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The Bridge Across Forever; A True Love Story

The Bridge Across Forever; A True Love Story

by Richard Bach

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If you've ever felt alone in a world of strangers, missing someone you've never met, you'll find a message from your love in The Bridge Across Forever.


If you've ever felt alone in a world of strangers, missing someone you've never met, you'll find a message from your love in The Bridge Across Forever.

Editorial Reviews

Los Angeles Times
Bach's successful love quest is probably what many of us secretly hope will happen to us, fulfilling the promises of a dozen relationship and romantic-love seminars.
Dallas Times Herald
In crossing his Bridge, Bach brings into radiant prose the practical meaning of the kind of love that endures, a love that implies unchallenged trust and uncompromised commitment.
Chicago Tribune
Richard Bach has written a new book that seems certain—destined—to find an audience, perhaps, like Jonathan, an enormous one. Bach writes with a sincere, ingenuous enthusiam... a style that is a mirror of the writer, who is open and engaging, a romantic and something of a mystic who is unembarrassed by beliefs that some people find, well, weird.
Muncie Star
Bach's distinctive, thought-provoking style is at its finest in Bridge... a beautifully written, absorbing story of a man learning to listen to—and trust—his own heart and soul.
Milwaukee Journal
Like his two best-known books, Jonathan Livingston and Illusions, this book is engaging. It's simple, personal, has an energy of honesty and talks about love, fear, intimacy, happiness, loneliness—ideas and feelings every person considers.
Nashville Banner
He writes with such crystal-clear, poetic brilliance, that his 'old' ideas appear ever fresh and new. Like a bright star shining in the dark night of the soul... a testimony to the facxt that dreams need not die—that faith, hope, and love still live in our age of anxiety.
Atlanta Constitution
To a public that desperately wants to believe in love, Bach says: Hang on. Take heart. There is such a thing as a soulmate.
Richmond Times Dispatch
Incurable romantics and believers in soulmates... will find this book enchanting and wise, filled with meaningful insights and poetic passages.... There are many who will enjoy the fairy-tale quality of Bach's writing as he chronicles his quest for the magic and radiance of eternal and predestined love.
Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Just as Jonathan in the early 1970s became the world's soaring spiritual antidote for the turbulent 1960s, Bridge shows promise as the love story of the 1980s.
San Diego Union
Richard Bach has done it again.... His thoughts should be familiar to anyone who ever searched or is searching for the 'perfect' mate.... Although other authors have written the same things many times over, none of them can touch Richar Bach for his unerring ability to create beauty.
Houston Chronicle
Bach writes entertainingly and convincingly about life's mysterious enchantment, and about sharing it and making it real. His sensitivity, his fears, and his sense of humor vibrate on every page. If you know someone who is looking for a soulmate, give him or her this book. But first, read it yourself.

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Meet the Author

Richard Bach worked as an Air Force tactical fighter pilot, a motion picture stunt pilot, an aviation technical writer, and a flight instructor before becoming one of the world's bestselling authors. He lives in the Pacific Northwest.

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