The Bravest Princess (Wide-Awake Princess Series)

The Bravest Princess (Wide-Awake Princess Series)

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by E. D. Baker

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E D Baker charms again in this delightful reimagining of the story of Snow White!See more details below

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E D Baker charms again in this delightful reimagining of the story of Snow White!

Editorial Reviews

Children's Literature - Jeanna Potts
Here is a book for readers who wonder what happens after “and they lived happily ever after.” This story weaves its tale using the evil witches from well-known tales. Preparations are underway for the wedding of Gwendolyn (Sleeping Beauty). Her little sister Annabelle, or Annie, cannot be touched by magic; it bounces off her and back to the person who issues it. But Annie can be affected by magic spells around her and by people and creatures under magic spells. The day before Sleeping Beauty’s wedding, Annie receives an urgent request for aid from Snow White, whose father is forcing her to choose a husband. She wants Annie to help devise a plan for selecting the best person. Annie is surrounded by magical tricks designed to prevent her travelling to Snow White’s kingdom. Annie and Snow White create a series of tests for the suitors—not the traditional challenges of strength but rather tests that challenge creative thinking, sensitivity and love. These trials are observed by guards, who report on their results, and help Snow White choose the prince who truly loves her. The villains are eventually revealed, all members of the same family who are conniving to gain control of Snow White and her kingdom. The author does a thorough job of introducing and developing the characters and of intertwining the characters from the different fairy tales. The plot is full of suspense and unexpected events. This is an enjoyable supplement to and extension of the traditional fairy tales. Reviewer: Jeanna Potts; Ages 10 to 14.

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Bloomsbury USA
Publication date:
Wide-Awake Princess Series, #3
Sales rank:
Product dimensions:
5.50(w) x 7.80(h) x 1.10(d)
Age Range:
10 - 14 Years

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