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The Brave & Bold Vol. 1: Lords Of Luck

The Brave & Bold Vol. 1: Lords Of Luck

by George Perez, Bob Wiacek (Illustrator)

Editorial Reviews

Library Journal

Waid and Perez are known for reinventing important characters (the Flash and Wonder Woman, respectively) and for major stories (Kingdom Come; Crisis on Infinite Earths) that virtually defined superhero comics for their eras. But this volume is just a chance for two top creators to have some fun in the DC playground. Investigating the appearance of 64 identical corpses, Green Lantern and Batman visit Las Vegas, where they are unable to prevent the Book of Destiny-recently stolen from its master, Destiny of the Endless, and containing all knowledge of the past, present, and future-from being stolen again by aliens who leave a dangerous weapon on Earth. The heroes' parallel quests to retrieve the book and the weapon take one into space and one to the far future, which involves many other heroes and villains and allows Waid and Perez to demonstrate their encyclopedic knowledge of the DC Universe. Much of the book's considerable humor comes from the dynamics that Waid develops among the adult characters (Green Lantern, Batman, Lobo) and the teens (Supergirl, the new Blue Beetle, the Legion of Super-Heroes). Perez's highly detailed artwork remains excellent. Recommended for all fans of the creators.
—Steve Raiteri

School Library Journal

Gr 8 Up -Way back when, there was a comic-book series called "The Brave and the Bold" wherein superheroes would team up to battle villainy. Comics star Waid relaunches the series with The Lords of Luck , taking readers on a planet-hopping romp through the DC universe. The story begins when Green Lantern and Batman join forces to investigate a murder. The plot quickly becomes interstellar when Adam Strange, Blue Beetle, Supergirl, and others are enlisted for help. The convoluted plot (aliens attempting to control fate itself) is secondary to the real point of the story, which is an opportunity to play with the heroes and history of DC comics. Longtime readers will likely get the most from this book, which is so packed with references to the DC archives that it even comes with an appendix describing the many references to past stories. Epic in scale, but lighthearted in spirit, this is a book for lovers of heroic adventure comics. Legendary artist Pérez has a distinct, straightforward style and does a commendable job of depicting the scores of characters who populate the pages.-Douglas P. Davey, Halton Hills Public Library, Ontario, Canada

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DC Comics
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6.90(w) x 10.50(h) x 0.50(d)
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13 - 17 Years

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