a dog is man's best friend, what is a cat to a woman?

10. Hi, good looking, are you having fun?


To you the distance, but redeemable one
Why was your road of travel chosen?
Was it the use of a shortcut you were pursuing?
Or was it a shortened life you were seeking?
Turn back! And let the shadow of doom cast to your rear
Out of the darkened tunnel you'll surface on walking feet
Go on! And stride onto the lighted street of life
Stop now! And on motionless feet
Be attentive to the music that surrounds
The sweet sound is not of which you are accustomed
It's just the drums of opportunity beating all around
Choose the beat with the rhythm of positive notes
At your very best! Go and dance in the hall of success!


1. I thought I saw you at the mall earlier.

2. I am so sorry you got drenched in the rain.

3. In all sports, what team has won the most championships?

4. Did you have a good sleep last night?

5. Hello, dear, you carry your age very well.

6. Oh! You resemble a beautiful rose.

7. Earth colors bring out the purity of your complexion.

8. Do you like landscape scenery or just plain grass?

9. Is the traditional white uniform of nurses obsolete?

10. What a beautiful voice! Are you a singer?


Excerpted from THE BOOK OF POEMS AND CONVERSATIONAL TRIGGERS by LLEWELLYN GEORGE Copyright © 2012 by Llewellyn George. Excerpted by permission of Trafford Publishing. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

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