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The Brain and Nervous System

The Brain and Nervous System

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by Lucent Books, Elaine Wood

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The intent of Lucent's series "Understanding the Human Body" is to explore different systems of the human body, each in its own volume. The nervous system is described as a highly complex information system that cannot be touched in complexity by man-made systems-an intriguing and inviting opening to this complicated body system. The authors do a commendable job of presenting this material clearly and in an organized manner. First the structures and functions of the nervous system are discussed, followed by an interesting chapter on the senses of the body. Mysteries of the brain discusses sleep and memory, followed by a discussion of how certain diseases and chemicals can damage the nervous system and present various symptoms. A final chapter on probing and exploring the nervous system includes a brief picture of the fascinating technology of robotic surgery and an interesting MRI scan reproduction as well as a film of the blood vessels on angiogram. This book in the series contains vital diagrams to present the system and black-and-white photos of interest that offer annotations to add information to the text. While suggested book references are not timely, most in the mid-1990s and two published in 1987, suggested Web sites are child-oriented. Book references consulted by authors are also somewhat dated, however readers will find here a wide-range of reputable Internet sources such as CDC, JAMA, and Cornell Medical College. A glossary and index are included. Many complex words defined in the text are not included in the glossary. Both authors are middle/high school science teachers. A good research source for in-depth information and reports, useful to adult readers as well. 2003,Lucent Books/GaleThomson Learning, Ages 12 up.
— Elaine Wick

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Understanding the Human Body Series
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10 - 13 Years

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