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The Breastfeeding Answer Book with CD-Rom / Edition 3

The Breastfeeding Answer Book with CD-Rom / Edition 3

by Nancy Mohrbacher, Julie Stock, Audrey Naylor

ISBN-10: 0912500948

ISBN-13: 9780912500942

Pub. Date: 01/28/2003

Publisher: La Leche League International

The Breastfeeding Answer Book offers complete and current information for those who help mothers breastfeed. Its easy-to-use format makes it practical for quick reference when a mother telephones with a breastfeeding question, yet its broad scope makes it a complete resource.

When La Leche League International introduced The Breastfeeding Answer Book in 1991, it


The Breastfeeding Answer Book offers complete and current information for those who help mothers breastfeed. Its easy-to-use format makes it practical for quick reference when a mother telephones with a breastfeeding question, yet its broad scope makes it a complete resource.

When La Leche League International introduced The Breastfeeding Answer Book in 1991, it was welcomed by breastfeeding counselors worldwide as the most complete and comprehensive guide to helping mothers find answers to their breastfeeding questions. This new edition, revised and expanded, covers even more breastfeeding situations. Complete and up-to-date references are included with every chapter along with suggestions of further reading for parents. LLLI's Center for Breastfeeding Information, the world's most extensive collection of research related to breastfeeding, was the primary source of scientific studies used for this comprehensive revision. All chapters have been carefully reviewed by members of LLLI's Health Advisory Council and other experts. The result is a complete guide to breastfeeding that can be used with confidence to help mothers establish and enjoy a satisfying breastfeeding relationship with their babies.

Product Details

La Leche League International
Publication date:
Edition description:
Third Revised Edition
Product dimensions:
8.94(w) x 11.40(h) x 2.78(d)

Table of Contents

1Giving Effective Breastfeeding Help1
Using Active Listening2
Asking Questions3
Giving Information and Suggestions5
Respecting Differences among Mothers7
Helping the Mother Work with Her Doctor11
When Breastfeeding Doesn't Work Out13
2The Breast and How it Works15
Breast Anatomy16
Hormonal Influences18
Other Physical Factors That Affect Milk Production19
3Breastfeeding Basics25
Normal Breastfeeding Patterns26
After a Cesarean Birth31
During the Early Months36
The Let-Down, or Milk-Ejection, Reflex41
Common Questions43
Breastfeeding in Emergency Situations54
4Positioning, Latch-On, and the Baby's Suck63
Latch-On--How the Baby Goes on to the Breast72
The Baby's Suck79
If Breastfeeding Hurts--Review the Basics98
5Fussy at the Breast and Breast Refusal103
Determining the Cause104
The Mother's Feelings105
Asking Questions and Gathering Information106
Fussy at the Breast107
Breast Refusal135
Persuading the Baby to Take the Breast138
Refusal of One Breast140
6Weight Gain147
Normal Growth Patterns148
Slow Weight Gain in the Early Months150
Slow Weight Gain in the Baby Older Than Three Months166
Working with the Doctor and Supplementation171
Rapid Weight Gain during the First Year174
7Starting Solid Foods179
Determining a Baby's Readiness for Solids180
How to Introduce Solids183
What Foods to Offer185
Foods to Avoid187
Introducing the Cup188
The Mother's Feelings192
Approaches to Weaning196
If the Baby Refuses to Breastfeed205
Physical Changes That Occur with Weaning205
9Expression and Storage of Human Milk209
Choosing a Method of Expression210
Basics of Milk Expression212
Milk-Expression Strategies for Different Situations219
Storage and Handling of Human Milk228
10Employment and Breastfeeding237
The Mother's Feelings238
Milk Expression243
Home Strategies250
Feeding Tips for the Baby's Caregiver252
11Newborn Jaundice257
The Mother's Feelings258
Causes of Newborn Jaundice and Elevated Bilirubin260
Why and When Newborn Jaundice May Need Treatment265
Treatment Options for a Jaundiced Baby267
Helping the Mother Work with Her Baby's Doctor273
The Mother's Feelings280
The Advantages of Breastfeeding a Premature Baby282
Building a Relationship between Mother and Baby283
The Premie Weighing More Than 1500 Grams (3.3 lbs)287
The Premie Weighing Less Than 1500 Grams (3.3 lbs)288
The First Nursings302
Working with Hospital Personnel312
The First Weeks at Home315
13Health Problems--Baby327
When the Baby Is III328
Hospitalization of the Breastfed Baby338
The Baby with a Chronic Illness or Physical Limitation343
14Multiples--Breastfeeding Twins, Triplets, or More371
Reacting to the Idea of Having More Than One Baby372
Advantages of Breastfeeding Multiples373
Preparations during Pregnancy373
Adjusting to Life with Multiples374
Breastfeeding Basics for Multiple Babies375
Mother Care for the Mother of Multiples380
Breastfeeding Triplets, Quadruplets, and More382
15Relactation and Induced Lactation385
Talk about Feelings, Goals, and Realistic Expectations386
Relactation--Stimulating a Milk Supply390
Induced Lactation--Stimulating a Milk Supply394
Encouraging the Baby to Take the Breast399
Making the Transition--How to Be Sure That Baby Is Getting Enough401
16Pregnancy and Tandem Nursing405
Breastfeeding during Pregnancy406
Tandem Nursing410
17Sexuality, Fertility, and Contraception417
Breastfeeding and Sexuality418
Breastfeeding, Fertility, and Contraception420
18Nutrition, Weight Loss, Exercise, and Personal Grooming435
Nutrition for the Nursing Mother436
Is Baby Reacting to a Food in the Mother's Diet?439
Bone Density443
The Vegetarian Mother444
Fluids--Drink to Thirst445
Weight Loss, Eating Disorders, and Obesity446
Personal Grooming449
19Nipple Problems455
Sore Nipples456
Treatment of Sore, Cracked, or Bleeding Nipples465
Flat and Inverted Nipples470
Teething and Biting478
Nipple Blisters and Sores484
20Breast Problems491
Mastitis--Plugged Ducts and Breast Infections496
Breast Abscess506
Breast Lumps507
Blood in the Milk509
Deep Breast Pain510
Breastfeeding after Breast Surgery or Injury515
21Health Problems--Mother529
When Mother Is III530
Specific Illnesses531
When the Mother Is Hospitalized553
Chronic Illness or Physical Limitation557
Postpartum Depression570
22Drugs, Vitamins, Vaccines, and Diagnostic Tests587
Prescription and Over-the-Counter Drugs588
Substances of Concern597
Substances of Abuse602
Vitamin and Mineral Supplements for Babies604
Diagnostic Materials and Tests608
ATransfer of Drugs and Other Chemicals into Human Milk619
BThe Use of Breast Pumps and Other Products633
Alternative Feeding Methods634
Breast Pumps640
Breast Shells650
Creams, Ointments, and Hydrogel Products651
Milk Storage Bags655
Nipple Shields655
Nursing Pads658
Nursing Pillows and Footstools658
Electronic Scales659
Product Information659
About La Leche League665
Photo Credits669

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