The Breast Cancer Prevention Diet (4 Cassettes)

The Breast Cancer Prevention Diet (4 Cassettes)

by Bob Arnot, Richard Gilliland, Dean Ornish, Richard Gilliland

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Greg Critser
Witness the arrival of what may be called the speculative self-help book, or maybe semi-nonfiction -- though somehow neither of these designations quite does justice to what may be the most irresponsible behavior by mainstream publishers in years. . . . Several prestigious medical groups have called [Breast Cancer Prevention Diet] 'misleading,' 'dangerous,' 'premature,' 'irresponsible' and 'a disservice to American women.' . . . however flimsy the science, these books are attractive to publishers because they have a ready-made audience -- 'victims' who search desperately for a cure to maladies real and imagined. Publishers pretend that such books merely provide information to 'empower' patients. -- Wall Street Journal
Library Journal - Library Journal
In this audio, Arnot, chief medical correspondent for NBC News, makes specific and detailed suggestions for how diet can lower ones risk of breast cancer. He gives background on the formation of breast tissue and the disease process during the onset of breast cancer and explores the risks for various groups of women based on age, diet, and lifestyle. Arnots dietary guidelines concentrate on lowering estrogen levels and blocking cell receptors from certain kinds of estrogen. Richard Gilliland does an excellent job, reading with clarity and style. But please proceed with caution. The diets suggested by this book would, no doubt, lead to a healthier life and may reduce the risk of breast cancer, but there is no proof that diet alone can absolutely prevent breast cancer. To be sure, the book does not make quite the claim that the title implies, but it often jumps ahead based on research studies that are not fully elucidated. To its credit, the work always suggests consulting ones doctor before adopting any of the books recommendations. The overly confident nature of this work makes it seem like prevention is fully understood and easy, and women diagnosed with breast cancer will have the idea that it is their failure to prevent this disease. The books emphasis is on diet, and diet alone. It lets society off the hook as far as cleaning up environmental pollution. Its not the claim that dietary and lifestyle choices dont play a role in breast cancer this reviewer quibbles withits the overselling of hope that all the answers are in on how diet affects this disease and that prevention is just a soyshake away. Librarians should look for more balanced titles for their health collections.Nancy Paul, Brandon P.L., WI

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Gloria Rock
The [publishing] industry doesn't seem to understand the long-term damage it does by prematurely hyping a condition and a 'cure' when it really hasn't scientifically established either.

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